Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Every time I get back home to LA or am even a day shy of traveling there, allergies attack, or a cold, or pure exhaustion. Seriously, what the hell? Screw these allergies. I'm on a cocktail binge of Orange juice, Mucinex Claritin blend. So far, so good. And I swear, if anyone as much as sniffles next to me on the plane I'm insisting I change seats.
Today kicks off the Sunset Strip Music Festival #ssmf. I've pretty much skipped out on this the past couple years but I'll be present this time around for the James Pants private party, performances by Mötley Crüe, Bush, Matt & Kim, Public Enemy and more. Not to mention, the Mad Decent LA Block party also falls this weekend. Yowsas. It's an end of summer downpour of epic parties. Rager.
And for all these end of summer parties, happy fun timers Matt & Kim just did one of those collaborative songs for Converse. Matt produced the track and asked Andrew WK and Soulja Boy to contribute. So, Converse did a photo mock up merging their feet together and the new track "I'm A Goner" was released. Thoughts? I was predominantly excited about the heavy metal Varvatos converse, but that's just me. Rock on.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

No, not a Prince Albert. A Prince Henry. But I'm sure someone out there will come up with a costume for that as well. This is what I'm talking about: CAT FASHION. Whatever will the Japanese come up with next that is just too cute to not enjoy. Honestly, I feel terrible for these critters, all wrapped up in fuzzy cotton and silks, bowties and bibs, booties and buttons. But, the images in the compilation book just released by VICE are totally worth ogling. The expressions on the dolled up felines is priceless. Cats with flair!
Personally, I know Pickles would shit a brick if I even tried to tie a ribbon on her. And I wouldn't dare. It's too ridiculous. She'd be better at playing "stuff on my cat". Or best at just being a regular cat, chasing bugs and stuff. Cool Cats. Livin'. Heathcliff style.