Thursday, December 16, 2010


Let's start with this. Yes, my nickname is robot. And yes. I used to drink 3 sparks a day. But, I was sponsored. So I felt inclined to have at least one color serving per day. Lies. I loved the shit. But that's also why I don't get why people still drink it. It's not Sparks anymore. It's not real. It's an orange flavored malt beverage that's eating your stomach away.

My crew in 2005 helped introduce Sparks to the market, when it was only being served in NY and LA. So, every party had it for free and our fridges were stocked. Let's just say when they took it off the market, this little robot got sad and had to find a jet pack to get me all the way home each night. That being are a few random selects from 2005/2006 when the party posse wouldn't function without that all too well known orange tongue. And sorry Four Loco, you ain't got shit on Sparks. Not now, not never.

Cheers to all the friends who helped me funnel my favorite battery acid beverage and fueled me for years of partying, crowd surfing, 12 hour photo shoots and endless touring. And if anyone has a real Sparks on reserve (not Steel), please, send it my way.

I selected a few photo gems to share with you. Featured photos include me & Jade at the Love Yourself warehouse in Los Angeles pre-Magnetic Zeros era, me cooling down a frothy Sparks at The Sounds after party on Vine St., my favorite zippo courtesy of Sparks that even sings to me, drinking and high-fiving outside Capitol Records (a nightly routine), and some old school crews and Sparks built towers and castles.

Can we somehow get this back by popular demand? Drats.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

There are some things that are simple and some that are suppose to be and aren't. Let's talk about the stupid cardboard milk or creamer cartons that we could never open when we were 5 and in our mid twenties still can't manage to crack. This happened at Rocket Cat today, while I was preparing my coffee and some dude next to me finished off the creamer and had to open a new container. I took my time putting the sweetener in my cup of Joe while he struggled with the creamer. Then there was nothing to do but watch. "I've almost got it, I just need a tool," he says and then fishes around for a device to actually pry and poke the creamer open. Clearly, I start blatantly laughing at this point. Why can't there just be a nice little spout?! Or a twist off cap like the cardboard orange juice boxes come with? I mean seriously, we're sitting here 4 hands deep trying to rape this box of creamer just so we can prep our coffee. The best part is, once it's open he literally throws a splash into his coffee and says, "Damn...all that work for just that." I felt like I should have shaken the jug up and started spraying it around the cafe in celebration! Of course, then we would have had to spend another half hour opening a new box of creamer.

Monday, December 06, 2010

I love fun facts. I also love frivolous irrelevant bits of information. Let's talk about the avocado. For one, I'm allergic. But I'll eat the hell out of avocados and guacamole until my lips tingle and I'm reaching for the Benadryl. I like to call it "building up a tolerance."
Furthermore, at Rocket Cat today there was questioning as to why all the lovely avocados were wrapped up in a paper bag. Because they ripen in the shade, dudes. Don't be putting your hard little avocado in a basket in the open air and sun to ripen...because it'll turn brown and mushy. That ain't proper ripening. Avocados fall from the tree and ripen in the shade. Fun facts! So fun, I'm going to go throw some of this fruit on my bagel right now. Yes, an avocado is botanically a fruit. But we treat it as a veggie. Fruit salad!?
Lovely avocado art by Craig Stephens:

Friday, December 03, 2010

It's hard. It's fun. It's out of control!! Jacci Stallone has one of the raddest blogs. I love it. I love her. And I love that she asked to do a feature interview on Shadowscene which was just posted today. I made fun of some stuff (as usual), made fun of myself (typical), and explained how it is that I've been having nonstop fun for the past 6+ years.
Speaking of fun...this past year has dominated. I've been trying to top the summer of 2005 for, well, fuck...five years now. And finally, I had to spend a summer in a different city on the opposite coast to do it, but I did it! Philly = top notch over the top wild ass fun. Seriously. Remember parties where people would dance all night? Where there were no holds barred and 'anything goes' was an understatement for the evening. Well yeah. It was like Oregon trail out here for while except this time we've headed East. Pickles has an ingrown claw, Penndelton is bald and I'm thirsty as fuck...but we made it. Let the dance party full music face melting blasts ensue. And mad props to Franki Chan for bringing back CYP2. Los Angeles just got a face-lift. Again.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Oh snap...back from tour. And still tired and wondering when I'm suppose to go to the next city. Recaps are boring. So I'm not even going to try and sit here and blah blah about what happened here and there. My dumb ass should have done that every day but I was too busy being cooped up in a van with four dudes, passing out intermittently for car ride cat naps, or breaking things on stage. Yes, I broke a lot of mic stands. And if you didn't feed me when I arrived to the venue I probably took my sweet ass time making it to the stage because I was too busy snooping around for kibble. I will say overall on the tour, Rochester, Boston, Charlotte and Brooklyn took the lead as my favorites. Rochester was punk as fuck. Boston was some old school stomping ground shit where I gave Kenan a tour of Beacon Hill and Samuel Adams drinking. I had to make KB put the grape drank down in exchange for some brews, but boy did he dig it. Charlotte was the home of The Milestone which is now one of my favorite venues by far. Seedy. Dark. Splattered in stickers and graffiti and has been graced by the likes of Bad Brains, Nirvana, Motorhead and more. And of course, Brooklyn Bowl. BB hooked it up to the point of even having a shower. Where the hell was that midway through tour!? Other tour highlights include meeting the amazing Hank & Cupcakes, having a delightful Israeli dinner, spending some time with friends in Atlanta, buying new socks, surviving two nights of "sleep" in the van when it's 31 degrees outside and you all wear four layers to keep warm, finding an abandoned house in the woods that straight up should have been the Vorhees house and naturally taking a group photo in front of it...oh...and rocking the fuck out.

On a side note, Eddie A. would like to take this moment to give his own rendition of the Biker Daughter tour recap. No, he wasn't there. But if he were this is what he'd say.
Eddie Ellei J.:

Where do I begin! These new socks are so warm, they're the kind of socks that are like gloves, every toe is in its own compartment. SO TOASTY! I want to bring up that in Brooklyn we robbed a bank, and the police delivered pizzas because all of the hostages were getting hungry, we didn't hurt anyone, it was sort of like the movie Airheads we gave the delivery boy a $7,000,000,000 tip then we played a impromptu set on the roof of the bank and then got helicoptered out just in time for our next gig. The cops didn't want to press any charges because we melted so many faces off.
When people say my name it sounds like they're saying Alejandro sometimes!
We all got bowl-cuts in Charlotte and rocked some face off, sold a shit ton of merch!
We brought everyone in beacon hill back to our hotel and ordered the best room service and when we left it looked like Izzy and Slash had been there, good thing we got that shit comped!
I'm most glad to be back in Philly hanging out with Eddie A.
-Eddie A

Saturday, November 13, 2010

FT of A
Welcome to the FT of A. That's short for Food Tour of America. This has more or less been the running joke this past week seeing as while sitting in a tour van for 6+ hours or even residing in one city for more than one evening, you end up exploring your food options. And in a group of 4 or more, someone always wants to try the hot dog, try the chili, grab some chowder, get that famous burger or find the motherfucken dumpling falafel. Oh, and you better believe either Subway or McDonalds or better yet, Dunkin Donuts becomes your "home office." Hence, the Kenan Bell + Biker Daughter/Shadowscene Food Tour of America ensues. This past week alone, we've as a group sampled the following: Burger. Burger. Chili. Lobster bisque. Clam & Corn chowda. Slim Jim. Home made pizza. Other types of pizzas. Curry vegetable soup. Free PB&J's. Various diner breakfasts. Croissant sandwiches. Coffees. Truck stop coffee. Chex mix (assorted flavors). A salad. Numerous chicken nuggets. Numerous dipping sauces. A slutty Dr. Pepper. Water. Chicken cutlet hoagies. Fried mushrooms. Onion rings. Cheese steaks. Homemade apple pie. Vanilla bean ice cream. Stromboli. Baked potato. Thai Curry and Miso soup. PB&J's in the dark.
You better bet your vanilla fudge hoagie ass I'm going straight for a banana tomorrow. Or better yet, this Food Tour of America is about to hunt down the finest apple or fruit farm there is on the east coast. Next stop...bed. Food in bed? We're fucked.

Monday, November 08, 2010

It's been a while since I've been out on the road, but hot diggity here the hell we go again! The first Biker Daughter tour launches today with Kenan Bell and Hank & Cupcakes. I'm stoked to be back on the road with Kenan and to meet H&C and see some new faces and new cities. Here's the line-up listed below yada yada. First stop, Rochester NY at The Bug Jar!
Plus, all month long we're giving away free remixes of various tracks off the EP. This week's remix of "You Can't" by The Pocket Rockets is set for free download so get over to the site and download that shit.
Fresh remixes from Them Jeans, Dan Sena, Flufftronix and more to come!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

So I'm suppose to be video documenting the week leading up to the first Biker Daughter show...rehearsals..planes, trains, no automobiles. Mishaps, parties, packing, luggage freakouts, vomiting, whatever. Well I should have started today when my tired ass went to Dunkin Donuts and my car ran out of gas in the middle of the drive-thru. You know, that spot where you can't really get out of anyone's way. And what's worse than being shit out of luck-out of gas in the middle of a drive thru is it being in the coffee lane...and people really fiend for that shit.
So what's one do? Oh, just laugh. And look at the dude in the car behind me who goes "You're not serious. Did you run out of gas?" Errr...."Wanna push?!" Best part is, half way through he gets a phone call and says he's helping a damsel in distress. I say I'll get his coffee and donut. Then as I'm slowly coasting past the pick up window, the woman leans out with my small coffee and asks for $1.50. Am I dreaming here? Slow ass Wednesday morning.
So, I suppose these are the things I should be videotaping? But I haven't started yet. Instead, here's a promo video sent over this morning for the first upcoming show!

Biker Daughter + The Pocket Rockets + Big Black Delta.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Biker Daughter. That's what. This past April I started working on a little EP for my band and new creative side project, Biker Daughter. So, if photos and parties and t-shirts and whatever the hell else I do weren't enough, here's some new music for your ears.
The EP is available for free download from now until October 31st, so go grab that sucker!
And of course, you can follow my new antics in the BD world on both facebook and twitter and probably a dozen other places on the lovely world wide web.
Get the tunes and then get ready for my first show in Los Angeles on October 15th. It'll be downtown and more details are about to be announced shortly. I love you guys and I hope you dig the music.

Check out this week's reviews:
The Culture of Me |Oh Snaps!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This MIA video, now banned from You Tube due to full frontal nudity and extreme violence, is some seriously insane shit. If you haven't seen it yet here it is...and beware, this is definitely NSFW.
It's a pretty bold video...touching on a lot of emotions. A lot of people are wondering "what the point" of it is while others are simply ignoring it and voicing an angst view of, 'why the hell did I bother watching that?' Well, take the ten minutes and watch it. Maybe even watch it twice.
And for the record, why hasn't anyone asked how our lovely Gingers feel about this video? Hmmm? Drats. Check out our pics with MIA when she was Bamboo Bangin'.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

DEVON CLIFFORD (1979-2010)

Last month we launched our first issue of the Shadowzine and for our feature we interviewed the Canadian five-piece, You Say Party! We Say Die! before their gig at The Echoplex. We hung out with Beckie, Krista and Devon and let's just say they were all the sweetest little Canadians to boot. We especially loved hearing how they'd all been childhood friends and basically started the group out of sheer winter blues and boredom.
That being said, today we were super shocked and bummed to hear about the devastating loss of their drummer, Devon Clifford. Our hearts and thoughts go out to all his friends and family as well as the rest of the band. The statement issued from his family was that he "experienced a massive brain hemorrhage resulting from congenital defects while on stage in Vancouver on Friday night and fell into a coma. A surgery was performed but sadly doctors were unable to save his life. He was 30."
We'll skip the details here but you can read up on Devon a bit more from the Vancouver press. He was definitely a wonderful person and a true gem to meet.
In honor, we'd like to share the interview from our 'zine here as well as a video from their show in Los Angeles this past March. Much love to you guys!

Monday, April 19, 2010

*contributed by Oxenfree

Oh Coachella. That sonic beast that will not be satisfied. What's that you say? I cannot enjoy just one day in your 90s apparel clad bosom that smells like the ball sack of humanity and of deep fried agoraphobia? I must commit to all 3 days with my wallet and shame!? Yes! Yes, give me this chance to eat my weight in mushrooms and accidentally trip on/with slumming celebrities while you make insane profits and chase down enterprising folk whilst on horseback. Think of the stories I can tell to my rightly terrified future fruits of my surgically rejuvenated loins.
How about this very special episode of 'coachella kids' I sat next to while waiting for my wristband that never came...:

Guy Tripping 1: I like the desert. I like desert animals. I'm all about taking things in.
Guy Tripping 2: I notice that you're wearing shoes. Those shoes kick...shoeses. Shoeses aside.
GT1: Yeah it's my transportation.

New Guy (Presumed Tripping): Hey I know you, I have THINGS to say to you.

This is what you get when you let standardized testing and trans fat free foods win. Kids trying to overcompensate for their bleak and boring present by doing what their hippie parents did but paying a shit ton more for the privilege. Wait, not even hippies at this point, right? We've got kids rolling in who have moms that fucked Robert Smith. Or dads.
Whatever, the point is, I didn't even get into the festival. I just went to parties and drank free "booze". Yes, "booze", looking at you Hornitos. Which, if you are wondering, is actually milked from the mythical chupacabra and not made in a bathtub filled with unwashed children and ex-pat sex touristas in Baja, as previously reported. Anyway, the parties were fun. And I regret virtually nothing. I also now have awesome bright yellow headphones that aren't made by Skullcandy.
In summation, I'm still young enough to want to drive to the desert and damage my insides and outside with drink, sound and bad choices; old enough to see the end is nigh.

But, keep in mind, we will be seeing the spawn of those conceived in the Anthem lagoon (not the one with paddle boats mind you) one day at Coachella 2025. And they too will be trying to figure out why Pavement didn't headline over extremely amusing cartoon characters voiced by hot brit-pop studs from better, simpler times. Kids are getting smarter, all I'm saying.

*photos by Oxenfree.
see more pics on Shadowscene
So another Coachella has passed...and with it the ups and downs. There were a few tragedies but nothing that can hold us back or slow us down. There was a lot of hot tubbin' and a million fake wristbands that totally worked for the entire gang. Go team, go! Our entire adventure consisted predominantly of the actual festival, Anthem Lagoon, VICE Cougars, ACE Hotel party crashing and too much Sailor Jerry rum. Let's just say there were a lot of band-aids in use by Sunday morning.
I also decided I absolutely NEED an old Airstreamer RV. Need, need, want. Need. And futhermore, in my opinion it's now summer. Even though our entire world is 20 degrees colder than it should be and we now experience UK blackouts, alien invasions, volcanic eruptions and 7.2 earthquakes on a weekly basis. 2012?
In other news, the Philly | Los Angeles bi-coastal Shadowscene bash blast is really taking off. We've got new events in both cities popping up including School Night here in Los Angeles, Tiger Beats in Philly, and a RAWK Tuesdays on the LA Eastside. It's definitely time to change things up and spice up the sauces. We're cleaning out the closets so to speak. The past 6 months have been sort of stagnant and full of theoretical assumptions and guessing games. We're ready to get back to the good life and ditch the after school specials along with every moniker and bit that goes along with it. And...for those of you who actually read this shit, I've invited a few of the crew to contribute here an there. This means you'll be reading the dazed thoughts and fucked up opinions of other robot worthy folk starting today. Yep. Oxenfree...Pink Avenger...Goo Goo Fruit and more. Bookmark this muthafucka.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Let's talk about teef. Err, teeth. Teeth are apparently right up there with a twinkle in the eye, good biceps and a chest lift. Ha, chest lift. But I've always loved the natural, crooked toof, buck toof, gapped toof etc. Even when I was younger and all the kids had braces, I wanted them! I even went the extra effort of bending a paper clip into what I thought was the closest thing to having metal mouth so I could "wear" braces too. That didn't last long since the damn thing kept falling out. But look at Kate Moss, Jewel, and Kirsten Dunst for examples. Half of their signature look is that whacked out grin. Au natural! And let's face it, if you smile at me and your teeth are whiter than the whites of your eyes...something is wrong. I'm blinded and I'm thinking you either don't eat or you are consuming way too much peroxide or bleach or whatever the hell and you're lucky your gums are still pink.
Crooked teeth are where it's at! Gapped smiles win! An off sized denture is rad! Shit, I even still have my wisdom teeth. And now...I guess it's catching on. Because the new dental messing up your teeth! I mean, I say go with what you've got. Maybe crack your smile chasing after a squirrel or ping-pong ball. But hey, at least people are finally realizing that imperfections are the true perfections. Grin and bear it; or something. And go Bullwinkle!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Avenger and I are kickin' it at the Castle talking reality shows and found this gem. How it came up I don't remember.
The other comic relief is sitting at home and having someone ring your doorbell...and when you answer, they say, "Hi, I was at a party here on Friday night an lost my phone. I think I left it next to the rabbit." What...? Well...bun bun didn't eat it. We'll take a number and get back to you. What party? And who the hell is Gregory?
Today is SXSW focus time. And tonight is Dragonfly with VDRK. And some stenciling with Iron Aidan. And more. To be announced shortly.
This new kitten...keeps walking all over the table. Drinkin my water. Next thing I know he'll be meowing at me telling me how he lost his catnip...near the fishbowl. It's only Monday?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I may as well be a holiday the day Coachella releases their line-up. It's the one universal cheer heard around the country it seems. How can cheese go moldy when there's Coachella!? How can socks go missing when there's Coachella?! How can anyone be mad at anything when there's Coachella!? Now that being said, this year is one helluva line-up. I'm super excited to see some great old school bands in the mix along with a few of my friends tacked into the roster. Super excited for Matt & Kim, Sleigh Bells, Gossip, The XX, Major Lazer and our own IAMSOUND family Little Boots and Florence & The Machine. These three days in the desert might be the best to date.
On another high note, our good friends The Heavy rocked Letterman last night. When the hell has Dave ever asked a band to do an encore!?

These guys are might remember one of their tracks from a year back as part of the Shadowscene videobooth. The newest album, The House that Dirt Built, is phenomenal so get on that now! Check out some classic pics from their show in San Diego on the last Shadowscene tour and back in Los Angeles for mayhem.
And when in doubt...Coachella!