Tuesday, June 05, 2007

So, needless to say, this morning I awoke to some serious bullshit. Not to mention, I had been expecting a nice night of sleep considering I went to bed rather early...2:34am to be exact, but at about 6:48 I flew up in bed from a damn jack hammer sounding off outside my window. No kidding, not joking, a jack hammer...before 7am. Outside. Under my balcony, on the sidewalk. Some dude, just jack hammering away. It took me about 5 minutes after the vibrations in my walls and ceilings settled in and the shrill piercing in my ears stopped ringing before I even could acknowledge that this was really happening. Way to break up my perfect REM man! I was sound asleep...stoned out in the middle of dream waves. The best part, is the first thing I decided to do was text Honaker..."no way has there been a jack hammer right outside my balcony for thirty minutes. I'm deaf!" His immediate response after pointing out the fact that my luck seems to be swaying back to lackluster was, "wait, there's no way am I getting a text at 7am." Oops.
Next it was a major state of confusion as to how to get the racket to just stop. Who can I call...who can I throw a pillow at? Do I go outside...ask them to stop...aren't there noise ordinances in the city? Half a converse on and partially dressed from slumber I head outside. Then I turn back in, head to the balcony, then back towards the door. Sleepy confusion. Then I call 411. "Hi, there's a jack hammer outside. It's almost 7am. Who do I call. What's the number for the Public Works people? Or the city?" I don't even remember who she connected me to...because they were closed! Of course! It's 7am, who is up working at that hour!? Filthy.
An hour later they stopped. And the mini earthquake in my apartment came to a halt as well. Unfortunately, it was too late to go back to sleep. And thus, my day begun, with a minor headache. Of course I did get further amusement from Honaker suggesting I pop on some ear muffs, pop some aspirin, or pop a cap in someone's ass.

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