Friday, August 17, 2007

As much of a fan I am for robots, its the cute lil wind up guys or the roll around and dance with you bots that I fancy. Of course the old school bots who could maybe just push you around a bit in harmless fun are great too. But when it comes to a robot who is specifically designed for termination, well shit, haven't we all watched that film a dozen times. I recall staying home non sick from school as a kid and watching it daily (along with a few other classics such as Adventures in Babysitting)...but seriously...we all should have learned a lesson or two from the 80's hit. Don't make a robot that knows how to throw grenades, order guns, shoot the shit and maintain a great view through nightvision. But guess what, it may not come in the cyborg flesh the Terminator we know was so well endowed with, but it's only a matter of time; because the Talon Swat Bot is here. Danger, Danger Will Robinson!! The real T2 has come to life, and I can only surmise that within in a couple of years he'll be policing your neighborhood for 'protection'.
Check this...the Talon Bot comes with:
- a Multi-shot TASER electronic control device with laser-dot aiming
("can you say phase plasma rifle in the 40 watt range?" Cause that's what T2 was rockin' in the gunstore).
- Loudspeaker and audio receiver for negotiations
(Sara Conner? Pft. Negotiation my ass).
- Night vision and thermal cameras
(You know, to detect the body temps at night an such).
- Choice of weapons for lethal or less-than-lethal responses
(Bots need options too).
- 40 mm grenade launcher - 2 rounds
(Cause 2 rounds oughtta do the trick).
- 12-gage shotgun - 5 rounds (Really guy, really?)
- FN303 less-lethal launcher - 15 rounds
(It's less lethal, so he gets 15 rounds).

Shit the rest here.

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