Sunday, October 26, 2008

NY has been exhausting. The week has been nonstop with all the CMJ mania and I was suppose to be in Philly last night but ended up losing my wallet at Studio B. Losing a wallet on tour sucks. I can't get my rental car and I can't hit up the ATM for cash. I can't do much other than wander around the streets of NYC. Apparently Studio B doesn't even open until tomorrow at noon. And who knows if my wallet is even still kicking around there. So argh, the decisions. It looks like I may be skipping out on Philly this time around and just heading up to Boston with the bit of cash I still have. And then it'll be some intense high security scrutiny at Logan when I attempt to get on the plane without an ID. Hoooray!!
So I'll be here, hanging in Brooklyn for a couple more days and then Heart-throb in Boston on Tuesday night. Yarg...the adventure continues.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So P-tao and I are sitting in the Burbank airport waiting to get on our flight to NY for CMJ!! Yaaarg!!! This weekend in LA was way more hectic than anticipated. You'd think chilling in your home city would be semi chill but no, I had double the shoots and double the work. But I did get to cuddle up with the kit kats. I hit up HTDJs and then the Obamarama party and Blow Up LA. Obamarama was awesome! I hung out with Stessen from People-Food and even scored a few Obey tees. It smells like a bacon egg sandwich in here and there's lots of Jamaican music. Am I on holiday. for those of you checking on MISSBEHAVE, I got my first recap up this past weekend, so go check it out. You can read up here daily or go to Missbehave and see what the gossip is.
Tonight in NY it's Angels & Kings for The Bronx afterparty. Of course there will be a million other last minute pop up parties I'll peruse through so I'll try to keep you posted. AAAH! Why are intercoms in airports soooo loud! P-tao just fell out of his chair.
P-tao: "I did not fall outta my chair, bitch."
Hmmm, he's right. He just flinched a bit and squealed like a little girl.
P-tao: "Like a manly girl, with balls."

NYC here we come!! Sleep...please.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I slept a bit in the car ride from Seattle to Portland since we left straight from the party. And then I slept again for a couple hours once we got back to Hoop's house. And the crack of...9am, Rae and I hit the streets to explore. It's pretty relaxing in Portland, completely different from Seattle. We had an old lady lunch and then browsed around art shops and met some cool people. Then a bizarre dude on a bike rode up to us asking about the knife shop...yeah. Some weird horror film shit. I guess he wanted to talk about his knife, I mean that's totally normal right? After our adventure I ate another sandwich and then watched the debates and Tijuana show in NY live on the internet. Damn the internet is amazing. Ryan and Case showed up and we drove over to Holocene for the Portland fiesta. Apparently Portland and Seattle are always vying to be on I had to try and pick which city was better. I couldn't. One is sassy and dirty with some truly 'real' people where you know someone always has your back. The other is quiet and quaint with lots of smiling faces and interestingly enough, no one even flinches when you take their photo. Let's just say I wouldn't expect anyone in Portland to throw their sippy cup of booze onto my camera (thanks OC).
Rae and I got ridiculous in Portland...limbos and playing jacks, photobooths and dance-offs. Holocene was wild.

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Cold...desolate...Capital chaos. Seattle has lots of crack. I thought Philly had crack. But I guess that's just in the bell. Well Seatown's got it on every corner, every nook and cranny, every doorstep and doorway and sidewalk bench. There's also lots of rusty bikes. And is gloomy. Rae and I finally ditched the coffee shops and napped on couches curled up like little kittens because we were freezing even under the blankets. I think that's because I somehow used the biggest blanket as a pillow. Oops!! And then the dismal daytime turned into funtime with Champagne, Champagne! Tigerbeat, Hoop Dreams, Hi-Deaf and Case One played some awesome sets and the best thing was people actually danced. Not just a little shuffle, shuffle sway. Motherfuckers in Seattle can get down.
Pearl and the guys put on an amazing show and even flaunted the mic around a bit for me rhyming about Champagne and Shadowscene. Ooh the hits to come. The best was the surprise of The Lashes boys coming out and getting to see them all. Eric and I played with pumpkins and stuff and then I somehow ended up having a pumpkin photo shoot in the bathroom. How these things happen I'll never know. I blame it on aliens. Photos may tell the story better so check 'em out!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm in Seattle drinking lattes from Peet's. Their internet sucks. So I took my Peets and walked down to Tully's. Now I'm at Tully's sipping on Peet's and wishing it were Seattle's Best. Last night we hung at Moebar and partied with Tigerbeat and Hi-Deaf. The best though was getting to finally see my friend Pearl who I haven't hung out with in a couple of years. Pearl is fucking awesome. We had some freestyle fun and let's just say it's going to hit a new momentum tonight when I break out some lyrics with Champagne, Champagne at Havana. Seattle is full of hoodies and boots, plaid and beanies. It's chilly and even when the sun is shining it seems a little...desolate. Or maybe I just haven't fully woken up yet today. But walking down the street feels a bit like zombie town. Rdub told Rae and I to pick up some personalities on the way back from the coffee shop. Has the rain seriously already dampened our behavior!? Shitballs. Maybe its the booze consumption from last night draining our fun libidos.
Regardless, it's hilarious how long people spend in coffee shops. And you don't need to buy a damn thing. It's like camp for the homeless (Rae and I included). I had a Greek salad, I'm still hungry. So I think it's time to see what else Sea-town has to offer. Adventures with Pearl are about to begin.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

So Rae and I had an awesome drive up through Napa and into the valleys past Mt. Shasta. We are finally in Portland and passed through some cute little towns where everyone wears Uggs because they should. We've realized our road trip consists of a few themes (kitties, dogs in bars and MGMT) and our drive sessions are like elementary lessons. First it's english class with Mad Libs, mathematics where we analyze our gas mileage and do long division followed my music class where we scream and sing along to 90's hits. With all this educational focus we were stumped when Garmin told us to get off the freeway!! We had some doubts about following the nav devices route. 101N or a shady back road...hmmmm. So...we flipped a nickel and it landed on heads. Therefore, we followed Garmin's advice and were more than happy that we did. The winding roads and views were amazing and it definitely saved an hour or two on the drive up to Oregon.
Seven hours later we hit Mt. Shasta which was freezing and it was when we really noticed that first of all Jeppy is missing some key insulation and we totally blew it on the packing game. Let's just say fast packing is not encouraged. Since our pre-party and NKOTB bash had us up all night, the 20 alloted minutes for packing with blurred heads led us to forgetfulness when it came to scarves and jackets. And the wind is definitely a bully up north. We rested in Medford for the night at a lovely Motel 6 where the heater was so hot it didn't matter if we had hats, scarves or pants for that matter.
Motel 6 beds suck. When I woke up my back hurt like an elephant sat on it all night. After coffee..a scarves and fluffy vintage vests we hauled ass to Portland and then celebrated with a brew. Portland is full of insanely colored houses, neon paintings in the street, bridges and dogs in bars. I feel like I'm in a cartoon but its rainy. Oh...and the excessive politeness is amazing. Here's an intersection scenario:

"You go."
"No, you go."
"No, really, it's go."
"Aww no you go first."
Me: "Ok fuck it, I'm gonna go!"

So yes, now we go. Today it's off to Seattle for Outsourced at Moebar. Rae and I are rocking our jeans for the 6th day in a row and now have plenty of ironic layers to put together so we should be pretty toasted and toasty warm by tonight.

Friday, October 10, 2008

So I'm still here in San more night, and tonight we literally Blow it Up. We spent the six hour drive filling out Mad Libs and raging to old school 1994 style CDs and mixtapes while trying to avoid the "gusty winds blowing dust" sections of the highway. It was hot and then it was cold and then it was freezing when we finally pulled up on Haight Street.
Rae and I kicked off SF with some Thai food at 'Visit Thai' where we pretty much set up camp since we weren't squared away on sleeping arrangements yet. From there we found the coolest looking bar which I wish I could remember the name of. Cheap beers, black and white walls with sticker grafitti and some kick ass bartenders. One of them now manages the place after she visited it 8 years ago and decided never to leave. Whaaat!? Two PBR's later we made the two block journey over to SF Underground for "Work". Richard Oh and Sleazemore faced off and Patric definitely blew us away. For fucks sake, there are some sick ass DJs here...put them on the map! We danced a lot, made some rad new No Cal friends and branded ourselves with Sparks slap bracelets. Some dude looked like he was about to pass out, but puked on the sidewalk and then five minutes later was back at the bar. That's commitment. And tonight...let's look for some fuckin' teamwork...cause we're gonna seriously blow .. it... up.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

So I still have to throw some goodies into a suitcase and pack up Jeppy for the haul up to San Francisco. It's bright as hell but at least not 100 degrees like it's been all week. Last night we had Awesometown which was ... awesome! Jasepi and Neil had the dancefloor packed and no lie, people were legit wearing headbands...sweatbands! It's a workout apparently. And then, it was off to the Standard in Hollywood, which seemed soooo much further away than expected. NKOTB had an afterparty for their show in Los Angeles and I've never seen so many ladies in the Purple Lounge or anywhere in LA when it comes to going out. And let's just say there was enough flair to make the dude in Office Space more than stoked. NKOTB old school posters, buttons, t-shirts and more. It was like 1989 reincarnated. The guys were really nice...and there was no hangin' tough. There were however some fantastic old school dance moves being shredded on the floor. Then it was back to home where i snacked on the top of a mini muffin. Apparently Mokey snacked on the rest when I was sleeping since I woke up to the crumbs all over the kitchen counter and floor. Merf!?
Time to put on my jet pack and get on the road. Tons of pics from UNITY, Awesometown and NKOTB coming soon*.

*Soon : As soon as my ass is not driving up north and has more than 5 seconds allocated to internet usage and photo review.


Monday, October 06, 2008

The 2008 Fall tour is here!! This year we got FLAUNT magazine, IAMSOUND Records and Love-Made to join us on the adventure. And what a time...the tour rolls around weeks directly before and following the huge election and will be covering, or uncovering, some of the best parties and scenes in the country. Last year was amazing and this year is sure to top it. More dates and events to be announced in the upcoming week. If you're in Los Angeles, be sure to come out to Awesometown on Wednesday for the Official Launch party!! And if you are in any of the featured cities...let us know if there's something unique we should be checking out!