Wednesday, November 29, 2006

So this week I had my photo shoot for PAPER Magazine. An upcoming issue is featuring a few of us West Coast eastsiders. And hooray! I was included with a really rad grouping of people, including Leyla from HeartsChallenger...the wonderful ice cream, musical sparkling gal. Yummy treats. We also had Franki Chan, Brooke from White Trash Charms, the owner of the Cha-Cha (love that place!!!) and a ton of other cool folk. Then, I got to listen to Anne Lee and Joe on Little Radio. Apparently Joe stopped by and dropped a few jokes on the air. And I requested only a dozen jams. Hilarious! Finally, it was naptime, followed by snack time and then off to Check Yo' for an amazing show by The Gray Kid and some dance action with Guns N Bombs. Sooo rad. Both performances completely blew my mind. The funniest part of the evening was when a dude grabbed me and said I had to take someone's picture, that it was a great photo opportunity. Then he asked if I liked rock stars. I tried not to laugh. And for a while, as he introduced me to his friend, I went along with the fact that they were pretending he was the guitarist from The Strokes. Needless to say, I pulled the chain pretty quick when I realized it was The Shys...being I guess a bit bashful? Drunken rock stars...pretending to be other rock stars..what? Huh? Oh well, it left me with a few giggles.
But of course, it appears I'm a bit stretched thin and decided to take today to chill, especially since I'm pretty much suffering from borderline strep throat, if there is such a thing as borderline. Oh well, all good things must have rest periods, or something. Ech. Someone bring me tea. Or ale, with ginger. Please.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Mmmm...what a week. A week that seemed to feel like only two really long days. Lots of taters and pie, movies and drinks, festivities and sleep. I took the last week to really catch up on things and set some things in motion for next year. All fun!!
Thanksgiving was great, fifteen people stretched out across a long table eating and passing a bottle of tequila along in a series of rounds. I'm not sure if it was the tryptophan or Jose Cuervo but we all passed out about 20 minutes after the big din-din. Who's to say? But it was amazing nonetheless. The best part was that instead of bringing food to the party, I brought my microwave...and a few cases of beer. Nothing funnier than lugging a huge ass microwave down the street for Thanksgiving. Three cheers for innovation!
The rest of my long weekend consisted of lots of naps, numerous brunches, The Burbs and attempts at making apple pies. I got to spend time with a lot of people I haven't seen in a while which was awesome and even managed to hang out in my apartment for more than the usual 4 hours a day. Now, it's back to craziness, with three killer nights back to back!
If you're in LA, check out BOA tonight for a Thanksgiving family-style DJ showcase rock out session with free Svedka. Magic open bar.

Monday, November 20, 2006

What a weekend...after all the chaos of losing the wallet and losing lots of sleep last week, I decided to embrace the weekend with minimal work. Friday I checked out the last Deadly Syndrome show for a while. And it was awesome!! The whole Jackass gang stopped by to support all of the Syndromicus-ness. And stuff. From there, we headed to the BFH for some old school metal rock out before walking to Thomas' where the first house party was already in full gear. I busted out the Shadowscene mix to get the dance floor started and quickly traded my Miller Light for a Sparks with the Bermonster. It was an awesome night, full of broken beer bottles, doggies, rock out sessions and couch sitting. Oh yeah, and stumbling, yes stumbling home.
Saturday was another adventure! Sleeping, sushi, meetings and then a last minute call to rescue Tom and Charley out in Malibu where their radiator exploded. Oh pew. But I did get to sip on a Dew Big Slam which I probably haven't done since high school. Yum. From there it was dropping folks off, quick nap and off to The Echo for Hang the DJ's. I photographed away at all the silly antics and then stole Chan's drink and shared it with Trouble Jr. (shhhh). You know whats nuts is that The Echo has hidden cameras and records everything. It was pretty insane. Mancuso was followed by one of the security dudes just for urinating in a stall. Damn. The night ended quickly and with a quesadilla.
Sunday was definitely a lazy day. Creeksta tempted me into a beachy afternoon and we stopped for a mangorita brunch with Shalanna and Bboy followed by a cruise out to Zuma beach. They swam in the ice water and I wrote a short story. yay! We watched the sunset in fragments and then stopped at Dudes, Dales, Dukes...something like that, for a snack on the way home. Snackaroos are great before an hour long drive...seriously. At that point, I decided maybe a little work should be done. I cracked down on the Shadowscene frontier while the others made their way to Howl at the Moon. Damn. And tonight...oh's The Rapture and The Presets in Hollywood...with an afterparty at Starshoes. Talk about dance mania.
So here's the closure on the missing wallet. This is fantastic. So Wednesday sort of sucked just because I was at a loss of money, ID's and more, but Thursday I moved on, got a new license and closed out any sort of accounts that may have been foiled with. I kissed that moolah goodbye and case closed. But then, Thursday night I get home and check the mail, and alas, a mysterious little plump white envelope is in my mailbox. No return address, skewed writing and two little stamps...postmarked in my own neighborhood. Huh? I open it and surprise!!! My ID, debit card and Arclight member card. What the...? Of course, no money and no Barcelona wallet. But first of all, it really threw me for a loop. Because at this point I'd already moved on and had no need for these materials anymore. Secondly, who bothers to even send these things if you're gonna steal the rest of the stuff? Guilty conscience, anyone? Maybe they just felt like doing the right thing?
Regardless, I now have some lovely duplicates and I do feel better knowing they are not just floating around Hollywood. I was sort of bummed they didn't include a note. Maybe I'll get a holiday card seeing how they know my address...that would be kind of rad. But I guess I'll stamp this one case closed. And now, the ancient question of what to do when you find a wallet with cash on the sidewalk (or parking lot...or taco stand window) has been answered. Simple! You keep the cashola, maybe keep the wallet if you dig it, and then send the cards back in a blank envelope. It's a done deal.

Tidbit: Oh...and don't dress up as a burglar for Halloween...apparently, this plan will somehow backfire.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

So...yay. Good times this morning when I awoke and realized my wallet was gone. Hooray! lost wallet! But the ultimate kicker of this was last night I was carrying a lot of cash, which if you know me, you know I pretty much never carry or have cash. But for random reasons I did, and I even left it in my car for most of the day and night. But, on my way home from Check Yo' I stuffed that wad of cash right into the wallet and made a quick stop at the Cactus. And poof. Vanished!! Aaaargh! And to think, it could have been a lost empty wallet. But rather, it was probably the fullest wallet I've ever had. Gone.
So, needless to say, today is sad. I'm missing my little Barcelona red knitted wallet full of a months hard earned savings! As soon as I realized it was missing I ran out, jumped in my car and drove back to the burrito stand. The little chiquita at the Cactus this morning who was sweeping the parking lot said she hadn't seen it. But maybe someone will...
That poor pouch traveled far, only to end up in a greasy parking lot at 2am in dark alley gutter punk central. I'll give you lots of cookies and goodies if you find it. Even the empty wallet would be sweet, as it's got lots of sentimental value. But even so, it looks as if I'll be spending an afternoon at the DMV to get a new license. I love Los Angeles...the only place I know where I need to make an appointment to visit the licensing clerk. And with my luck lately, I'll be pulled over for not coming to a complete stop on my way to the motor vehicle office.

:( pew.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sooooo Kooool
Tonight it's the long awaited show at Check Yo' of Kool Keith...Dr. freakin' Octagon!!! I have to say, the entire past month has been ridiculous for Check Yo' Ponytail with MSTRKRFT, Justice, The Horrors, Totally Radd and now this. Amazing. Plus, we received a bit more press in SPIN Magazine too...check it out!! And in other news, the Hear Gallery is relocating, which means there's a bit of a hold on the radtastic underground sub-culture dwelling we all loved so much. But...that also means there's some new stuff in store. While the crew was running amuck in New York, we decided to coin our lovely hotel room "Awesometown". And it truly was awesome; the crash pad for many vodka chugging, freshly tattooed, laptop lipstick lovers. Thankfully Thomas declared himself Mayor of Awesometown, although that didn't really keep things any more under wraps or in any sense of order. But maybe that was the point....hmm. Regardless, what I'm saying here, is that "Awesometown" is now in Los Angeles!!! Starting tomorrow night, our crew is throwing a new event at the Short Stop. And who doesn't already love this place? Now you'll be able to get great hook-ups on booze, gloat at photobooth drunken mania, partake in pool sharkage-ness, and rock out with fun resident DJ's. Oh, how we love little off the beaten path bars...and making them even just a bit more fantastic.
The Short Stop
1455 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Every other Wednesday, starting November 15, 2006

Friday, November 10, 2006

Um...yeah. So I've only been back in LA for about two days...and it was back to the madness of free drinks, all night long for Day 3 of PAPER Magazine in LA. Last night was insane! Madness! Awesomeness! DJ Franki Chan tore it up, photographers galore, crazy hairdos and body paint, dance freak fantastic-ness, masked masqueraders, booze-booze-booze, happy, happy joy time. From there it was off to Vine bar to continue the crazed antics. Joe and I pretty much annihilated Rony's Photobooth by somehow managing to appear in almost every photo he took, or distracting a pictorial in progress. Sorry Rony!! We love you! Awesometown NYC was back in action, and has now apparently relocated to Los Angeles...oh boy! This basically means, the chaos will now be full-force...for quite some time. There's no downtime when Awesometown's around.
Keep up the mania, get out and check out the rest of the Paper Mag events if you're in LA; they all promise to be wildly fulfilling. Tonight...The Adored & The Deadly Syndrome at the Storefront Open. And yes...more free drinks and magazines. Yay!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

HOW LAME! HOW FUN! this is my travel bits...and I just spent a week traveling, without updating my bits!! Lame! But regardless, you're still getting the update on the Shadowscene NYC adventure, which pretty much started Halloween night and ended this morning. Aargh. I'll just start by saying that the LA Justice/MSTRKRFT Halloween bash was beyond insane...a night that never ended. We pretty much went nuts until 4am at Safari's with the danceteria madness, headed home, kind of packed and then raced to the airport at 6am. The best part was meeting up with everyone who was still intoxicated from a few hours before. And of course, no sleep leads to a bit of fuzzy brained confusion, trouble in the security check-ins and stumbling to catch your plane. Joe went through a full search and I was robbed by security. Oh the harshness of watching them rummage and thieve. No liquid treats for me!
After the crazed airport we all nestled into our seats on the plane and attempted to sleep, which didn't really happen. Five hours later we landed in NYC and headed straight over to BED for the Zombie Prom party...ah the chaos!! Creeksta and Thomas both broke in their flasks while poor Joe struggled to chit-chat with a lost voice. After an hour we were all back in slightly tip-top shape, being chased by Pac Man and a Ghost, pillow fighting, and beer spraying. Brooklyn's Matt & Kim were amazing...and so was the free Monster and vodka. Talk about a savior after being awake for 42 hours straight. Our night ended at "Awesome-town"...our amazing hotel in Soho, where we found ourselves cuddled up and passed out, eager to awake to more Manhattan madness.