Sunday, July 01, 2007

Another crazy ass weekend, of course what else would it be seeing how it started off with the air guitar championships! Friday was unbelievable...21 people rocking out on stage at the Key Club in Los Angeles, fully costumed and fully revved up to rock out. The best was the fact that nearly every girl was wetting their pants over the final two contestants tied for first place. I mean, what the hell, no instruments, no singing, no real rock star...but damn the ladies couldn't resist the temptation of a dude walking on the crowd and strumming his air 'guitar'. The night concluded with half the audience on stage in all their 'airness' performing "Free Bird". Oh, and the Creeksta climbing walls and freestyle walking all the way to the car. Dizaamn.
Saturday kept on being nutty with Anne and I bouncing down to the standard for another Swimming Sharks party. Yummy greyhounds and water gun mania all during a set by The Gray Kid. Next, Anne and I semi passed out before heading to the Moving Units show and afterparty, both of which were completely insane. The afterparty got nuts!!! Hot, sweaty champagne toasting...sidewalk napping pulse thumping rambunctiousness. Both Papparazzi and Castle Vania were amazing plus, some of us discovered the fact that the booth benches were bouncy as a we had bounce fest. Bounce Fest 2007.
Coming up next...4th of July blow the shit up mania. Let's get ready.

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