Friday, December 29, 2006

Everyone knows stickers are fun...ever since my first scratch n' sniff I've been a huge fan, especially the bubbly stickers, velvet touch stickers and extra large window covering decals. And finally, the first of the Shadowscene stickers arrived last week, so what better thing to do than hand them out at Shadowscene events!! And oh the fun that can be had with stickers...the joy of wondering where to stick this sweet little stickiness. Apparently, anywhere and time, I'm bringing more stickers!!
This week has been short it seems seeing as it falls between two holiday Mooondays...and the best part was it was another Awesometown week!! This week A-town was nuts, packed with a crazy dancefloor. Daniel Ledisko and Chris Holmes had a bit of a DJ off as I would call it, and got the dance action to full blast mania. Talk about a blissful buzz in the air. I didn't do as much photoboothing as I would have liked too, but there was a little appearance by that dude from that show know the one. Well, at least some of you do. Plus, I did get to see the amazing Gray Kid again, and he even demonstrated a trick with his bubble yum. Shake and pop people, shake and pop.
See all the photos from this weeks Awesometown on!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

For lots of movies, nog, giving and goodies...
Finally, the one day of madness, Christmas, has come and gone, and now we all get to look forward to the New Year...or better yet, New Year's Eve!!! I've spent yet another holiday season in sunny LA, although this year I really missed the East Coast mania. I haven't spent much time at home in the SS headquarters this past week; most of it's been spent working and racing around for last minute nifty nifts, and of course, doggy sitting!! I'm getting my yearly dose of canine by pet sitting for two woofs this week and helping with a third. I think my cats are pissed off. But oh well. Christmas was a hodge podge of greatness, with a amazing brunch and falafel dinner. The most interesting Christmas to date, where all traditions are tossed aside for once. And it was pretty awesome. One of my favorites was over doing the gift wrap...which Joe and I decided to do with bow mania this entire package of bows on one gift...a glorious case of Guiness. Don't try it at home, and I wouldn't recommend it if you want to make your gift look fancy. Too many bows kind of looks like an alien growth on top of your gift box. Hmmm, not so yummy.
Of course, now I can't believe it's already Tuesday and back to Check Yo' and Awesometown time!!! This week Myles from Bloodcat Love is DJ'ing at Awesometown and starting now DJ Paparazzi is our new head resident DJ at Check Yo!!! Sooo rad, so if you're in town, or back in town, or lounging around...I better see your sweet faces soon.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Holy crap, I think I woke up today and a bit of the sci-fi dreaming I was having was pulled into reality with me. Yeah, yeah, so I'm a robo-nerd. But apparently, I'm not the only one. The lovely British are in anticipation of developing robot seriously. This is crazy because not only does it liken a robot more to a human, but it would also give them the same freedoms and rights as humans. Um, freaky. Can anyone say I Robot? I'm all for Johnny 5 and lovely Rosie from the Jetsons...but it's kind of nuts to think of the possibilities if any of these guys are actually finalized into development. I mean naturally, they should be created to be our little buddies, not to run a country. Robo rights! Haha, who knows, maybe someday we'll have the Cyberdyne System's model 101 (T-800) as Governor. Wait...

Read the full story here: Robot Rights!!
(Thanks Honaker!)

Monday, December 18, 2006

It's been a while, and I'm still trying to catch up and recoop from the past weeks activities. Last weekend was the FLAUNT party, FILTER party and Paul FRANK party!!! All open bar...all nothing less than sheer madness. Check all the photos up on!! The best was the Paul Frank party where I had my photo taken with a damn camel. The strangest part was that he was pretty damn cute for a camel, what with the hump and funny hair and all. But the poor thing was outside in the rain and fake snow...desert animal? FRANK's party also had free photobooths and Wolfmother performed which was pretty damn awesome. I ran amuck with Dan, Preston and Har Mar and I meant to go sledding, since they had a little snowhill, but ran out of time at the end of the night. So much fun...and the weekend really led up to a week of continued mania.
Tuesday was super amazing at Check Yo' with the long awaited performance by SPANK ROCK! The show was insane...sooo damn good. We also had Brother Reade and Pearl in the same evening. From there, Wednesday was AWESOMETOWN, which is seriously, just awesome. Thomas came out in costume, I'm not really sure why, but it was pretty fantastic...and we sipped on Hefe's all night. The dance action was quite fantastic as well.
After the 10 straight days of madness, I took a couple off from shooting just to hang out at a couple holiday parties, yet again, with lots of free booze. How does this happen to me!? Saturday I went to the Deadly Syndrome Christmas sweater party. Holy hilarity. John and DSO had some great sweaters, which more or less resembled Easter eggs, but they were rad little sweaters nonetheless. It was so funny seeing a ton of people in ridiculous sweaters. I felt like I was in a little holiday gift box, or a gingerbread house wrapped in tinsel. Mmmm Holiday fun. And seriously, no downtime...this madness just keeps on going!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

For about two years now, I have been spending my early mornings, or in some cases the early afternoons, at a little coffee shop outside my apartment. Mary's donuts, as I call it, technically Alex's donut...has been amazing. Apparently, they even have the best donuts in LA according to the LA Times. But the other week, I strolled in for my coffee and snack and Mary wandered over and whispered that she was selling the joint. I was baffled. Why? How? My morning routine was shattered. Where was I to get my coffee fix? What was I to do with those extra ten designated minutes. And wait, no more Mary morning conversations!
However, after getting over the realization that things were about to get a little mixed up, I met the new owners, who are just as adorable as my little Mary, and the good news was they decided to keep the shop open for coffee and donuts. And it gets even better!!! I went in this morning and there was a new sign hanging...Breakfast Sandwiches. First of all, this is amazing, because so many mornings, especially after a rough night, I tend to crave that darn breakfast sandwich, and it's soooo out of my way to get one. But not anymore! And the new shop even has muffins! Holy crap...such a great place, and such a sweet breakfast. Check out the Donut Franklin and Dix. I'm not sure what the new name will be, but it's still good ole' Mary's to me. Best Breakfast Sandwich in town.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Have you checked out the Shadowscene comics lately? Here's one of the latest (Turbo 1.5)...and you can see the rest of them on the SS myspace page in the blog section!! Our newest releases tomorrow so check back for the updates. Plus..more good news...the Shadowscene comic book is planned to come out next year! Yay!!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Today was awesome, especially since we got a break from the chill and had some sunshine on a Saturday. Speaking of sunshine, tonight is the afterparty for The Sounds with Tommie Sunshine!! This guy is a sick DJ..and the Sounds will be laying down some tracks as well. I love those guys. Check Shadowscene for some photos in the next couple of days. Tonight's going to be insane!!
I also realized that today is December..2nd...and what the hell. Are you kidding me? Because I swear it was just yesterday that it was July 4th and Halloween. Daaamn time flies. I spent my afternoon with Ho Ho eating sushi and mangos, busting jokes and rhymes and worked on some new robo art stuff. And then we had some cranberries and coffee and perused the magazine stand. Oh...and if you catch this month's issue of URB...HOT DAMN...there's a full page photo of MSTRKRFT and JUSTICE by Shadowscene along with a dozen other random party shots. Check it out!! We also caught an article of our friend Matty who has been doing some rad shit. So grab this issue, it's pretty awesome. Other than that, I think it's time to bust out the dreidels and mistletoe. Maybe hang some lights. But tonight, it's hang the dj's!

Friday, December 01, 2006

So this is hilarious, I was nearly in tears today checking these out online. I don't know if this would be a good or a bad gift..but if you know me, you just may get one for the holidays. The boyfriend/girlfriend pillow. What a deal! They've honestly thought of everything at this point. Even if you don't find the concept funny, the website alone is plenty humorous: Pillow Interview
Bermonster and I were chatting about it online and trying to think of just how these could be improved; possibly a fuzzy chest pillow, silky thigh, hourly gas passing, tummy growling...oh the possibilities are endless. Comedy at it's best this season. Boy oh boy oh boy. It's cuddle time!