Wednesday, June 27, 2007

AIR GUITAR WTF here's the deal. My job really gets me into some weird and amazing...awesome fantastic stuff...but seriously, this is wet your pants material. I mean...the Air Guitar Championships...AIR GUITAR!!? No...they're not joking, I'm not kidding, it's for real, and it's sooo serious. Friday night I will be hitting up the Key Club and rocking out to a hundred different jams...all displayed by the best of the best Air Guitarists. These guys really know their stuff...I couldn't be any more excited:

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

aaaaaand DONE
What a birthday weekend! Smack dang. I am now recovered from the craziness of the Lady Sovereign bash and the 1 year anniversary of BLOW UP LA. It was seriously one of the most insane, in so many different ways, Blow Up we'd ever had. After sneaking booze from the overly secured 'drinking room' and smuggling it over to the became even more nuts. The crowd was amazing, everyone was in such a great mood regardless of the law laying a smackdown outside the venue. Sometime around 10am I passed out after my adrenaline rush subsided. And then Sunday, a lazy afternoon was in order, along with a few rounds of margaritas with my friends at dinner. I had the greatest time with so many of my friends, I seriously love you all. Soooo much. Finally, Blackout bar went off and I passed out cold Sunday night. And then...last night, mania at BOA. I do believe Omarosa from The Apprentice was hanging at the bar as well. Although I didn't really dare get within five feet of her. From there a few of us bounced over to Le Bar and for some reason, capping the night off, Bigley, Ho-Ho and I decided to spend nearly an hour in the car acting like retards. I don't know how it happened, but we thought it would be an amazing idea to recreate some Dukes of Hazzard action on Vista del Mar at 3am. Um....yeah. We're weird for sure. Or maybe Monster energy has been hooking us up a bit too much. Time for biscuits! Oh...and an amazing video sent over by Mr. Cloud. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Allergies blow. My insides feel like a wrinkled up prune...a sour pickle, a dehydrated grape. Ala a California raisin. Seriously, someone hook me up to a H2O IV and mist me down. Stuffy and parched. But on another note, last night I went over to Spider for the karaoke blitz. Holy smokes...hilarious. It started out a wee bit slow but than wham...amazing. Brilliant performances. At first there were a few of the classic 'I'm in LA and have an amazing voice so I'm gonna sing like it' acts. And then came on the real karaoke of 'how the fuck does this song go...Ima sing it anyway'. And then people just owning it. Taking over the stage, and belting out like no tomorrow. Blew my socks off. Especially when Yas was straddling the wall behind the stage and romping on the floor nearly hyperventilating. Sooo good girl. Damn.
Other than that, Ive decided that tofu is pretty damn good in my book. You can do so much with that stuff...and my cat loves it. Piggy. He also loves corn. Oh my gosh, corn!!! Check this out...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What happened? How is it Wednesday? Wasn't I just watching Juiceboxxx roll around on the floor and tear it up at Check Yo? Yes...and I do believe I decided we should be on tour together. I'd be called Capri Sun. Juiceboxxx and Capri Sun shows all summer long!
So yeah...holy baloney! Just like any 'ole Elephant I've only been sleeping 2 hours a night at best...and just running on empty. Or well...running on juice mixed with fancy elixers. Or maybe it's the six meals I ate on Sunday...and the excitement of a Spider Monkey dancing for me and shaking Ho Ho's finger in exchange for some change. I need one...a monkey that is.
This week kicked off with the Shadowscene interns...if you haven't seen them yet, you will! They're awesome! Last night we strolled down to Avalon for the Indie 103.1 party. They ran amuck in Hollywood and I went inside to shoot ... briefly. Swanky. Open Bar. Dark and void. Robot conversations. Made a couple new friends, ran in to Whitestarr, had hug marathons and then I was off. The interns and I met 2 drinks in...and them, oh you cute 'lil blazers, 'ahem blazed amazin' workers. Their running amuck was full of some secret shenanigans. We parted again and next I was off to the new weekly at Seven...which so far has been pretty awesome rowdy. Monster boy celebrated his birthday last night and even broke out with some crazy b-boy Young Americans hung out for a bit and then I hit up the taco stand for a burritto. And now...Wednesday. Karaoke craze at Spider tonight? Anyone, anyone?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

So this is interesting...for those of you who have been witness to the freestyle sessions I've put on at Safari Sam's lately, I think I've met my match. Holy dang...check out the Juiceboxxx video and then come to Check Yo' tonight and see this shit live. I may be itchin' to get on stage with him. But with all his flailing around, I may be dodging limbs instead...or be fortunate enough to even get a punch in the face while photographing this dude:

Friday, June 15, 2007

Yes...they rock. We've already acknowledged that bit. But at the same time, in this case, they literally ROCK. Daft Punk will be hitting LA next month...and Shadowscene will be there bumping around. Robot mania madness. If you haven't seen a live Daft need to! Nothing short of sheer hopping madness. And bots.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This morning...I had one of those bizarre parking lot encounters that only happens in Los Angeles. Or better yet...the ones that happen in the valley. I was getting my coffee and biscuit and had already settled into my car when some dude comes running over asking me to wait. I'm thinking, oh damn, I totally dropped something, maybe left my wallet somewhere!? So, as awkward as it was, this guy literally comes up to my door while I'm all situated in my car and starts up a conversation with me, asking if I've heard of some production company. I flat out say, 'No.' He then goes on to tell me I need to call his assistant (pffft) because I'd be perfect for some part in something. Oh suurrre I'm thinking. He asks if I do any acting and I say "no...not my thing." Of course, he still insists I'd be great for this part and then begins to tell me (eeewww) that he books those oh so annoying dating ads we all see all over myspace and yahoo etc. and apparently I should be really excited about this. You know the ones, where all of a sudden some video pops up and it's sort of creepy with some dude or chick mugging for the camera acting all retarded. Hahaha...and then...he continues to tell me I have that great "girl next door innocent" look going on and it'd be grrreat! Eat some more frosted flakes dude. I am so not your girl for that. So yes...only in the creepy dudes approach you in recruitment for porn while you're sipping your coffee and nibblin' a biscuit.
Anyway...that's was an interesting way to start my manana...and now... for tonight, come see how I manage to be in three places at once. First off, DATA ROCK and 8BIT at the Troubadour. And then...the HOT CHIP afterparty followed by, or well, the simultaneously occurring AWESOMETOWN!!! This is gonna be nuts. Someone tell me they've invented like portable space devices or something by now. I'm gonna need it.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Some of you know...I totally suck at Tetris...and really sort of lose interest after about 30 of those blocks go by. That shit piles up so fast my Game is Over in a matter of seconds. But seriously, the Japanese have completely made my day. I could watch this for hours...Human Tetris...un freakin' believable! Make sure you watch the whole just keeps getting better.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

LIKE WHOA whoa. Last night I was photo shoot free, and rather than sit at home and edit the same ole' shit, I went out to see two bad bands, and one rad band simply because of the singer (gotta be honest here). Hung around eatin' fries with Dirty and Lee and then sent them packing cause they were sick as in ill, and somehow took to the stage...for two hours. DJing, rapping, freestyling, irish jigging, whatever to keep the few roamers entertained. I don't know how it got started really, other than the fact that Sam's was gettin' a bit quiet...and I was feeling a bit dismal and creatively frustrated. Plus, Stevie had thrown out the suggestion of some ghetto, well, I guess that's how it all got started. Although, apparently, this two hours of sassyness with Stevie has now evolved into a weekly 'non' karaoke event. Yes, hosted by Shadowscene and Stevie. Oh so dysfunctional. But...what isn't? you can come out and see a couple of folks make some amazing...aka bad karaoke for you...and you'll love it. It's practically a stand up comedian routine...and if you don't love it, you'll beg to get on stage and show us up. Cause damn it...apparently we never went to Computer Camp...and if you were there last'd know what I was blogging...ahem' rapping about. Rap this out...go next week...and listen...laugh. Maybe free yourself up a bit in the presence of strangers. And don't be surprised if I frown on your tootsie roll dance or make you give it up on stage. It's nice not being quiet for once.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

So, needless to say, this morning I awoke to some serious bullshit. Not to mention, I had been expecting a nice night of sleep considering I went to bed rather early...2:34am to be exact, but at about 6:48 I flew up in bed from a damn jack hammer sounding off outside my window. No kidding, not joking, a jack hammer...before 7am. Outside. Under my balcony, on the sidewalk. Some dude, just jack hammering away. It took me about 5 minutes after the vibrations in my walls and ceilings settled in and the shrill piercing in my ears stopped ringing before I even could acknowledge that this was really happening. Way to break up my perfect REM man! I was sound asleep...stoned out in the middle of dream waves. The best part, is the first thing I decided to do was text Honaker..."no way has there been a jack hammer right outside my balcony for thirty minutes. I'm deaf!" His immediate response after pointing out the fact that my luck seems to be swaying back to lackluster was, "wait, there's no way am I getting a text at 7am." Oops.
Next it was a major state of confusion as to how to get the racket to just stop. Who can I call...who can I throw a pillow at? Do I go outside...ask them to stop...aren't there noise ordinances in the city? Half a converse on and partially dressed from slumber I head outside. Then I turn back in, head to the balcony, then back towards the door. Sleepy confusion. Then I call 411. "Hi, there's a jack hammer outside. It's almost 7am. Who do I call. What's the number for the Public Works people? Or the city?" I don't even remember who she connected me to...because they were closed! Of course! It's 7am, who is up working at that hour!? Filthy.
An hour later they stopped. And the mini earthquake in my apartment came to a halt as well. Unfortunately, it was too late to go back to sleep. And thus, my day begun, with a minor headache. Of course I did get further amusement from Honaker suggesting I pop on some ear muffs, pop some aspirin, or pop a cap in someone's ass.

Monday, June 04, 2007

There's tons of amazing things that happened this weekend I could bore you ... or amuse you with. And I was about to until I saw this. It sort of blows my mind...and as Bigley says, "Point your heart out."