Monday, December 18, 2006

It's been a while, and I'm still trying to catch up and recoop from the past weeks activities. Last weekend was the FLAUNT party, FILTER party and Paul FRANK party!!! All open bar...all nothing less than sheer madness. Check all the photos up on!! The best was the Paul Frank party where I had my photo taken with a damn camel. The strangest part was that he was pretty damn cute for a camel, what with the hump and funny hair and all. But the poor thing was outside in the rain and fake snow...desert animal? FRANK's party also had free photobooths and Wolfmother performed which was pretty damn awesome. I ran amuck with Dan, Preston and Har Mar and I meant to go sledding, since they had a little snowhill, but ran out of time at the end of the night. So much fun...and the weekend really led up to a week of continued mania.
Tuesday was super amazing at Check Yo' with the long awaited performance by SPANK ROCK! The show was insane...sooo damn good. We also had Brother Reade and Pearl in the same evening. From there, Wednesday was AWESOMETOWN, which is seriously, just awesome. Thomas came out in costume, I'm not really sure why, but it was pretty fantastic...and we sipped on Hefe's all night. The dance action was quite fantastic as well.
After the 10 straight days of madness, I took a couple off from shooting just to hang out at a couple holiday parties, yet again, with lots of free booze. How does this happen to me!? Saturday I went to the Deadly Syndrome Christmas sweater party. Holy hilarity. John and DSO had some great sweaters, which more or less resembled Easter eggs, but they were rad little sweaters nonetheless. It was so funny seeing a ton of people in ridiculous sweaters. I felt like I was in a little holiday gift box, or a gingerbread house wrapped in tinsel. Mmmm Holiday fun. And seriously, no downtime...this madness just keeps on going!

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