Friday, November 21, 2008

I love all of the ridiculous parties in LA and NY. Why? Because of all the free stuff! What’s insane is that half the people living in these cities can barely pay rent but it’s super simple to go get drunk every night and even snag a full meal without dropping a cent. It’s not rare that you come home with a new t-shirt or album or maybe even something you drunkenly swiped from the bar. But the YRB Magazine party I went to last night in LA takes the cake on freebies for the poor, and rich. How about free double sized drinks, Pinks Famous hot dogs and no lie, free freakin’ tattoos. Talk about an amazing party.
Up until yesterday I've been tattoo free...and all it took was the right moment and the option of "free" and I closed the deal. Other than the tattoo mania going on, there were some intense games of ping-pong, hot dog ravishing, red carpet flukes, WWE dudes and Rae and I even got to model our vintage inspired and revamped outfits for the YRB Spring collection. Of course...the fun didn't stop there. We left around midnight and plopped onto Cahuenga with C-star where we danced in giddyness at Pash with Classixx and The Sounds. I’m happy to say I woke up with a full tummy, fuzzy hangover, and a new inked adornment. Now if we can only get parties to give away free lofts or something.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Burning burning fires in Los Angeles...again. The sky turned black today and even blocked the sun. The good news is the fires are under control. It feels like spring or summer all over the country right now. Tornado warnings in the midwest, heat hazards in east coast cities, fires and pool parties in LA. And tonight at Blow Up it's gonna be a bikini meltdown...just like back in June. Come ready to drop your drawers and blow your tops.

Come...let's sing a diddy.

Friday, November 14, 2008

One of the greatest movies ever...and I'm really excited because this is one of my favorite scenes in the entire movie. Why isn't this song in Guitar Hero or Rock Band or what the hell ever!? Everybody does want some ... yummy.

Two days back in LA and I'm still sort of semi-replenishing myself back to normal status. I have a little over a month before going back on the road again. And by road I mean off to Philly and New York. As for now, I'm just working on all the regular monthly and weekly events I do here in LA while planning some new stuff for the new year. There'll also be a fashion show in December featuring the Shadowscene Botwear line!! Wooo!! Fancy!
Furthermore, I don't know what is with the weather but its practically 90 degrees in Hollywood and people are actually throwing pool parties this weekend coined "the end of summer" pool party. Fuck, I guess I'll have to throw a "summer kick-off" party in December.

Get some!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Let’s talk about parties in Texas. We all know Austin is amazing but how about all the other party zones in that mini self-contained country of a state? Next Spring I’ll let you know about Houston but as for this tour I hit up Dallas. First thing’s first: if you’re gonna go to a party in Dallas, don’t drive from San Diego. It takes 22 hours and all there is to see is an abundance of rocks, retard cacti, tin dinosaurs (actually cool) and long open stretches of vastness. The parties however, are a bit more interesting. Lots of Lone Star, Washington Apple shots and blues funk dancing. It’s a small scene but a rad one and the after parties come complete with tiny bedrooms and wigs. Next time I’ll be sure to stay for more than 24 hours!

Monday, November 03, 2008

I woke up just outside of El Paso this morning...and heard on the tv:

"So what do you think change is?"
"Um, it's like nickels and dimes and stuff. Not cash."

Awesome. But then I had to laugh because a 9 year old insisted that Obama has better hair. Fuck yeah! Wearing an Obama pin or shirt in Texas is like wearing a vintage Red Sox tee in New York. It looks like things may get radical since I'll be driving through this state all day long. Fortunately, I've already voted and don't need to worry about "changing my attire" before going into vote or even going near a voting facility. It's so fucked that it's illegal...somewhere in places like the Potomac river, to wear your flair on the biggest day that you should be open to voice or at least showcase your support. GO VOTE!!! (But leave your propoganda at home.)
In other news, I am finally getting caught up after all the drama of losing my wallet in New York. A 6 hour flight from NY to LA ended up becoming a 17 hour travel stint complete with a full interrogation process, delayed flights, potential cancellations and re-routed trips, oh....and no more free snacks or drinks on the plane. You've got to be kidding me. I can't even get a damn peanut on a flight anymore! So, my two days in LA were spent running around getting a new license and replacing all the other cards and materials needed for my tour. The good news was my new passport came in so at least I had that going for me but what a bitch it is to spend the small amount of "off-time" I had just dealing with all of my travel mishaps. It was a bit of a bummer since it took away from the enthusiasm I usually have on Halloween. But, The Heavy, Mr Roboto and +1 fixed that for me. Our party at The Echo on Thursday was so damn good I could have been stuck in a vat of molasses and still been thriving on. The Heavy were absolutely amazing and Pop Levi literally had everyone in awe. We had about a hundred random costumes floating around for everyone to mix and match, not to mention the possibility of a dance off if you wanted to swap with someone. There's nothing better than a drunken costume party with kriss-krossed mixed-up costumes and my fruit salad hat with a pineapple weighing my head down. Photos of my favorite costumes coming shortly...but let's just say a striped PJ suit with a strap on and a "zebr-antler" man definitely are high on the charts. Oh the joy of animal costumes...and such.
Wake up Texas!! Dallas, here I come.