Wednesday, January 09, 2008

January 2008 is officially the month of Hermitage for me. I feel like I've hardly stepped out of my office or apartment and I work in 12 hour shifts. But it's sort of nice to actually spend time in the place that I pay to be in for once; seeing as I'm accustomed to being here for an average of 18 minutes a day minus the three hours of sleeping. Oh and get this, I've been sleeping more than 3 hours! What the fuck is going on!? 'Hermitage Hibernation', that's what. One more week of this and I call it quits. Although, seeing how everyone in LA is sick and I'm in serious efforts of barricading viruses out of my habitat, the lockdown is a necessity. And hey, along with the confinement comes lots of great movie watching, going to the movies, dvd'ing it, late lunches, double breakfasts, noon naps, really getting to know what my cats do when I'm typically not home and designing some new Botwear and comics and oh yeah, drinking double time on the coffee.
Oh well, Happy '08 and cheers to a productive three hundred and fifty something days. Here's a funny from a guy named Rob.