Thursday, December 21, 2006

Holy crap, I think I woke up today and a bit of the sci-fi dreaming I was having was pulled into reality with me. Yeah, yeah, so I'm a robo-nerd. But apparently, I'm not the only one. The lovely British are in anticipation of developing robot seriously. This is crazy because not only does it liken a robot more to a human, but it would also give them the same freedoms and rights as humans. Um, freaky. Can anyone say I Robot? I'm all for Johnny 5 and lovely Rosie from the Jetsons...but it's kind of nuts to think of the possibilities if any of these guys are actually finalized into development. I mean naturally, they should be created to be our little buddies, not to run a country. Robo rights! Haha, who knows, maybe someday we'll have the Cyberdyne System's model 101 (T-800) as Governor. Wait...

Read the full story here: Robot Rights!!
(Thanks Honaker!)


creeksta said...

I think the real issue here is that people are growing more and more accepting of unreality as viable form of entertainment. CGI and its evils are replacing countless eveyday items including but not limited to such talking robots, light sabers and I am afraid to even admit aliens and ordinary good looking people. I am glad we had this serious one-sided internet conversation. (insert emoticon here)

Anonymous said...

I think we should ALL turn into robots (or action figures) and do nothing but have fun all day long.

That's about it. ROBOTS RULE