Monday, November 30, 2009

There's too much going on; but what's new? Now that everyone is back in reality action after Thanksgiving boozin', schmoozin and food fuelin it's the hustle of getting everything wrapped for the holidays. Literally.
I spent a few amazing weeks in LA soakin' up the sunshine, DJing, doing some fashion shoots and learning how to cook some homemade soups. I got to enjoy Club Rhonda after missing it for nearly a year and can easily say it's one of the greatest parties in that city right now. I DJ'd Hang the DJs with Valida and was literally raising the roof...not to mention banging the walls in between and during tracks. Plus, LeCastlevania and I finally ran into each other which is a feat in itself since we both switch coasts on each other on a daily basis. And now I'm back on the east coast for a bit...enjoying the...rain? Just snow already!
On the Shadowscene front, there's a ton to be excited about. I'll be in NY this Thursday for the new Shadowscene weekly with Whit Fierce, LEWD Thursdays at Orchard Bar. Tonight I'm checking out TigerBeats indie dance party at The Barbary in Philly and Awesometown is still rocking twice a month in Los Angeles. Plus, our vintage collection is in full boom and you can check out new pieces each week in the store and I'll be releasing some select limited prints from the "Fragments & Figmentations" collection in the next week! Our buddies Finger on the Pulse had a kick-ass premiere for their new weekly show, Dinner with the Band on IFC. This week check out Final Fantasy and record that bizzle if you can't catch it every week. Speaking of music...KC and I have finally locked down some deadline dates for our recordings. Get pumped! And I'm stoked on what Diplo and Robyn are up to...lock in to Mad Decent for more updates.
Of course...I had to tap into some old Robyn anthems and here's a fave. It's very Pee-Wee'esque.
All it needs is a little Chairy the Chair and Meka High Meka Highney Ho.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So I've been back in Los Angeles for a couple of days and already it's right back into the world of the bizarre. Where anything goes, all is acceptable and it's a boring day if you...well, it's never really a boring day. Spiderman was arrested today while loitering around on Hollywood Blvd. I'd like to say it was because he was spinning webs in the traffic but alas, too many outstanding warrants or something. I told you those folks in costumes were up to no good! What better place to hide than in a circus or under a mask right out in plain view!? Other than that, I realized Monkey's favorite toys are all bananas. Anne says it's cause he's Monkey. And of course, there's the ever random postings on craigslist that never get old. This guys just wants a companion. And no worries personality or age requirements necessary. Ah, Los Angeles: the land of opportunity.
On a different note, everyone is still full from last night's soup party. Yes, SOUP Party. 6 soups, 30 bottles of wine and 20 people. I immediately went into a soup coma. I'm not kidding. After the full afternoon of prep and cooking and about five bowls of soup I laid down and past out right in the middle of everyone. I woke up this morning...still full on tater leek and brazilian beans. Oh my!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

I love ET. I also love Mr. T. So obviously...I pretty much love this. It's beyond weird, beyond freakish, and beyond uncomfortable but somehow absolutely enticing. I now want a Mr. ET doll. I also wanted a milkshake this evening; seems pretty legit, easy to get, fulfilling. So I head out with Rog to get a milkshake and we are floored and in high anticipation of housing these milkshakes. Plus, we did the ultimate and decided to get fries to go with them. Score!
So there we are, all pumped and literally pulling into the driveway when...boom! What happened? I don't know what happened! Except Rog was saying "oh shit, it's on the floor." Oh, naturally the cup fell out from the ever so famous knee grasping cup holder. But then it progressed to "oh my god it's all over the floor." Now, that's not sooooo much of big deal except for when we were ordering I got the small size. And Rog said, "a small, that's nothing." And then when his large came he realized the large could pretty much knock you unconcious for three days with a milkshake dairy-coma-buzz. So, that being said, a three day large milkshake was all over the floor. And...there were no car floormats. I couldn't really do much other than laugh, and of course shoot a video of the soppy mess.
My weekend kicked off with getting my tattoo at Inkwell which I won over a game of pool followed by treking to Delaware for a Scion Klondike Kate's. Arch and I came up with a lot of silly songs about that name and I witnessed a lot of sloppy drinking behavior. Come on college kids, learn to juggle those five vodka redbulls (or as Eric of Wallpaper calls them, Redka Vodbulls). Even if they are $3 a pop, you gotta stock up, right? I also hosted the premiere in Philly and Los Angeles for Men Who Stare At Goats. Amazing. I thought the movie was peculiar and hilarious, especially watching George Clooney really let go and show off his dance moves. And of course the goats. Goats are so underrated. I think I would like a pet goat. I will name him Goat-T. Maybe I'll get three. Goat-T, Mr-T and ET. Now that's a trilogy.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

So I had a dream about aliens last night, so naturally it's all I can think about first thing when I wake up and for about the first couple hours of my morning. Now, keeping in mind I have yet to have my coffee, I am just gonna throw it out there. My sleepy little head came to the concept that aliens are simply a futuristic human. Am I moving from robots to aliens? I'm talking light years ahead, metamorphasized and shit. Or maybe not. But that was what I woke up thinking. Then I also thought, how could people not think they existed. Um, hello UFO conference and ancient Mayans. And not to mention, if we still don't even understand or aren't even aware of over half of what is in our ocean alone, how will we ever fully grasp what is in the galaxy or space when it's a million times larger than our little bodies of water. Maybe aliens are gooey robots? But...I guess all in all, robots and aliens sort of go hand in hand. At least in this little 48hour movie...haha. It's so ridiculous I have to watch it again. "Robot, quit fooling around!"

On another note, I'm ready for my coffee. And I'm all over Lisa Loeb's Stay and The Knack's My Sharona. Hello Best Buy...cuz I'm about to pick me up some Reality Bites or A Life Less Ordinary. Someone send over some UFO photos...maybe throw in a little Lochness too.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Let's be random. Here are some things I am entertained or amused by: the sounds of a jingle ball, kitty feet creaking in a wicker basket, the smell of winter, rain and snow (yes, they have scents), cotton balls, blue walls that look green, pets in windows, mismatched socks, tin robots, falling down, text written on dirty cars, insect antics, honest street folk signage ('why lie, i need a beer'), finger puppets, goofy glasses, food fights, silly putty, kool-aid mustaches, clouds, riot rock and tattoos. Free anything is pretty awesome. I mean, even if the shoe doesn't fit you know we'll wear it.
But in the terms of tattoo-ville and hoo-ville...little ellei loo hoo is getting a tattoo new.
Tomorrow I get another tattoo...and this is exciting for many reasons, one of which being I won the tattoo over a game of pool. Hustlin! Ya put the ball in the corner pocket and you turn yourself around...ok so NEXT.
In addition to that, I decided to give away a few freebies of my own. So...for the rest of this week, if you purchase any tees in the shadowscene shop, you get one of our limited edition posters for free! Kind of a great opportunity...get some gifts or just stock up on botwear and stuff.
Maybe you can put on some goofy glasses and mismatched socks, chug some kool-aid, cause a food fight and run around tagging cars with a finger puppet. Just saying, some things have yet to be done.
P.S. Los Angeles next week!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Today has seriously been an exhausting, strange, yet exciting day. I'm all over the place, getting things done but still struggling to really focus. I ran around Philly, hit up Deli Mag, chilled at Rocket Cat and scoped out some premises. I even discovered a new bit for laughter; the FU Funnies as I have coined them. Little stick figure comics cracking jokes on the weird shit that pesters all of us. This one is definitely top five for me. The funniest part is I've always had shower doors but lately have been experiencing the shower curtain and why the hell does that steamy shower seem to devour the curtain!? Or more or less, why does that curtain feel the need to devour you when showering!? Gettin bored at the office...check out some more FU Funnies to enlighten your day.
The other bit of excitement was prepping for the launch of a Shadowscene weekly event in New York starting this week! I've teamed up with a good pal from Los Angeles and we'll be kicking off Lewd Thursdays at the Orchard Bar which, hooray, is re-opening! What's even more rad is we get to start off with Womanizer (the members of IAMSOUND's Telepathe) and Kap10Kurt. And yes, Philly, you are next in the big scheme of the party scene. I also jet back to Los Angeles next week, New York this weekend and maybe Miami for Art Basel next month! And tomorrow night is Islands in Philly...yarg! If you're not familiar with this Montreal act, definitely get into it. More bitty bits on this tomorrow.
For now, I'm sleepy. I'm too headwrapped up in design work and this entry is laggin on the humor. I'll be funnier when I wake up. Promise.
This is the end of my weird day. And if you don't like it, FU.