Monday, December 31, 2007

Thursday, December 27, 2007

GUMBY MST3000 that video from yesterday...just literally went up a thousand more notches in the amazing-ometer.
Check this out:

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ok really? Really guy? As of the past month I've finally settled back into Los Angeles and had about one day off to rest up. Hmmm. Nice. And I've also come to the conclusion that the joy of robots has taken over. Robot calculator, robot slippers, robot dogs, robot books, robot toys, robot robot robot. Better yet, I'm a huge fan of Gumby and Pokey. My friend Rae and I have a joke about me being Gumby and her being Pokey and...well regardless, it would just sound retarded if I tried to explain. But in that vain, this...thiiiiis, is the best damn video for today.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm home, finally back in Los Angeles after nearly two months of cruising around and photographing the country. I met some of the raddest people and uncovered some kick ass scenes and dance parties. Check Shadowscene's Fiesta section for all the photo coverage and URB's blog hosting for literary goodness. I'll be sure to give you some tidbits and notes from the journey...but for now, here's a video featuring a shit ton of my NYC friends and Lauren Rocket. Radness indeed:

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I'm sitting at Fluffy's house...and the family of five is fucken starving. Fluffy says he's gonne make us pasta...with special sauce. I'm guess the special sauce is ketchup and sugar. And my ass is starving. So it better be.
After a nine hour drive from Kansas...where the party was fucken dope ass media funtastic, I made it here where my breath freezes in the midnight air. Bloomington went 2:30am...and some dude dressed up as a silver devil shot torches across the stage and made some girls panties fall off on stage...and of course right in front of my camera.
I'll be in MILWAUKEE tomorrow with THE GLAMOUR...and stuffs. Damn it, where's my breakfast pasta?

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I finally made it home to LA for a couple of days this past weekend just for BLOW UP. This month's Blow Up seriously took the cake...that shit was off the wall happy slippy sloppy. Although being home, there was definitely minimal sleep being had. Even all the way up to the wee hours prior to my flight out of LA and back to the middle of the country. On a fun note, my friend RDUB has this crazy fun video series called "We Got Bored". I just spent my last few hours in LA this weekend bouncing around in a parking lot while he worked on the latest...check it out:

And in the meantime, I'm getting ill from all the nonstop plane hopping, city circling, party hop shooting, air mattress non snoozing. But it's worth it. When the hell else am I gonna rock out in the middle of Nebraska and Kansas...

** Party update: Philly still takes the cake on the most riotous midweek bash thus far. Philly you're golden.

Image hosting by Shadowscene

And believe it or not...Omaha was pretty damn awesome as well! Yip Yip!!

Image hosting by Shadowscene

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Holy shit, I just spent 13 or 14 or 15 I don't know how many hours in a car driving from Boston to Chicago in one night....and I feel like my eyes are gonna fall out or my head's going to pop or something. I left straight from the shoot at Hearthrob last night, drove to Chicago, and's off to Omaha in the morning to hang with The Faint and then back in LA for the weekend! Yaaay!
And so, now in Chitown, and it's damn freezing here. Literally, since I got to Chicago it's dropped about twenty degrees!! Holy cold right now. Gimme blankies and hoodies! And a pumpkin, cause I haven't carved one yet this year.
But of course with the worse comes the best...which would be that the only way I survived the trip from Beantown to Windy City was with the spontaneous company of my friend Jef who helped me truly believe we were driving the Delorian half way across country. I insisted we were heading back in time, so we just cruised along like we were. So much so, that I even got busted at 6am by a State Trooper in Hamburg, NY. Hamburger is more like it, falling under the Supervision of Mayor McCheese.
But so yeah, the trooper has zero, ZERO, humor, so when he knocks on the dark window and just spits out "State Trooper, 85 in a 65" and my response is..."sorry Officer, but have you failed to notice this is the Delorian? And Doc Brown says I gots to get it up to 88 mph in order to get back in time!" ... wasn't so funny. And the 25 foot long ticket I got, not so funny either.

However, the funny part is, we drove by a sticker saying 'Vote for Strickland', the town of Lorraine and the classic Huey Lewis "Power of Love" comes on the radio. Not to mention that immediately after being pulled over Sammy Hagar's 'I Can't Drive 55' comes on. We remedy the lyrics and sing along changing the words to Ellei can't drive 85...hilarious on no sleep. And holy smack, thank the dust under my tires he hadn't caught me ten minutes prior, when I was solid cruising at 105.
More funnies included non-talking tollworkers, overly knowledgeable sketchy toll booth workers, lone dudes doing calesthenics at a truck stop, a chick blatantly drinking a beer while driving on the interstate at 11am, and about 10 demolitions of deer bodies sprawled out all over the highway. Yay...can't wait for my solo trek to Nebraska!! But tonight it's New Young Pony Club and some quick hang sessions with my Chicago buddies...fuuun! I'll be sure to wear a ski mask.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Fancy hotels and big ass flying cockroaches. Panic, Anne Lee and I were all a bit exhausted from milling about the city yesterday and had a pretty interesting wake up call around 8pm when a huge, super duper sized cockroach flew in and landed on Panic's head. He dusted it off...and then it was on the bed. And then there was screaming and Panicked Panic and Shrieking girls running around the room. How does one kill a cockroach? Especially when he flies and runs into dark corners heading directly to your pile of clothes and luggage on the floor. We swatted him with shoes and newspapers and literally ended up turning the bed upside down, all of us standing on mattresses and couches and tippy-toes. The bugger was playing dead and when we went to move him he ran off again. More shrieks and screaming. I'm surprised hotel security didn't bust the door down. We eventually tag team squash stamped his ass under a newspaper and sent him floating down the toilet bowl river. High adrenaline hit and we strode down to the Darkroom for a bit. And then back over to Studio B for the Modular party. Cool Kids were awesome, Muscles was amazing and NYPC glittered about. The place turned into a sauna and we then headed back over the bridge to Rebel to hit up my Franki Chan and Le Castle Vania's party for a bit. It was pretty cleared out when we got there, but we got to hang with The Glamour for a bit and Seva from My Open the leftover antics from late night dwellers were pretty interesting. Anne Lee showcased to me some of her freestyle skills...and then we filled up on more crepes and Anne played on the NYC style monkey bars (aka scaffolding). And finally, a bit more of a chill evening in the hotel room...some sort of text wars and Blake Miller melting over his delicious Famous crepe. Mmm mmm good! Too many bodies in a hotel room equals sweaty ass sleeping with the overture of sniffles and snoring.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tijuana, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and now New York City. A flight with a screaming baby for 5 hours nonstop after two hours of sleep. But finally, balanced in the big apple. San Francisco was nutters, obviously. I hit up Lights Down Low on Friday and then Frisco Disco on Saturday which was also the bachelor party for Jefrodisiac. Holy smack, male stripper hilarity. Poor Jeff. And the best was the high tailing session I decided to make immediately after the party which meant a long ass drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Apparently, the Jeep goes faster than imagined, since I made it back to LA in four hours. Whoa. I crashed so damn hard when I finally stumbled into the LA pad. And woke up six hours later a bit dazed and wondered. But now, I'm trying to align my senses on the east coast. Tuesday night we ran around carelessly through the city bouncing to about five different venues with our Vice crew. Lots of cabs, lots of crepes and lots of club dancing. James Murphy at Hiro, The Black Angels at 200 Bar, Simian Mobile crew and some street mania and groveling. Yesterday was lunch with Vito from The Rapture where I learned the intrigues of Dim Sum. Thanks Vito and Anne for the party in my tummy. Last night I rumbled around at Studio B with Dandi Wind and Isis from Thunderheist. The girls tore it up, no lie. Dandi was hanging from the ceiling and climbing anything she could wrap herself around. I played with her dog later...and then headed back to 200 Bar until about 4am.
The bestest was the late night afterparty that continued in the super fancy hotel room I've been hooked up with. It has a sauna...therefore bubble parties and steam fests were in session until 6am. So were Pringles in bed and futon jump arounds. Nicky Digital is hilarious and a champ for not sleeping last night. More to come...from the next four days of Shadowscene tour mania in New York City.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I don't remember. I had something to write. I think it was about the crazy ass four days I've just had...and am still trying to collect my brains' waves around. But here's an amazing video for our dopetastic media that we like to throw at you from time to time.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Datarock was amazing the other night...a filled up Detroit Bar and lots of beer spilled down into my shoe and sock. Of course...this was followed by yesterday morning, where an entire pot of hot coffee from Anne's house went spilling into the same shoe, different sock. It was continued retardation starting when the neighbors asked the group of 16 people standing in the front yard what band we were in. What? I glanced back at the pack and realized we were all somehow matching. Ridiculous. From there, it was a walk to the metro, a deliriously hilarious walk full of stumblings and pit stops for snackaroos and such. And then, we took an accidental Detour fest. And the 12 hours of shooting began. For some reason, most of the festival is a blur, other than Turbo Negro which was AWESOME, especially when I got the crowd covered in streamers and the biggest dudes possible were waving them around like giddy cheerleaders. Then...some pizza nibbles and a long ass walk to The Standard for the Justice afterparty. Jo pit stopped in the shrubs and I lallygagged along shooting and then we cruised into the party. I do believe I napped on the ground for a bit near some little table. And a few moments later, about five of my friends were cat napping with me. And then Tigger bounce, I was back in action....avoiding the spraying champagne from hitting my new camera. The inside of the Standard became a sweat pit soon enough...and the next thing I knew, party was over, and I was wandering downtown LA having been separated from everyone. Yay. No taxicabs with a phone about to die standing on a dirty dark corner. I made buds with some rad homeless dude and by mere luck, a couple I knew dawdled past and dragged my ass to Del Taco. And then home. Oh sweet hooray for fluffy pillows!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Wake up. Just did...from a killer nap. One of those naps where you wake up and don't know what day it is or where you're suppose to be and hardly remember laying down to begin with. One of those, oh, I'm just gonna shut my eyes for just ... one...second. Zzzzzz.
Life's hectic. Just kicked off the Shadowscene tour yesterday with my boys TJ and Frederik of Datarock. They played a killer show in Costa Mesa at the Detroit bar. Rae came with me to hang in OC and we yet again came up with a million projects and rad things that we have to do. Everything turns into a hilarious mission with us it seems. Oh...and someone remind me NOT to eat avocado. Apparently I'm still allergic, ouch.
Sleepyhead is wearing off. It's colder outside. And dark. Tomorrow is Detour festival. I'm about to spend the next three nights with those darn French Ed Bangers again...including Justice, Busy P, DJ Mehdi and more. Sunday I'll be joyriding in the bus with the gang all the way to Tijuana for what I'm sure will be absolutely mind melting adrenaline foreign fun. Ay caramba!! Not to mention the fact that the tv crew will be riding my ankles for some video documentation of the tour as well. Oh boy!
Starting Sunday the tour updates will be posted up on so there'll be daily updates of what the hell I'm doing. I'm sure most of those blogs will be written on 2 hours of sleep, no sleep, drunken stupors or painful after party woes. In other words, they'll be a brain tickler for sure.
Oh yeah...and today sucked because I had to buy yet again, another new camera. I do believe a Shadowscene fundraiser is in order. Or maybe someone can write a sweet letter to the girl that dumped her drink on my gear and enclose a bill with the note. That'd be rad too.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Someone smack me please. The last week has so nonstop it's sort of ridiculous. And yesterday, I actually shot for 14 hours...what the...? But it was all super rad. The Shadowscene tour kicks off in two weeks "officially" although the soft launch or whatever is this Thursday with Datarock. So get your asses out to my LA events; after that I'm gone for a month fools! The wracking of the brain has been pretty daily with sponsorship talks, tour booking, tv show meetings and more. Plus, lots of crazy parties and photo shoots, adjusting my life to working with a broken camera and seeing my friends beat up by security guards for having too much fun I guess? Laaame! Last week kicked off with Get Famous with Editors, the !!! (ChkChkChk) afterparty at Awesometown and then right into Club 82 with Nick from Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Jesse from EODM. Then, Illinois hit LA and I spent Saturday afternoon with them at the first annual Swerve festival. Plus, got to see an amazing set by Snowden. Um..hi, Corinne the bass player freakin tears it up!! I've never seen anything like it, that girl's amazing!
Yesterday was also Neighborhood festival..more like hug-fest. Literally, so much time was spent running around getting and giving hugs all day...what?! Holy fantasticness! And of course taking about 1500 photos and rolling around in the grass. From there it was off to catch the rest of Toxic Avenger at Check Yo and then to a crack house style afterparty where Spank Rock and Juiceboxxx loitered the crowd. The best was the doorguy charging people who didn't know the difference. LAME. Not sure who put that party together but poor folks were dropping dollars where they shouldn't have. I guess it was worth it for some since the party went on for hours and was actually pretty damn hilarious. My favorite moment was watching a girl try to fingerpaint with what was already a dried crayon ink print on canvas. Amazing.
I slept a bit. I jumped around a lot. I think my hand is bruised...but ice cream apparently saves the day. So do squirrels who throw things at you. And cats who eat carrots.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's been awhile...
and I don't really have much to say. I want to outstretch my arms and spin in the middle of a wide open space...
for hours...
until I fall exhaustedly, and skin my knee.
The end.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


So awesome....

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Yes yes yes. I'm so beat, there's nothing more I'd rather be doing that sprawling on my couch and watching endless hours of stand up comedy. Let the games begin!!!
Last night's Check Yo' was crazzzzzy retarded. Protokoll and VHS or Beta were great and I was yet again blown away by those French DJ's...Para One, Surkin and Curses! Smack damn. Today everyone was a bit wiped out, so we had bilingual games of Wii for our entertainment. I woke up with a jolt of caffeine and was springing from the banisters in ALee's house...wondering if anyone wanted to hear some Juiceboxxx? Anyone. Ok. Fine. Meanwhile, some buddies of mine are stuck in editing hell...for a week straight. Here's this (three cheers to Honaker and crew busting ass on reverse question semantics and puzzles). So much hilarity in these three minutes...we've for sure all been here:

Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm so damn tired it's ridiculous...especially since I stayed in last night. Although, I suppose two trips to Vegas, 8 nights of shooting in a row and working yesterday from 10am until 1am this morning will do that to you. Tonight I'm off to shoot in the Har Mar Superstar music video. ALee and I will be caravaning over to the location and sipping on free cocktails and snackin' on free treats for a few hours before roaming out elsewhere. I absolutely love music video sets. Super matter what really. And what's better than hanging with Har Mar on set? Pffft! Plus...Check Yo' vs. Hang the DJ's is tomorrow with some great friends of mine performing...which means the continued release of nuttiness!!! My Boston boys, Protokoll, finally hit LA where they'll be hanging out for a few weeks and I'm so damn excited to see them! Plus, the VHS or Beta guys get here as well, so tomorrow night will be nothing short of mayhem. And of course, next week I get a visit from the VICE crew and Kaps. Shenanigans galore! Strap on your seatbelts; we're gonna go really, really fast!
And, an update on those awesome Deadly Syndrome boys. After spending so much time together in the spring we finally get to hang again next week. Their first album, The Ortolan, has released and not only that, but the funny dudes have even developed a series of short videos to go along with it all. Here's one of my faves.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's always so nice to get back to LA, as strange as it may seem. Vegas was amazing...Justice, Busy P, A-Trak and Le CastleVania were all so damn awesome. That city has practically become my second home this month, daaaamn! So, on another note, I came across a super random find today while reading up on my robot shenanigans and going ons. I discovered the SHADOW ROBOT COMPANY based in London. Hi. What? Sorry...Shadow Robot? Isn't that me or something. Well, apparently these guys have been engineering bots since '87 when I was just a wee lil' thing. Holy mania! And of course there's also this stuffs...a DJ JUKE BOT, Chess playing robot, Einstein bot and more. All us DJ's are about to get beat the hell outta the clubs!

It's the future of Humanoid Robots.
Super amazing...check it out. This is what the Shadow Robots are working on...and this is just the hand. Just the HAND! Oh dang. I wanna hold the robot's hand! These guys are demonstrating stuff at the NextFest in Los Angeles through the weekend. If you're around, go meet the future!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Time to go back to VEGAS!!!! Two more days before heading back to the crazy ass Old Town...and this time to party with A-Trak and Justice! And damn man, what if they actually win that VMA? Shit's gonna get loose. Oh...and what a day. My morning has sort of been broken up between working my ass off, and laughing it off. Somehow I was wrapped up in the livelihood of Choose Your Own Adventure books...which are sooo amazing. And the best, is that you can do that online. And better's animated. So let's just say, I was big pimpin' at work today and already scored twice. Seeing as I'm heading to Vegas...go play this one. JACK IN VEGAS

And furthermore, when did Giraffes get so gnarly? Eeeeeek...

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Four hours of sleep in 2 days...what's that? How's that break down? hmph. bogart. No sleep causes interesting sensations I have to say. But what, who how does one sleep? When there's so much funness to participate in...and work...and and funness. Add that to Webster's please.
I went to Vegas a few days, err...weeks(?) ago. It was hot. I came back to LA. It was hotter. But the heat wave has passed, as has the chronic severe dehydration I suffered after eight hours on the Standard rooftop in the hot ass sun. Note* Don't chug vodka cuz it tastes like water after three drinks. This will only backfire on you in the morning...or...early evening.
Last night was the URB issue release party with Perez Hilton. We love Perez. Pretty super. I'm also sort of digging the new Starshoes venue, now called VICE Bar or Club or what have you. Pffft. What have yooouuu not?! I do believe I had dreams of pickles, pancakes and tennis shoes last night. Better than the night before when I was cheering or high-fivin' in my dream and raised my arms and punched the wall above my bed. Oops. Cranked wrist. Bad robot. I'm beat.
Oh yeah....and speaking of Vegas...I'll be back to the hot funky Beauty Bar for the VMA's and Justice party party party. Love those boys too. Check out this battle bot:

Oh...and don't forget, your weekly music download treat from our radtastic contributer iono ... here it is. Dondolo - Dragon (Shit Robot Remix)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Vegas. Ouch. But amazing amazing block party fiestas, so good we managed to be nearly passed out in the middle of the street and hailing a police car down because we thought it was a cab. Fortunately it's Vegas, so they told us to get our asses out of the street and to not sit down on the sidewalks either. Hmmm. Lucky in Vegas for sure. Our drunken stupors somehow didn't interfere with getting back to the hotel, and pre-ordering a delicious grilled cheese from room service an hour in advance. And let's just say a bath tub that fits four...and a bathroom with a television set is somehow spectacular...and hard to vacate, especially with mountains of bubbles. Plus, Monday night was a bit hilarious when my group jumped into a limo with a few random folks and limo hopped between casinos for fun...only to then gamble my 18cent voucher and drink a few crowns while being stickered up by Han Cholo. Kick ass indeed. Tons and tons of photos to come. But in the meantime, check this out...give it a minute, it'll rock your socks.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Travis rules for sending this over to me today...take ten minutes and watch this. It's so freakin' dead on. Go PBR! Go Vice! Go lackadaisical hipster!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

We slagged a bit on the dopetastic media for the week...considering it's Thursday. But the scene's been so busy our asses our trying to catch up with ourselves. Four nights of double gigs and daytime work overload. Sleep? No. But here's our kick ass track sent over by our music contributer, iono of suburbia. You can only download it for a couple of days, so gooo, time's awastin'! Go here to retrieve your dope media, Cicada's Cut Right Through (Imaginary Friend Remix).

Oh...and shady video for the week, this shit's creepy awesome:

Strawberry Jam's "Peacebone"... due out next month.

Friday, August 17, 2007

As much of a fan I am for robots, its the cute lil wind up guys or the roll around and dance with you bots that I fancy. Of course the old school bots who could maybe just push you around a bit in harmless fun are great too. But when it comes to a robot who is specifically designed for termination, well shit, haven't we all watched that film a dozen times. I recall staying home non sick from school as a kid and watching it daily (along with a few other classics such as Adventures in Babysitting)...but seriously...we all should have learned a lesson or two from the 80's hit. Don't make a robot that knows how to throw grenades, order guns, shoot the shit and maintain a great view through nightvision. But guess what, it may not come in the cyborg flesh the Terminator we know was so well endowed with, but it's only a matter of time; because the Talon Swat Bot is here. Danger, Danger Will Robinson!! The real T2 has come to life, and I can only surmise that within in a couple of years he'll be policing your neighborhood for 'protection'.
Check this...the Talon Bot comes with:
- a Multi-shot TASER electronic control device with laser-dot aiming
("can you say phase plasma rifle in the 40 watt range?" Cause that's what T2 was rockin' in the gunstore).
- Loudspeaker and audio receiver for negotiations
(Sara Conner? Pft. Negotiation my ass).
- Night vision and thermal cameras
(You know, to detect the body temps at night an such).
- Choice of weapons for lethal or less-than-lethal responses
(Bots need options too).
- 40 mm grenade launcher - 2 rounds
(Cause 2 rounds oughtta do the trick).
- 12-gage shotgun - 5 rounds (Really guy, really?)
- FN303 less-lethal launcher - 15 rounds
(It's less lethal, so he gets 15 rounds).

Shit the rest here.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

For some reason, today has been the day of really, really, really bad jokes. You know the ones, you tell it and you already know its going to be bad before you even finish. Or the ones that are so bad you can't help but laugh. Here are some joyously bad jokes for you to enjoy:

Knock, Knock.
Who's there?
Dwayne who?
Dwayne the bathtub; I'm dwonin'!

What do you get when you drop a piano down a mine shaft?
A Flat Minor.

What's brown and sticky?
A stick.

What is a vampires favorite fruit?

Why did the sheep jump into the lake?
He wanted to take a ba-a-a-ath.

What's red, brown and sticky?
That bloody stick again!

What do you call a chicken that crosses the road, rolls in the mud, and crosses back over?
A dirty double crosser.

Knock, Knock.
Who's there?
Control freak. Now you say control freak who!?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sometimes it's nice to get a swift kick in the ass in order to check your self. Sometimes it's fun to make a spoof. Today, the bestest of the best is a sweet combo of the two. It's about time we were reminded to brush our teeth, wear deodorant and for cripes sakes, read a damn book!! this, you'll laugh your ass off and be singing it all day long. Spread the energy.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Here's our dopetastic media for the week...seeing as it's a Tuesday and all, and new releases come out...we are going to drop some releases of our own on you. Our friends in New York started the series, "Dinner with the Band" check out one of the first sessions featuring Iheartcomix's Matt & Kim. Check out the goods and full clip with the band on Pitchfork!
And...our music contributer (Iono from Suburbia) has dropped this bomb on for you to download! It's the YELLE - ACDG (RIOT IN BELGIUM) track. Kind of amazing....

Monday, August 13, 2007

It's hot as seriously. Speaking of hot...tomorrow night is gonna rule with Pink Enemy and Fembot and more NYC goodies galore. MMM MMM yum. I tried to take it easy this weekend and so had zero shoots and lots of pool bbq lounging. But damn it, I was still up until about 6am each night at up at 10am or so. However, my surprise evening on Saturday was well worth it since I spent the night at Houdini's house in Lookout Mountain. Um..amazing. I feel like there should have been some wizards bumbling around. This place had a moat, caves, hidden trails and labyrinths, a dungeon, ladders to beds on lofts, pools and hot tubs. I think I just stared around in awe for about 5 hours while nursing my drink. It was like a wonderland for people on acid and there may as well have been a Bilbo Baggins walking around too. Of course, no Shady pics because it was the night off...but randomly, there are photos online of this sweet pad which apparently once housed Zappa, Joplin and more. I didn't see any ghosts...although, who knows...everything was misty as hell.
Waking up Sunday morning was rough, of course I couldn't manage to sleep in at all for some reason but did lay around being useless for about 3 hours. And was off to Chavez for some margaritas with Jules and Ebone. I kept it to a minimum of one 'rita and blast off...the conversation exploded with nonsensical and amazing robot and zombie and crazy ass underground 80's movies that half the world's never heard of. And was 'let's get nuttier time' and have a private hair dye party. Hmmm..lovely. Now I'm a redhead. And of course, nothing tops off an evening like chasing the beloved cat around the back yard whispering his name so as not to fully disturb the neighbors, cause we all know they're slightly disturbed as it is. Oh the bonding of Sunday afternoons and evenings. I didn't really make it much further into the evening. 2am was shut down time. Soft red hair on the pillow. Lights out.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Apparently, I now am on Imeeeeeeeem...
joyriding around Chicago. Oh JTI, posting the lovely late night dawdling of Ellei J at 4am. Those Comfort Suites have some great coffee....and cheers to some of those Illinois boys for crack-a-lackin' with me.
Today...a fuzzy joy came in a box. Oh stop it! It was a stuffed Gizmo...and he wooos and waaahs and gurgles. He's the damn cutest thing I've ever seen. I think I'll pass out now.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

So much to tell about the crazy nights and endless days of Chicago for Lollapalooza. Anne and I seriously tore the town up and I actually opted out of shooting the festival so I could just kick back during the days. Rather than sit here and type out nearly five pages of what went down, let's just say I hung out with some super rad people, made great new friends and photographed the best damn parties there were. And, getting to dance around with Daft Punk and see them without those robot costumes was pretty insane. Ed Banger crew, Rapture, The Faint, Weird Science all played some amazing DJ sets, and The Rapture were soooo freakin good at Lolla. I missed Illinois but did get to meet up with them for energy drinks at 4am before going our separate ways, so that was pretty interesting. Energy drinks, in a thunderstorm, at 4am.
Plus, I'm pretty sure Anne and I ended up sharing a brain by the end of the trip, seeing as we each lost half of our own, and began our days with a mimosa or the hair of a thousand dogs. Room service and hotel/venue hopping was awesome. Debonair Social Club was such great hosts to us...yaaay! And man oh man, freakin VHS or Beta came in just to hang and chill on the last day and we checked out the My Morning Jacket show which was amazing. But seriously...some of the things that come out of your head when trippin' on life and boozin' at oh man. A list...of the weirdest blurts and blurbs from myself and friends I spent each day with during the trip to Chicago.

"What's your name?"
"My name's security."
"Oh, I'm Mike."
"Your name's gonna be Evicted if I have to come up here again." (Thursday 4am)

"Inside voices! Inside voices....what are we 12?" (Thursday, 4:15am)

"This coffee tastes like ash."
"No. Ash."
"Mmm, it does." (Friday, 1pm)

"Where should I put my cup? (Ellei to security guard)"
"Throw it there."
"You want me to litter?"
"Hey...grass's gotta get drunk too."
"Hmmm. The grass is very drunk now." (Friday, 10pm)

"We are a part of the urination!!"
"Rhythm nation...whatever...don't ask." (Saturday, 5am)

"Did I sit on potatoes? I totally sat on potatoes."
"I spilled gravy on my shirt...." (both shrug) (Saturday, 8pm)

"Man, you need the hair of the dog."
"I need the hair of a thousand dogs." (Sunday, 1pm)

"Don't dip the pen in the company ink." (Sunday, 3pm)

"If someone ever said to me, girl, I like the way you sweat...I'd be like boy, let's do this." (Sunday, 3:30pm)

"Oh yeah, we been tight every since we got so disgusting together." (Sunday, 5:30pm)

"I nailed it! I got it! The scratch n' stiff sticker." (Sunday, 5:45pm) - P.S. this shit's copyrighted

"I used to blow grass real good."
"I never blew grass but I snort sometimes."
"I don't know."
"So we snorted all night and blew grass?"
"Magical." (Monday, 4am)

This concludes my trip to Chicago...I honestly can't wait to get back to that lovely windy city.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

IS ALIVE! And for freakin' sale on ebay?! What the hell has come of the planet...where my bot is selling on ebay for tons of bank? Whoever would sell such a kick ass robot? Shit man, he'd be greeting guests and tearing it up on the dancefloor with me.
Can we start a fundraiser to save Johnny 5 from ebay!? I will love him and cherish him forever....
pffft...and we all thought he short circuited. He'll be toolin' around on Hollywood Blvd. in no time!


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

So...besides the fact that I really hit a new level of nerd and obtained my first voice activated robot...a 2ft tall R2D2, there have been some amazing bots kicking around as of late. First of all, Daft Punk made me almost swoon and pass out for amazing bot overload. I can't wait to see them again in Chicago. Knees will hit ground instantaneously for sure.
Furthermore, there's this adorable flick coming out next year that pretty much already won me over...this Wall-E looks like a robot ET, and I'm a total sucker for ET. Oh daaang! Seriously, just listen to the cute buggers voice at the end and you'll get all tickled.

And more goodies!!! Last nights Seven party was out of control, no kidding. And so therein lies my final favorite robot for the week...amazingness:

Friday, July 20, 2007

I can never get enough...

Ouch. I think since I've been back in LA it's been super seriously non freakin' stop. Even AM and I were talking about how we've been out at least 4 nights in a row rocking out hard core. Of course, it helps when you've got friends in town and can sleep in late two out of those four days.
However, the past two nights have consisted of minimal or no sleep. Last night I hit up the BPM 11th anniversary party...oh boy, oh man. The place was packed and sadly most of my friends weren't VIP so I kept bouncing around, bringing them drinks and snackaroos. I watched Paris ham it up for a dozen photographers and put a sticker on Ron Jeremy. Then spent most the night with either WhiteStarr or Moving Units making sure to make at least 3 sandwiches from their Ryder goodies in the process. Poor Ho Ho got a bit tipsy and fell out of the club to which I dragged him up the hill and his ass landed on the famous blue couch. Pretty sure he was mumbling in his sleep for at least an hour. And pretty sure he's still at my apartment buried in the comfy blue oasis. Damn, that couch could swallow you whole.
Anyway...why stop now!!!? Tonight is Check Yo' with Thunderheist and Plastic Little. Oh's nuts. Echoplex is going to be outta control!! And tomorrow MODULAR hits the Standard for a killer pool party all afternoon. .. .. and of course...DAFT PUNK is tomorrow night. Help! Too much amazingness for one week.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Oh bits...the unrated forgotten nonupdated blog! Well...considering that travel was lacking in fantastic voyages...minimal lingo took place. But, I'm back. Finally. Home in Los Angeles where the grass is always...greener? Too much negativity has taken place in the past week. So...tonight at Sharon's bday bash I got hold of one of those so called lucky piggies. I don't know. They were flying all over. Bouncing out of catapult guns, hitting me in the face and wrangling up in my hair. So I kept one of the buggers. Plastic piggy best be busting out with some good luck in my direction. Please.
Travels sucked, destinations didn't quite get fulfilled, but I did get to hang with ONeill from Protokoll for two whole nights, mayhem it up in Boston, practice that accent, bar hop, house hop, crack jokes, study some geography and well, the rest is a bit of a blur.
There's also lots of piss you off bits I can attack you with later in regards to the shit of the non-trip trip. Bits. They're tasty.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

So in case you hadn't heard or noticed yet...Shadowscene has not made it to London. In fact...we were totally FUCKED by US Airways and I will never fly that shit again. After being awake for 45 hours and flying all over the place...US Airways delayed our flight from Boston to Philly guaranteeing us all that our connection flights were also delayed or being held. Needless to say, about 75 of us made it to Philly with no connecting flights...and there were no other flights to London or the UK last night. And no flights this morning...standby was useless. The only option was to fly, to Charlotte...and sit around for 12 hours...and fly out of Charlotte overnight to arrive in London Friday morning. Buuuullshit!!!

So, I spent the night wandering around the Philly airport...drinking tons of coffee because they even shut the bars down. And now I'm back in Boston, still not able to even get on any direct flights out of here to London.

I can not even say how bummed or pissed off I am at how much shit is messed up because of a dumb ass airline and shitty attendant. But its also kind of interesting the people you meet while stuck in an airport overnight. Wheelchairs can be fun.

So...I'm in Boston...currently bored and frustrated out of my mind. Tips...good news...happy fortunes?


Monday, July 02, 2007

So...just because attempting to sum up my Friday photo shoot in words doesn't really do it, I've added a video from the Air Guitar championships....and a shit ton of photos up on Shadowscene coming soon. You kind of get like the whole smorgasbord of entertainment here...sheesh. Try to contain yourself over the Rockness...Rochness Monster:

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Another crazy ass weekend, of course what else would it be seeing how it started off with the air guitar championships! Friday was unbelievable...21 people rocking out on stage at the Key Club in Los Angeles, fully costumed and fully revved up to rock out. The best was the fact that nearly every girl was wetting their pants over the final two contestants tied for first place. I mean, what the hell, no instruments, no singing, no real rock star...but damn the ladies couldn't resist the temptation of a dude walking on the crowd and strumming his air 'guitar'. The night concluded with half the audience on stage in all their 'airness' performing "Free Bird". Oh, and the Creeksta climbing walls and freestyle walking all the way to the car. Dizaamn.
Saturday kept on being nutty with Anne and I bouncing down to the standard for another Swimming Sharks party. Yummy greyhounds and water gun mania all during a set by The Gray Kid. Next, Anne and I semi passed out before heading to the Moving Units show and afterparty, both of which were completely insane. The afterparty got nuts!!! Hot, sweaty champagne toasting...sidewalk napping pulse thumping rambunctiousness. Both Papparazzi and Castle Vania were amazing plus, some of us discovered the fact that the booth benches were bouncy as a we had bounce fest. Bounce Fest 2007.
Coming up next...4th of July blow the shit up mania. Let's get ready.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

AIR GUITAR WTF here's the deal. My job really gets me into some weird and amazing...awesome fantastic stuff...but seriously, this is wet your pants material. I mean...the Air Guitar Championships...AIR GUITAR!!? No...they're not joking, I'm not kidding, it's for real, and it's sooo serious. Friday night I will be hitting up the Key Club and rocking out to a hundred different jams...all displayed by the best of the best Air Guitarists. These guys really know their stuff...I couldn't be any more excited:

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

aaaaaand DONE
What a birthday weekend! Smack dang. I am now recovered from the craziness of the Lady Sovereign bash and the 1 year anniversary of BLOW UP LA. It was seriously one of the most insane, in so many different ways, Blow Up we'd ever had. After sneaking booze from the overly secured 'drinking room' and smuggling it over to the became even more nuts. The crowd was amazing, everyone was in such a great mood regardless of the law laying a smackdown outside the venue. Sometime around 10am I passed out after my adrenaline rush subsided. And then Sunday, a lazy afternoon was in order, along with a few rounds of margaritas with my friends at dinner. I had the greatest time with so many of my friends, I seriously love you all. Soooo much. Finally, Blackout bar went off and I passed out cold Sunday night. And then...last night, mania at BOA. I do believe Omarosa from The Apprentice was hanging at the bar as well. Although I didn't really dare get within five feet of her. From there a few of us bounced over to Le Bar and for some reason, capping the night off, Bigley, Ho-Ho and I decided to spend nearly an hour in the car acting like retards. I don't know how it happened, but we thought it would be an amazing idea to recreate some Dukes of Hazzard action on Vista del Mar at 3am. Um....yeah. We're weird for sure. Or maybe Monster energy has been hooking us up a bit too much. Time for biscuits! Oh...and an amazing video sent over by Mr. Cloud. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Allergies blow. My insides feel like a wrinkled up prune...a sour pickle, a dehydrated grape. Ala a California raisin. Seriously, someone hook me up to a H2O IV and mist me down. Stuffy and parched. But on another note, last night I went over to Spider for the karaoke blitz. Holy smokes...hilarious. It started out a wee bit slow but than wham...amazing. Brilliant performances. At first there were a few of the classic 'I'm in LA and have an amazing voice so I'm gonna sing like it' acts. And then came on the real karaoke of 'how the fuck does this song go...Ima sing it anyway'. And then people just owning it. Taking over the stage, and belting out like no tomorrow. Blew my socks off. Especially when Yas was straddling the wall behind the stage and romping on the floor nearly hyperventilating. Sooo good girl. Damn.
Other than that, Ive decided that tofu is pretty damn good in my book. You can do so much with that stuff...and my cat loves it. Piggy. He also loves corn. Oh my gosh, corn!!! Check this out...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What happened? How is it Wednesday? Wasn't I just watching Juiceboxxx roll around on the floor and tear it up at Check Yo? Yes...and I do believe I decided we should be on tour together. I'd be called Capri Sun. Juiceboxxx and Capri Sun shows all summer long!
So yeah...holy baloney! Just like any 'ole Elephant I've only been sleeping 2 hours a night at best...and just running on empty. Or well...running on juice mixed with fancy elixers. Or maybe it's the six meals I ate on Sunday...and the excitement of a Spider Monkey dancing for me and shaking Ho Ho's finger in exchange for some change. I need one...a monkey that is.
This week kicked off with the Shadowscene interns...if you haven't seen them yet, you will! They're awesome! Last night we strolled down to Avalon for the Indie 103.1 party. They ran amuck in Hollywood and I went inside to shoot ... briefly. Swanky. Open Bar. Dark and void. Robot conversations. Made a couple new friends, ran in to Whitestarr, had hug marathons and then I was off. The interns and I met 2 drinks in...and them, oh you cute 'lil blazers, 'ahem blazed amazin' workers. Their running amuck was full of some secret shenanigans. We parted again and next I was off to the new weekly at Seven...which so far has been pretty awesome rowdy. Monster boy celebrated his birthday last night and even broke out with some crazy b-boy Young Americans hung out for a bit and then I hit up the taco stand for a burritto. And now...Wednesday. Karaoke craze at Spider tonight? Anyone, anyone?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

So this is interesting...for those of you who have been witness to the freestyle sessions I've put on at Safari Sam's lately, I think I've met my match. Holy dang...check out the Juiceboxxx video and then come to Check Yo' tonight and see this shit live. I may be itchin' to get on stage with him. But with all his flailing around, I may be dodging limbs instead...or be fortunate enough to even get a punch in the face while photographing this dude:

Friday, June 15, 2007

Yes...they rock. We've already acknowledged that bit. But at the same time, in this case, they literally ROCK. Daft Punk will be hitting LA next month...and Shadowscene will be there bumping around. Robot mania madness. If you haven't seen a live Daft need to! Nothing short of sheer hopping madness. And bots.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This morning...I had one of those bizarre parking lot encounters that only happens in Los Angeles. Or better yet...the ones that happen in the valley. I was getting my coffee and biscuit and had already settled into my car when some dude comes running over asking me to wait. I'm thinking, oh damn, I totally dropped something, maybe left my wallet somewhere!? So, as awkward as it was, this guy literally comes up to my door while I'm all situated in my car and starts up a conversation with me, asking if I've heard of some production company. I flat out say, 'No.' He then goes on to tell me I need to call his assistant (pffft) because I'd be perfect for some part in something. Oh suurrre I'm thinking. He asks if I do any acting and I say "no...not my thing." Of course, he still insists I'd be great for this part and then begins to tell me (eeewww) that he books those oh so annoying dating ads we all see all over myspace and yahoo etc. and apparently I should be really excited about this. You know the ones, where all of a sudden some video pops up and it's sort of creepy with some dude or chick mugging for the camera acting all retarded. Hahaha...and then...he continues to tell me I have that great "girl next door innocent" look going on and it'd be grrreat! Eat some more frosted flakes dude. I am so not your girl for that. So yes...only in the creepy dudes approach you in recruitment for porn while you're sipping your coffee and nibblin' a biscuit.
Anyway...that's was an interesting way to start my manana...and now... for tonight, come see how I manage to be in three places at once. First off, DATA ROCK and 8BIT at the Troubadour. And then...the HOT CHIP afterparty followed by, or well, the simultaneously occurring AWESOMETOWN!!! This is gonna be nuts. Someone tell me they've invented like portable space devices or something by now. I'm gonna need it.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Some of you know...I totally suck at Tetris...and really sort of lose interest after about 30 of those blocks go by. That shit piles up so fast my Game is Over in a matter of seconds. But seriously, the Japanese have completely made my day. I could watch this for hours...Human Tetris...un freakin' believable! Make sure you watch the whole just keeps getting better.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

LIKE WHOA whoa. Last night I was photo shoot free, and rather than sit at home and edit the same ole' shit, I went out to see two bad bands, and one rad band simply because of the singer (gotta be honest here). Hung around eatin' fries with Dirty and Lee and then sent them packing cause they were sick as in ill, and somehow took to the stage...for two hours. DJing, rapping, freestyling, irish jigging, whatever to keep the few roamers entertained. I don't know how it got started really, other than the fact that Sam's was gettin' a bit quiet...and I was feeling a bit dismal and creatively frustrated. Plus, Stevie had thrown out the suggestion of some ghetto, well, I guess that's how it all got started. Although, apparently, this two hours of sassyness with Stevie has now evolved into a weekly 'non' karaoke event. Yes, hosted by Shadowscene and Stevie. Oh so dysfunctional. But...what isn't? you can come out and see a couple of folks make some amazing...aka bad karaoke for you...and you'll love it. It's practically a stand up comedian routine...and if you don't love it, you'll beg to get on stage and show us up. Cause damn it...apparently we never went to Computer Camp...and if you were there last'd know what I was blogging...ahem' rapping about. Rap this out...go next week...and listen...laugh. Maybe free yourself up a bit in the presence of strangers. And don't be surprised if I frown on your tootsie roll dance or make you give it up on stage. It's nice not being quiet for once.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

So, needless to say, this morning I awoke to some serious bullshit. Not to mention, I had been expecting a nice night of sleep considering I went to bed rather early...2:34am to be exact, but at about 6:48 I flew up in bed from a damn jack hammer sounding off outside my window. No kidding, not joking, a jack hammer...before 7am. Outside. Under my balcony, on the sidewalk. Some dude, just jack hammering away. It took me about 5 minutes after the vibrations in my walls and ceilings settled in and the shrill piercing in my ears stopped ringing before I even could acknowledge that this was really happening. Way to break up my perfect REM man! I was sound asleep...stoned out in the middle of dream waves. The best part, is the first thing I decided to do was text Honaker..."no way has there been a jack hammer right outside my balcony for thirty minutes. I'm deaf!" His immediate response after pointing out the fact that my luck seems to be swaying back to lackluster was, "wait, there's no way am I getting a text at 7am." Oops.
Next it was a major state of confusion as to how to get the racket to just stop. Who can I call...who can I throw a pillow at? Do I go outside...ask them to stop...aren't there noise ordinances in the city? Half a converse on and partially dressed from slumber I head outside. Then I turn back in, head to the balcony, then back towards the door. Sleepy confusion. Then I call 411. "Hi, there's a jack hammer outside. It's almost 7am. Who do I call. What's the number for the Public Works people? Or the city?" I don't even remember who she connected me to...because they were closed! Of course! It's 7am, who is up working at that hour!? Filthy.
An hour later they stopped. And the mini earthquake in my apartment came to a halt as well. Unfortunately, it was too late to go back to sleep. And thus, my day begun, with a minor headache. Of course I did get further amusement from Honaker suggesting I pop on some ear muffs, pop some aspirin, or pop a cap in someone's ass.

Monday, June 04, 2007

There's tons of amazing things that happened this weekend I could bore you ... or amuse you with. And I was about to until I saw this. It sort of blows my mind...and as Bigley says, "Point your heart out."

Thursday, May 31, 2007

I love Tootsie pops. Better yet...the 69 Boys and the "Tootsie Roll". Check out these videos...I'm sure one of them will get you rollin'. Poor quality thanks to 1994.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Long day. Long day. loooonnnggg daaaaayyy. Tonight's the premiere of the long awaited Punk's Not Dead documentary. I contributed a whole stack of photos to this documentary a couple years back and it's finally being released! Yay!! And in conjunction with the release is some crazy punk after party. Sweet deal.
However, I'm super excited for the illinois show tomorrow night..super duper! It's been over a month since I hung with those guys and hooray they're back in town..and hopefully some of you smarty pants are going to check them out! Ooh Ooh...and check this out too. Someone puhlllease call it:

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Most of you may know, I'm pretty prone to the phrase, 'really....really guy, really?' Of course, a bit funnier when used in context and not just typed up in this here blog bit. But in my sleepy euphoric mind state of today, Cuso sent this over in giddyness. Yes. Really.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Last minute mania for me last night...when I had thought I'd be staying home for once. Nope nope! I headed out to Sam's for a dinner and drink with Sharon which turned into three drinks and dinner with Sharon, Debbie and Charly. Oh yeah...and four Doors cover bands. Personally, the hard core Doors cover band was the best I think. It was like 1994 all over again. Oh and hilarious times with The Vacation who headlined the evening and Steve stole my drink right out of my hand, drank half of it and then threw the glass on the floor. I think the mic stand came crashing down too. And then I crashed and resorted to bottles of water at the bar.
Oh oh...and this is awesome. And random. So the infamous Howl At The Moon in Citywalk, oh such crazy times, was brought to mind the other evening. Apparently, Los Angeles is getting smaller and smaller. The night Stevie, Ho Ho, Creeksta and I ventured out to The Moon was reedonkulous. Bartenders gyrating on pianos, barrels of peanuts, group karaoke, stage diving and dancing, 3 for 1 drinks, everyone getting separated and lost in Universal, dark alleys and hidden digs, oh yeah, and girls vomiting at the bar.
This is where LA becomes smaller to me. What are the chances...that vomitous girl, who dry humped Creeksta all night and then bought us a round of drinks prior to letting loose next to the kegs, would make another appearance ... but this time over at the Short Stop. Oh and the best part...her telling me to delete all the kissy kissy photos of her and some dude...ahem, because she's married. What a doozy indeed.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nutsola! Here's the BPM video from last week's killer party with Lazaro, Aoki and Mstrkrft at The Roxy...crrraaazzzzy fun. I think I'm in there flashing around somewhere ...

Ah yes..and don't forget to listen to KUCI 88.9FM this Saturday from 4--6PM. I'll be co-hosting and playing some jams with Them Jeans! Yes!!! Kick back, have a drink and check out the Extra Large Saturday show.
So....Awesometown tonight, nothing short of AWESOME! hahha. no wait. hahahaha. Seriously. The place was absolutely packed tonight, grrreat! Desert Eagle was so amazing. And the damn Jew Crew blew my mind! But my favorite part of the night was at about 1am when Dirty was up dancing on the leather couches and I was like 'oh, ok, cool....dig it'. Then...I see slow motion...falling backwards, arms straight up in the air like a game of trust freefall, body smashing against the brown tables, glasses and bottles cracking, crumbling to the floor. And then Dirty somehow safely landed on the leather sofa. All was good. Until about 15 minutes later when Taradactyl did the same damn thing. I decided the corner was cursed and migrated, avoiding a near fatal tumble slip myself, with a bit of shattered glass in my shoe and a broken suspender. Wowee Zowee.
Oh, so on another note, is it weird that I'm slightly tempted to respond to all of this annoying spam about penis enlargement and free ipods and how to get him/her into bed? Seriously, the next myspace comment I get about this is gonna get a serious hilarious dose of my attention. Because honestly, if you haven't heard, apparently there's a ton of free shit on the internet (holy smokes!) and methods of sexual enhancement. Wow. No kidding. It's oh so Awesome!!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I came to the conclusion today...that I am peanut butter. And there's some weird car outside that makes a funny squeaky sound every night at 3am. There's also some dude that pulls up outside my building at 9am precisely every weekday morning and has a super annoying horn that he relentlessly lays on. But yeah, peanut butter. Screw jelly. Soooo good.
So, if you didn't make it to the Devlin Darko show tonight, you're an idiot. No really, and I mean that in the nicest of ways. Tonight in Los Angeles the Spank Rock DJ's Devlin & Darko played at the Echo, along with Wallpaper who was pretty damn rad as well. Six months when you're kicking yourself in the arse for skipping out; well..yeah. I told you so. Hi, hugs.
New favorite band of the moment = X-ray Spex. Fun.
Friday I went to Hil's bday bash. Also Laura's. Someone brought excessively large numeric stickers which really got the party started, or maybe it started with the booze and condom filled pinata. Whichever. The stickers were fantastic. Drunken sticker art is the best. After Badminton with the Acid Girls.
Mokey (aka Fatty) still meows and cuddles, so my theory is...he's healthy. Still looking into those herbal miracle cures..oh, and Pet Insurance (wtf?). Yeah. Tomorrow is Awesometown. Super fun! I may even hit that cue ball a couple times...come get Awesome. And drink cheap Dewars! Deeew it.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Swamped today. But fun and games still kickin'. Ho busy as he is, managed to make me into a bobblehead rapper and send it over to me. Thanks Ho Ho. You made my afternoon. hahahha. Oh Boy...the best is when I am dropped from the sky and land on my head: go see the full set.
Other than that, I'm still catching up from last weeks madness with Mstrkrft, Lazaro, Puma, BPM, and Blow Up LA! What a week! There's nothing more amusing to me than the 4am drive on Wednesday with Mstrkrft in my back seat and Laz riding shotgun all bumping out to the sweet sounds of Steely Dan. And hooray for Cactus stand good, even when they run out of cheese for the burritos. Hmph. Blow Up was of the better venues so far...and next month is the 1 Year anniversary of BLOW UP! So that night's gonna explode. Plus there's pool parties, underground art gigs, frog jumping and more. Oh, and the return of Check Yo' this weekend with Crystal Castles. Things really just don't stop around here. So many goodies right 'round the corner.
P.S...still looking for some remedies for fat cat diabetes. Assist!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I don't know why...but one night at the Short Stop completely freaked me out when I saw this photo up on the wall of a gray cat. It looked like my cat on the wall. Of course, the couple of Hefe's I'd been drinking may have contributed to the likening. But I still had to drag up the photos...
Short Stop Feline is in the photo above....and now...Mokey:
Hmm...yeah don't really know what I was thinking but I guess there's a few similarities. Intriguing.
Oh and while we're on the topic of Mr. Mokey (aka. Fatty), let's just say he's a bit of a mess. Doc says he's ready to be hopped up on the insulin. How dare he develop diabetes after all these years! Ugh, needles and glucose syrup. is now in the works...and any feline diabetic remedies are greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Holy calamity hot dang sustain. It's been a week, and some of you are slappin' me around for not updating you on daily madness. So...finally, I'm here! Look...lingo for you to read!! If you've been bumping around you know it's been a bit crazy here in LA with fires and Hiltons, amazing DJ's margaritas and some sweet waffle cones. I almost passed out a couple times over the weekend from hysterical laughing fits and exhaustion. But I'm back and a bit more balanced. Monday night I ransacked the "LAST MINUTE" party hosted by Drunk Joe. Seriously, a party hosted by a guy named drunk. Plus, I got to DJ in Rebel Love which was pretty insane considering we headlined at the 1am slot. Sweet digs. Oh, and it was Christian's birthday, so we closed the bar and closed the doors and I let loose on my own little freestyle session just for the few stragglers kicking at the bar. Then I wanted to pass out in a chair. But instead, we bumped over to Thomas's and I hugged the dog and ate a cracker and then went home. Dropped my phone and watched it smash into 10 itty bitty pieces. Then Marty from Bullet Train to Vegas helped me repair it while we ate a box of ritz with peanut butter scoopings. Alls better. Phone works, tummy's full. And after the four days of mad dashing and jumping around, Tuesday was straight up lounging.
But tonight!!! Back in action...for Lazaro Casanova and MSTRKRFT at the BPM issue release party. I dunno...this may be nuts. Actually, I'm sure it will be. Laz and the Kraft make one heck of a duo...oh the smashings and mash ups. Sunset Strip...ouch. Never a dull moment.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Song Lyrics for 3AM...with headphones and blankets and full moons. Thanks to the lovely Ponys...of Pony Up. These ladies will drink you silly...and then pass out just as the party gets started. Amazing. The 3AM song of choice is
The Truth About Cats & Dogs (Is That They Die) Curl up...listen and hum along to the sounds of dirty shoes and wet socks, cat naps and sleepwalks. Crawling out windows and climbing down brick walls...send me postcards and sleep for days.
Something like that...yes. Love these ladies and all their Canadian charm and boozalism. (yes, i just made that word up).

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

So last night I went to the Stoli party, fiesta, free booze, drinky event. Yay, basically a fancy warehouse party. Personally, if it's a warehouse, it may as well be dirty. However, the blueberry lemonade concoction was marvelous. Plus, Rich showed up and somehow managed to find yet another blossom to hand over which I immediately tucked into my pocket. Sweet. Two lemonades later, I headed back home, where my yard was still immersed in flames from some lame arsonist yet again. This time, the flames got a bit too close to home. No ashes, strangely, but hot orange bursts all along the horizon of my backyard. I sat on my patio in the 90 degree heat watching the helicopters douse the last of the flames after about twelve hours of fighting it. They're still swarming my neighborhood like flies. Two blocks east of me was being evacuated, as were all the lil' animals in the LA Zoo. Crazy Hollywood fires....the second big inferno to hit H'wood in a month. Except, today's heat and tornado winds really wound this one up. I feel like I live at the base of a volcano watching the lava colored sky out my window. I say I should bust out the hose and be the extinguishing grace for my street. I also say, it'd be amazing to be this robot right now....fancy pants...oh damn. In fact, I don't remember the last time I skated at I'm off. At least this time I'll grace my sidewalk and streets in an alert stumble, not sleepwalking cat hunting or tipsy cab calling. Time to rumble the asphalt with a fluorescent glowing backdrop.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I woke up yesterday and it was hot. I woke up this morning and it was even hotter. Hotter than tarnations! Whatever that means. Yes...and the worse of it is, my neighbors decided it'd be a good idea to cut down some trees. Great...good landscaping. But, that means no more shade for my apartment. Which means it's hot out and the blazin' sun is just shooting right in. At 6:30am. Nice one. Now I need to invest in some drapes or thicker blinds. Because this whole waking up to intense bright light on your face at six in the morning and ten degree immediate temperature increase, not my friend.
Last night I cruised over to The Bar. Yes. The Bar. That's its name if you can believe it. Or maybe you could just call it Cocktails seeing how that's the only signage it's given. The Bar is amazing. I think I had a beer drinking contest with Jonah. Wait, yes I did. I think he won. Then we walked St. Nick home, half carrying the chap, tucked him in and went for 230am treats. Yummy cafe treats where half of us were nearly passing out on the table from pure exhaustion and the other half nearly passing out from tipsyness. I ate some mac n' cheese, bounced over to my apartment and passed out on the famous blue couch.

Oooh...check this out (thanks Honaker!):

Friday, May 04, 2007

Ketchup! This week has been a non stop bustle. Meetings and editing and meetings and shoots. Damn. I'm finally back in zone one after draining myself on all extents in the desert for three days. It was pretty amazing, my favorite shows being Jarvis Cocker, The Kooks and Rage. It amazes me how every time The Kooks play I feel like it's 1970 or something and shit's blowin' up big time. It's pretty fantastic. I spent an evening and afternoon with the lads photographing and hanging out. Sweet Gents. Or blokes? I dunno. Need to catch up on that lingo. Damn, I'm still working on my French.
I got back into LA Monday morning, slept two hours, and then it was off to do some Network television work and reading a thousand emails that somehow didn't make it through over the weekend. And Tuesday was our big 1 Year bash at Check Yo' Ponytail. I was a hyper gal, jumping around like it was my birthday and I'd gotten hopped up on cake frosting. Spank Rock and Roxy Cottontail were sooo amazing! The place was dripping in explosions of champagne and sweat. Shirts were coming off, pants were dropping and I think I almost passed out from the humidity. We really partied like, well, like we hadn't all just killed ourselves in the desert two days prior. Totally amazing. Flosstradamus had the dance floor packed, plus Acid Girls, Har Mar and Johnny Love all came by and bumped around with the gang. I took off at about 2am for my usual quesadilla fix and that was that.
Wednesday was some Lubitsch Russian vodka fun...and last night Little Joy. Where do these places come from; LA is packed with little hidden treasures. Tonight, Teddy time. Fancy Schmancy pants in the middle of what I like to call LA's Times Square.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

HUMPS, here's an interesting contribution share from Sir Tim. Thanks, Tim. Um..errr. Here it is.

Tomorrow...Coachella bits and bites and snippets. Tally ho.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mmm. it's hot here. Palm Springs sweat balls. But, Jarvis Cocker got cocky and Sonic Youth is still ... youthful.
Check out the top 20 photos from my yesterday....on URB's Coachella update.

Friday, April 27, 2007

I'm off to the springs, dusty dust smothered faces and misty drinks. Poolside basking and dipping...frosty frothy fun. If you're heading to Indio...come hang with Shadowscene!!!
We've got Anthem magazine parties, Jane Magazine parties, URB parties and more! Plus, Sunday we'll be running around all afternoon with The Kooks. And in between, house and tent camp hopping. Oooh fun!
Yesterday was amazing...
After finally getting my asthmatic cough under control with some codeine elixer, I was on my way to spend a whole bunch of hours with illinois. We ran around shooting photos, drinking coffee and Coronas, sound checking, stickering and just hanging out before their show at Spaceland. Drew and I scuffed around and came to the realization that there's an entire planet of canine in Silverlake. I've never seen so many dog walkings going on, it was like canine marathon! Har Mar and Fab DJ'd for a bit before the guys hit the stage, and man. I can't say enough nice things about this group, they're all amazing and seriously put on a great show. Later in the night after the show, we bummed around for a bit, played pool and then Kaps and I took Drew over to Awesometown. The rest of the boys were a bit wiped from the previous night at Safari Sams and other random downtown adventures. But Kaps, Drew and I managed to get ourselves over to the Short Stop for some more antics. Oh, Nutty! Silly masks and such. Tons of free drinks which I abundantly refilled for my guests. There was panty flair and 50's jams and a huge influx of people by 1:30am. And then the lights came on, and we were all still sipping drinks and wanting to boogie. But alas, tummy's were growling. I drove across town to the hotels the boys were staying at and had a quick run-in with the rest of the band with their own little late night treats...and ice buckets. The hotel wasn't too thrilled with our noisy early morning/late night shenanigans, so we all split to our respectable pillows. Needless to say, it was quite a fantastic day. Check out all the photos on Shadowscene!!!
Now, it's prep time for Coachella...where I'll be heading in about six hours. Ouch. Oh...and don't forget!! This is HUGE...Tuesday is our 1 year Anniversary of Check Yo' Ponytail! And in case you haven't heard yet, the lineup is ridiculous, and totally FREE!!! We've got Roxy Cottontail, Flosstradamus and Spank Rock! Seriously, some of the raddest of Check Yo' past is now present. Ooh what fun little goodies.
See you in the desert!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Well the weekend has come...and gone. And now it's back to the weekly groove. But Saturday was lovely. I spent the entire day with The Deadly Syndrome, joined them at the super hilarious Shit Show podcast and then followed them over to the Explex for their gig with The Klaxons. The sound check was a bit uncanny seeing how the venue is pretty new and doesn't really have all the kinks worked out yet. And the line around the block extended in every possible direction to the furthest degree by the time they actually got the doors opened. Their little ghosts fell down and the lights flickered but the Deadlies rocked it hard as usual. Amazing boys. Of course, then the Klaxons stepped to the stage and the rumbling crowd got nasty, spilling drinks, throwing fists. I was a bit confused because Klaxons are more electro rock than riot rock. But still, it was a great show. Dim Mak Records is releasing their album in the states so I'm sure they're thrilled! And, the Klaxon fellows are super sweet little whipper snappers.
Then at about midnight I headed to Blow Up LA which I heard was off the charts, however, I never made it inside. Parking was a bald headed brat and my tipsy friend was loitering the sidewalks so, I made it to a 3am snackage with Creeksta and then somehow home to bed before passing out along the way. Yikes!! What a crazy Case of the Deadly Klaxonitis....check out photos on Shadowscene!