Sunday, July 29, 2007

IS ALIVE! And for freakin' sale on ebay?! What the hell has come of the planet...where my bot is selling on ebay for tons of bank? Whoever would sell such a kick ass robot? Shit man, he'd be greeting guests and tearing it up on the dancefloor with me.
Can we start a fundraiser to save Johnny 5 from ebay!? I will love him and cherish him forever....
pffft...and we all thought he short circuited. He'll be toolin' around on Hollywood Blvd. in no time!


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

So...besides the fact that I really hit a new level of nerd and obtained my first voice activated robot...a 2ft tall R2D2, there have been some amazing bots kicking around as of late. First of all, Daft Punk made me almost swoon and pass out for amazing bot overload. I can't wait to see them again in Chicago. Knees will hit ground instantaneously for sure.
Furthermore, there's this adorable flick coming out next year that pretty much already won me over...this Wall-E looks like a robot ET, and I'm a total sucker for ET. Oh daaang! Seriously, just listen to the cute buggers voice at the end and you'll get all tickled.

And more goodies!!! Last nights Seven party was out of control, no kidding. And so therein lies my final favorite robot for the week...amazingness:

Friday, July 20, 2007

I can never get enough...

Ouch. I think since I've been back in LA it's been super seriously non freakin' stop. Even AM and I were talking about how we've been out at least 4 nights in a row rocking out hard core. Of course, it helps when you've got friends in town and can sleep in late two out of those four days.
However, the past two nights have consisted of minimal or no sleep. Last night I hit up the BPM 11th anniversary party...oh boy, oh man. The place was packed and sadly most of my friends weren't VIP so I kept bouncing around, bringing them drinks and snackaroos. I watched Paris ham it up for a dozen photographers and put a sticker on Ron Jeremy. Then spent most the night with either WhiteStarr or Moving Units making sure to make at least 3 sandwiches from their Ryder goodies in the process. Poor Ho Ho got a bit tipsy and fell out of the club to which I dragged him up the hill and his ass landed on the famous blue couch. Pretty sure he was mumbling in his sleep for at least an hour. And pretty sure he's still at my apartment buried in the comfy blue oasis. Damn, that couch could swallow you whole.
Anyway...why stop now!!!? Tonight is Check Yo' with Thunderheist and Plastic Little. Oh's nuts. Echoplex is going to be outta control!! And tomorrow MODULAR hits the Standard for a killer pool party all afternoon. .. .. and of course...DAFT PUNK is tomorrow night. Help! Too much amazingness for one week.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Oh bits...the unrated forgotten nonupdated blog! Well...considering that travel was lacking in fantastic voyages...minimal lingo took place. But, I'm back. Finally. Home in Los Angeles where the grass is always...greener? Too much negativity has taken place in the past week. So...tonight at Sharon's bday bash I got hold of one of those so called lucky piggies. I don't know. They were flying all over. Bouncing out of catapult guns, hitting me in the face and wrangling up in my hair. So I kept one of the buggers. Plastic piggy best be busting out with some good luck in my direction. Please.
Travels sucked, destinations didn't quite get fulfilled, but I did get to hang with ONeill from Protokoll for two whole nights, mayhem it up in Boston, practice that accent, bar hop, house hop, crack jokes, study some geography and well, the rest is a bit of a blur.
There's also lots of piss you off bits I can attack you with later in regards to the shit of the non-trip trip. Bits. They're tasty.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

So in case you hadn't heard or noticed yet...Shadowscene has not made it to London. In fact...we were totally FUCKED by US Airways and I will never fly that shit again. After being awake for 45 hours and flying all over the place...US Airways delayed our flight from Boston to Philly guaranteeing us all that our connection flights were also delayed or being held. Needless to say, about 75 of us made it to Philly with no connecting flights...and there were no other flights to London or the UK last night. And no flights this morning...standby was useless. The only option was to fly, to Charlotte...and sit around for 12 hours...and fly out of Charlotte overnight to arrive in London Friday morning. Buuuullshit!!!

So, I spent the night wandering around the Philly airport...drinking tons of coffee because they even shut the bars down. And now I'm back in Boston, still not able to even get on any direct flights out of here to London.

I can not even say how bummed or pissed off I am at how much shit is messed up because of a dumb ass airline and shitty attendant. But its also kind of interesting the people you meet while stuck in an airport overnight. Wheelchairs can be fun.

So...I'm in Boston...currently bored and frustrated out of my mind. Tips...good news...happy fortunes?


Monday, July 02, 2007

So...just because attempting to sum up my Friday photo shoot in words doesn't really do it, I've added a video from the Air Guitar championships....and a shit ton of photos up on Shadowscene coming soon. You kind of get like the whole smorgasbord of entertainment here...sheesh. Try to contain yourself over the Rockness...Rochness Monster:

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Another crazy ass weekend, of course what else would it be seeing how it started off with the air guitar championships! Friday was unbelievable...21 people rocking out on stage at the Key Club in Los Angeles, fully costumed and fully revved up to rock out. The best was the fact that nearly every girl was wetting their pants over the final two contestants tied for first place. I mean, what the hell, no instruments, no singing, no real rock star...but damn the ladies couldn't resist the temptation of a dude walking on the crowd and strumming his air 'guitar'. The night concluded with half the audience on stage in all their 'airness' performing "Free Bird". Oh, and the Creeksta climbing walls and freestyle walking all the way to the car. Dizaamn.
Saturday kept on being nutty with Anne and I bouncing down to the standard for another Swimming Sharks party. Yummy greyhounds and water gun mania all during a set by The Gray Kid. Next, Anne and I semi passed out before heading to the Moving Units show and afterparty, both of which were completely insane. The afterparty got nuts!!! Hot, sweaty champagne toasting...sidewalk napping pulse thumping rambunctiousness. Both Papparazzi and Castle Vania were amazing plus, some of us discovered the fact that the booth benches were bouncy as a we had bounce fest. Bounce Fest 2007.
Coming up next...4th of July blow the shit up mania. Let's get ready.