Thursday, December 02, 2010

Oh snap...back from tour. And still tired and wondering when I'm suppose to go to the next city. Recaps are boring. So I'm not even going to try and sit here and blah blah about what happened here and there. My dumb ass should have done that every day but I was too busy being cooped up in a van with four dudes, passing out intermittently for car ride cat naps, or breaking things on stage. Yes, I broke a lot of mic stands. And if you didn't feed me when I arrived to the venue I probably took my sweet ass time making it to the stage because I was too busy snooping around for kibble. I will say overall on the tour, Rochester, Boston, Charlotte and Brooklyn took the lead as my favorites. Rochester was punk as fuck. Boston was some old school stomping ground shit where I gave Kenan a tour of Beacon Hill and Samuel Adams drinking. I had to make KB put the grape drank down in exchange for some brews, but boy did he dig it. Charlotte was the home of The Milestone which is now one of my favorite venues by far. Seedy. Dark. Splattered in stickers and graffiti and has been graced by the likes of Bad Brains, Nirvana, Motorhead and more. And of course, Brooklyn Bowl. BB hooked it up to the point of even having a shower. Where the hell was that midway through tour!? Other tour highlights include meeting the amazing Hank & Cupcakes, having a delightful Israeli dinner, spending some time with friends in Atlanta, buying new socks, surviving two nights of "sleep" in the van when it's 31 degrees outside and you all wear four layers to keep warm, finding an abandoned house in the woods that straight up should have been the Vorhees house and naturally taking a group photo in front of it...oh...and rocking the fuck out.

On a side note, Eddie A. would like to take this moment to give his own rendition of the Biker Daughter tour recap. No, he wasn't there. But if he were this is what he'd say.
Eddie Ellei J.:

Where do I begin! These new socks are so warm, they're the kind of socks that are like gloves, every toe is in its own compartment. SO TOASTY! I want to bring up that in Brooklyn we robbed a bank, and the police delivered pizzas because all of the hostages were getting hungry, we didn't hurt anyone, it was sort of like the movie Airheads we gave the delivery boy a $7,000,000,000 tip then we played a impromptu set on the roof of the bank and then got helicoptered out just in time for our next gig. The cops didn't want to press any charges because we melted so many faces off.
When people say my name it sounds like they're saying Alejandro sometimes!
We all got bowl-cuts in Charlotte and rocked some face off, sold a shit ton of merch!
We brought everyone in beacon hill back to our hotel and ordered the best room service and when we left it looked like Izzy and Slash had been there, good thing we got that shit comped!
I'm most glad to be back in Philly hanging out with Eddie A.
-Eddie A

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