Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm in Seattle drinking lattes from Peet's. Their internet sucks. So I took my Peets and walked down to Tully's. Now I'm at Tully's sipping on Peet's and wishing it were Seattle's Best. Last night we hung at Moebar and partied with Tigerbeat and Hi-Deaf. The best though was getting to finally see my friend Pearl who I haven't hung out with in a couple of years. Pearl is fucking awesome. We had some freestyle fun and let's just say it's going to hit a new momentum tonight when I break out some lyrics with Champagne, Champagne at Havana. Seattle is full of hoodies and boots, plaid and beanies. It's chilly and even when the sun is shining it seems a little...desolate. Or maybe I just haven't fully woken up yet today. But walking down the street feels a bit like zombie town. Rdub told Rae and I to pick up some personalities on the way back from the coffee shop. Has the rain seriously already dampened our behavior!? Shitballs. Maybe its the booze consumption from last night draining our fun libidos.
Regardless, it's hilarious how long people spend in coffee shops. And you don't need to buy a damn thing. It's like camp for the homeless (Rae and I included). I had a Greek salad, I'm still hungry. So I think it's time to see what else Sea-town has to offer. Adventures with Pearl are about to begin.

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