Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So P-tao and I are sitting in the Burbank airport waiting to get on our flight to NY for CMJ!! Yaaarg!!! This weekend in LA was way more hectic than anticipated. You'd think chilling in your home city would be semi chill but no, I had double the shoots and double the work. But I did get to cuddle up with the kit kats. I hit up HTDJs and then the Obamarama party and Blow Up LA. Obamarama was awesome! I hung out with Stessen from People-Food and even scored a few Obey tees. It smells like a bacon egg sandwich in here and there's lots of Jamaican music. Am I on holiday. Oh...so for those of you checking on MISSBEHAVE, I got my first recap up this past weekend, so go check it out. You can read up here daily or go to Missbehave and see what the gossip is.
Tonight in NY it's Angels & Kings for The Bronx afterparty. Of course there will be a million other last minute pop up parties I'll peruse through so I'll try to keep you posted. AAAH! Why are intercoms in airports soooo loud! P-tao just fell out of his chair.
P-tao: "I did not fall outta my chair, bitch."
Hmmm, he's right. He just flinched a bit and squealed like a little girl.
P-tao: "Like a manly girl, with balls."

NYC here we come!! Sleep...please.

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