Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Hahaha, I am now in Los Angeles and yet again attempting to keep you updated! Of course you are looking for all those wonderful stories of the journey across Europe, the travel log of a cross country trip and the joys of living in the crazy city. And where are they!? I'd love to say look for the book on newstands coming this June but unfortunately-not yet. I am of course, not the laziest fool in the world, simply the busiest. But, as a brief update, not to let you completely down: I am living in the sunny city of West Hollywood, shooting photography for bands, continuing on the street photography collection and expanding my digital horizons. My fat kit kat Mokey has joined me in LA transforming from a squirrel spine-smashing feline to a whacked out indoor cat who now slams jingle socks off the walls at night. And of course he's getting fatter, hooray!
I've also been keeping myself up in the loop of commercial making by starring as a top notch background chick in about 5 dentist ads-so be on the lookout! And in the meantime...stay warm, stay cool and don't get lost in the blur.