Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This morning...I had one of those bizarre parking lot encounters that only happens in Los Angeles. Or better yet...the ones that happen in the valley. I was getting my coffee and biscuit and had already settled into my car when some dude comes running over asking me to wait. I'm thinking, oh damn, I totally dropped something, maybe left my wallet somewhere!? So, as awkward as it was, this guy literally comes up to my door while I'm all situated in my car and starts up a conversation with me, asking if I've heard of some production company. I flat out say, 'No.' He then goes on to tell me I need to call his assistant (pffft) because I'd be perfect for some part in something. Oh suurrre I'm thinking. He asks if I do any acting and I say "no...not my thing." Of course, he still insists I'd be great for this part and then begins to tell me (eeewww) that he books those oh so annoying dating ads we all see all over myspace and yahoo etc. and apparently I should be really excited about this. You know the ones, where all of a sudden some video pops up and it's sort of creepy with some dude or chick mugging for the camera acting all retarded. Hahaha...and then...he continues to tell me I have that great "girl next door innocent" look going on and it'd be grrreat! Eat some more frosted flakes dude. I am so not your girl for that. So yes...only in the creepy dudes approach you in recruitment for porn while you're sipping your coffee and nibblin' a biscuit.
Anyway...that's was an interesting way to start my manana...and now... for tonight, come see how I manage to be in three places at once. First off, DATA ROCK and 8BIT at the Troubadour. And then...the HOT CHIP afterparty followed by, or well, the simultaneously occurring AWESOMETOWN!!! This is gonna be nuts. Someone tell me they've invented like portable space devices or something by now. I'm gonna need it.

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Catherine said...

I saw a special on one of those missing people/murder shows about a guy that said something like that to women then set up a "photo shoot" in a remote location in order to kill them. Be thankful for your common sense.