Thursday, October 09, 2008

So I still have to throw some goodies into a suitcase and pack up Jeppy for the haul up to San Francisco. It's bright as hell but at least not 100 degrees like it's been all week. Last night we had Awesometown which was ... awesome! Jasepi and Neil had the dancefloor packed and no lie, people were legit wearing headbands...sweatbands! It's a workout apparently. And then, it was off to the Standard in Hollywood, which seemed soooo much further away than expected. NKOTB had an afterparty for their show in Los Angeles and I've never seen so many ladies in the Purple Lounge or anywhere in LA when it comes to going out. And let's just say there was enough flair to make the dude in Office Space more than stoked. NKOTB old school posters, buttons, t-shirts and more. It was like 1989 reincarnated. The guys were really nice...and there was no hangin' tough. There were however some fantastic old school dance moves being shredded on the floor. Then it was back to home where i snacked on the top of a mini muffin. Apparently Mokey snacked on the rest when I was sleeping since I woke up to the crumbs all over the kitchen counter and floor. Merf!?
Time to put on my jet pack and get on the road. Tons of pics from UNITY, Awesometown and NKOTB coming soon*.

*Soon : As soon as my ass is not driving up north and has more than 5 seconds allocated to internet usage and photo review.


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