Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This MIA video, now banned from You Tube due to full frontal nudity and extreme violence, is some seriously insane shit. If you haven't seen it yet here it is...and beware, this is definitely NSFW.
It's a pretty bold video...touching on a lot of emotions. A lot of people are wondering "what the point" of it is while others are simply ignoring it and voicing an angst view of, 'why the hell did I bother watching that?' Well, take the ten minutes and watch it. Maybe even watch it twice.
And for the record, why hasn't anyone asked how our lovely Gingers feel about this video? Hmmm? Drats. Check out our pics with MIA when she was Bamboo Bangin'.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

DEVON CLIFFORD (1979-2010)

Last month we launched our first issue of the Shadowzine and for our feature we interviewed the Canadian five-piece, You Say Party! We Say Die! before their gig at The Echoplex. We hung out with Beckie, Krista and Devon and let's just say they were all the sweetest little Canadians to boot. We especially loved hearing how they'd all been childhood friends and basically started the group out of sheer winter blues and boredom.
That being said, today we were super shocked and bummed to hear about the devastating loss of their drummer, Devon Clifford. Our hearts and thoughts go out to all his friends and family as well as the rest of the band. The statement issued from his family was that he "experienced a massive brain hemorrhage resulting from congenital defects while on stage in Vancouver on Friday night and fell into a coma. A surgery was performed but sadly doctors were unable to save his life. He was 30."
We'll skip the details here but you can read up on Devon a bit more from the Vancouver press. He was definitely a wonderful person and a true gem to meet.
In honor, we'd like to share the interview from our 'zine here as well as a video from their show in Los Angeles this past March. Much love to you guys!

Monday, April 19, 2010

*contributed by Oxenfree

Oh Coachella. That sonic beast that will not be satisfied. What's that you say? I cannot enjoy just one day in your 90s apparel clad bosom that smells like the ball sack of humanity and of deep fried agoraphobia? I must commit to all 3 days with my wallet and shame!? Yes! Yes, give me this chance to eat my weight in mushrooms and accidentally trip on/with slumming celebrities while you make insane profits and chase down enterprising folk whilst on horseback. Think of the stories I can tell to my rightly terrified future fruits of my surgically rejuvenated loins.
How about this very special episode of 'coachella kids' I sat next to while waiting for my wristband that never came...:

Guy Tripping 1: I like the desert. I like desert animals. I'm all about taking things in.
Guy Tripping 2: I notice that you're wearing shoes. Those shoes kick...shoeses. Shoeses aside.
GT1: Yeah it's my transportation.

New Guy (Presumed Tripping): Hey I know you, I have THINGS to say to you.

This is what you get when you let standardized testing and trans fat free foods win. Kids trying to overcompensate for their bleak and boring present by doing what their hippie parents did but paying a shit ton more for the privilege. Wait, not even hippies at this point, right? We've got kids rolling in who have moms that fucked Robert Smith. Or dads.
Whatever, the point is, I didn't even get into the festival. I just went to parties and drank free "booze". Yes, "booze", looking at you Hornitos. Which, if you are wondering, is actually milked from the mythical chupacabra and not made in a bathtub filled with unwashed children and ex-pat sex touristas in Baja, as previously reported. Anyway, the parties were fun. And I regret virtually nothing. I also now have awesome bright yellow headphones that aren't made by Skullcandy.
In summation, I'm still young enough to want to drive to the desert and damage my insides and outside with drink, sound and bad choices; old enough to see the end is nigh.

But, keep in mind, we will be seeing the spawn of those conceived in the Anthem lagoon (not the one with paddle boats mind you) one day at Coachella 2025. And they too will be trying to figure out why Pavement didn't headline over extremely amusing cartoon characters voiced by hot brit-pop studs from better, simpler times. Kids are getting smarter, all I'm saying.

*photos by Oxenfree.
see more pics on Shadowscene
So another Coachella has passed...and with it the ups and downs. There were a few tragedies but nothing that can hold us back or slow us down. There was a lot of hot tubbin' and a million fake wristbands that totally worked for the entire gang. Go team, go! Our entire adventure consisted predominantly of the actual festival, Anthem Lagoon, VICE Cougars, ACE Hotel party crashing and too much Sailor Jerry rum. Let's just say there were a lot of band-aids in use by Sunday morning.
I also decided I absolutely NEED an old Airstreamer RV. Need, need, want. Need. And futhermore, in my opinion it's now summer. Even though our entire world is 20 degrees colder than it should be and we now experience UK blackouts, alien invasions, volcanic eruptions and 7.2 earthquakes on a weekly basis. 2012?
In other news, the Philly | Los Angeles bi-coastal Shadowscene bash blast is really taking off. We've got new events in both cities popping up including School Night here in Los Angeles, Tiger Beats in Philly, and a RAWK Tuesdays on the LA Eastside. It's definitely time to change things up and spice up the sauces. We're cleaning out the closets so to speak. The past 6 months have been sort of stagnant and full of theoretical assumptions and guessing games. We're ready to get back to the good life and ditch the after school specials along with every moniker and bit that goes along with it. And...for those of you who actually read this shit, I've invited a few of the crew to contribute here an there. This means you'll be reading the dazed thoughts and fucked up opinions of other robot worthy folk starting today. Yep. Oxenfree...Pink Avenger...Goo Goo Fruit and more. Bookmark this muthafucka.