Friday, December 29, 2006

Everyone knows stickers are fun...ever since my first scratch n' sniff I've been a huge fan, especially the bubbly stickers, velvet touch stickers and extra large window covering decals. And finally, the first of the Shadowscene stickers arrived last week, so what better thing to do than hand them out at Shadowscene events!! And oh the fun that can be had with stickers...the joy of wondering where to stick this sweet little stickiness. Apparently, anywhere and time, I'm bringing more stickers!!
This week has been short it seems seeing as it falls between two holiday Mooondays...and the best part was it was another Awesometown week!! This week A-town was nuts, packed with a crazy dancefloor. Daniel Ledisko and Chris Holmes had a bit of a DJ off as I would call it, and got the dance action to full blast mania. Talk about a blissful buzz in the air. I didn't do as much photoboothing as I would have liked too, but there was a little appearance by that dude from that show know the one. Well, at least some of you do. Plus, I did get to see the amazing Gray Kid again, and he even demonstrated a trick with his bubble yum. Shake and pop people, shake and pop.
See all the photos from this weeks Awesometown on!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

For lots of movies, nog, giving and goodies...
Finally, the one day of madness, Christmas, has come and gone, and now we all get to look forward to the New Year...or better yet, New Year's Eve!!! I've spent yet another holiday season in sunny LA, although this year I really missed the East Coast mania. I haven't spent much time at home in the SS headquarters this past week; most of it's been spent working and racing around for last minute nifty nifts, and of course, doggy sitting!! I'm getting my yearly dose of canine by pet sitting for two woofs this week and helping with a third. I think my cats are pissed off. But oh well. Christmas was a hodge podge of greatness, with a amazing brunch and falafel dinner. The most interesting Christmas to date, where all traditions are tossed aside for once. And it was pretty awesome. One of my favorites was over doing the gift wrap...which Joe and I decided to do with bow mania this entire package of bows on one gift...a glorious case of Guiness. Don't try it at home, and I wouldn't recommend it if you want to make your gift look fancy. Too many bows kind of looks like an alien growth on top of your gift box. Hmmm, not so yummy.
Of course, now I can't believe it's already Tuesday and back to Check Yo' and Awesometown time!!! This week Myles from Bloodcat Love is DJ'ing at Awesometown and starting now DJ Paparazzi is our new head resident DJ at Check Yo!!! Sooo rad, so if you're in town, or back in town, or lounging around...I better see your sweet faces soon.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Holy crap, I think I woke up today and a bit of the sci-fi dreaming I was having was pulled into reality with me. Yeah, yeah, so I'm a robo-nerd. But apparently, I'm not the only one. The lovely British are in anticipation of developing robot seriously. This is crazy because not only does it liken a robot more to a human, but it would also give them the same freedoms and rights as humans. Um, freaky. Can anyone say I Robot? I'm all for Johnny 5 and lovely Rosie from the Jetsons...but it's kind of nuts to think of the possibilities if any of these guys are actually finalized into development. I mean naturally, they should be created to be our little buddies, not to run a country. Robo rights! Haha, who knows, maybe someday we'll have the Cyberdyne System's model 101 (T-800) as Governor. Wait...

Read the full story here: Robot Rights!!
(Thanks Honaker!)

Monday, December 18, 2006

It's been a while, and I'm still trying to catch up and recoop from the past weeks activities. Last weekend was the FLAUNT party, FILTER party and Paul FRANK party!!! All open bar...all nothing less than sheer madness. Check all the photos up on!! The best was the Paul Frank party where I had my photo taken with a damn camel. The strangest part was that he was pretty damn cute for a camel, what with the hump and funny hair and all. But the poor thing was outside in the rain and fake snow...desert animal? FRANK's party also had free photobooths and Wolfmother performed which was pretty damn awesome. I ran amuck with Dan, Preston and Har Mar and I meant to go sledding, since they had a little snowhill, but ran out of time at the end of the night. So much fun...and the weekend really led up to a week of continued mania.
Tuesday was super amazing at Check Yo' with the long awaited performance by SPANK ROCK! The show was insane...sooo damn good. We also had Brother Reade and Pearl in the same evening. From there, Wednesday was AWESOMETOWN, which is seriously, just awesome. Thomas came out in costume, I'm not really sure why, but it was pretty fantastic...and we sipped on Hefe's all night. The dance action was quite fantastic as well.
After the 10 straight days of madness, I took a couple off from shooting just to hang out at a couple holiday parties, yet again, with lots of free booze. How does this happen to me!? Saturday I went to the Deadly Syndrome Christmas sweater party. Holy hilarity. John and DSO had some great sweaters, which more or less resembled Easter eggs, but they were rad little sweaters nonetheless. It was so funny seeing a ton of people in ridiculous sweaters. I felt like I was in a little holiday gift box, or a gingerbread house wrapped in tinsel. Mmmm Holiday fun. And seriously, no downtime...this madness just keeps on going!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

For about two years now, I have been spending my early mornings, or in some cases the early afternoons, at a little coffee shop outside my apartment. Mary's donuts, as I call it, technically Alex's donut...has been amazing. Apparently, they even have the best donuts in LA according to the LA Times. But the other week, I strolled in for my coffee and snack and Mary wandered over and whispered that she was selling the joint. I was baffled. Why? How? My morning routine was shattered. Where was I to get my coffee fix? What was I to do with those extra ten designated minutes. And wait, no more Mary morning conversations!
However, after getting over the realization that things were about to get a little mixed up, I met the new owners, who are just as adorable as my little Mary, and the good news was they decided to keep the shop open for coffee and donuts. And it gets even better!!! I went in this morning and there was a new sign hanging...Breakfast Sandwiches. First of all, this is amazing, because so many mornings, especially after a rough night, I tend to crave that darn breakfast sandwich, and it's soooo out of my way to get one. But not anymore! And the new shop even has muffins! Holy crap...such a great place, and such a sweet breakfast. Check out the Donut Franklin and Dix. I'm not sure what the new name will be, but it's still good ole' Mary's to me. Best Breakfast Sandwich in town.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Have you checked out the Shadowscene comics lately? Here's one of the latest (Turbo 1.5)...and you can see the rest of them on the SS myspace page in the blog section!! Our newest releases tomorrow so check back for the updates. Plus..more good news...the Shadowscene comic book is planned to come out next year! Yay!!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Today was awesome, especially since we got a break from the chill and had some sunshine on a Saturday. Speaking of sunshine, tonight is the afterparty for The Sounds with Tommie Sunshine!! This guy is a sick DJ..and the Sounds will be laying down some tracks as well. I love those guys. Check Shadowscene for some photos in the next couple of days. Tonight's going to be insane!!
I also realized that today is December..2nd...and what the hell. Are you kidding me? Because I swear it was just yesterday that it was July 4th and Halloween. Daaamn time flies. I spent my afternoon with Ho Ho eating sushi and mangos, busting jokes and rhymes and worked on some new robo art stuff. And then we had some cranberries and coffee and perused the magazine stand. Oh...and if you catch this month's issue of URB...HOT DAMN...there's a full page photo of MSTRKRFT and JUSTICE by Shadowscene along with a dozen other random party shots. Check it out!! We also caught an article of our friend Matty who has been doing some rad shit. So grab this issue, it's pretty awesome. Other than that, I think it's time to bust out the dreidels and mistletoe. Maybe hang some lights. But tonight, it's hang the dj's!

Friday, December 01, 2006

So this is hilarious, I was nearly in tears today checking these out online. I don't know if this would be a good or a bad gift..but if you know me, you just may get one for the holidays. The boyfriend/girlfriend pillow. What a deal! They've honestly thought of everything at this point. Even if you don't find the concept funny, the website alone is plenty humorous: Pillow Interview
Bermonster and I were chatting about it online and trying to think of just how these could be improved; possibly a fuzzy chest pillow, silky thigh, hourly gas passing, tummy growling...oh the possibilities are endless. Comedy at it's best this season. Boy oh boy oh boy. It's cuddle time!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

So this week I had my photo shoot for PAPER Magazine. An upcoming issue is featuring a few of us West Coast eastsiders. And hooray! I was included with a really rad grouping of people, including Leyla from HeartsChallenger...the wonderful ice cream, musical sparkling gal. Yummy treats. We also had Franki Chan, Brooke from White Trash Charms, the owner of the Cha-Cha (love that place!!!) and a ton of other cool folk. Then, I got to listen to Anne Lee and Joe on Little Radio. Apparently Joe stopped by and dropped a few jokes on the air. And I requested only a dozen jams. Hilarious! Finally, it was naptime, followed by snack time and then off to Check Yo' for an amazing show by The Gray Kid and some dance action with Guns N Bombs. Sooo rad. Both performances completely blew my mind. The funniest part of the evening was when a dude grabbed me and said I had to take someone's picture, that it was a great photo opportunity. Then he asked if I liked rock stars. I tried not to laugh. And for a while, as he introduced me to his friend, I went along with the fact that they were pretending he was the guitarist from The Strokes. Needless to say, I pulled the chain pretty quick when I realized it was The Shys...being I guess a bit bashful? Drunken rock stars...pretending to be other rock stars..what? Huh? Oh well, it left me with a few giggles.
But of course, it appears I'm a bit stretched thin and decided to take today to chill, especially since I'm pretty much suffering from borderline strep throat, if there is such a thing as borderline. Oh well, all good things must have rest periods, or something. Ech. Someone bring me tea. Or ale, with ginger. Please.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Mmmm...what a week. A week that seemed to feel like only two really long days. Lots of taters and pie, movies and drinks, festivities and sleep. I took the last week to really catch up on things and set some things in motion for next year. All fun!!
Thanksgiving was great, fifteen people stretched out across a long table eating and passing a bottle of tequila along in a series of rounds. I'm not sure if it was the tryptophan or Jose Cuervo but we all passed out about 20 minutes after the big din-din. Who's to say? But it was amazing nonetheless. The best part was that instead of bringing food to the party, I brought my microwave...and a few cases of beer. Nothing funnier than lugging a huge ass microwave down the street for Thanksgiving. Three cheers for innovation!
The rest of my long weekend consisted of lots of naps, numerous brunches, The Burbs and attempts at making apple pies. I got to spend time with a lot of people I haven't seen in a while which was awesome and even managed to hang out in my apartment for more than the usual 4 hours a day. Now, it's back to craziness, with three killer nights back to back!
If you're in LA, check out BOA tonight for a Thanksgiving family-style DJ showcase rock out session with free Svedka. Magic open bar.

Monday, November 20, 2006

What a weekend...after all the chaos of losing the wallet and losing lots of sleep last week, I decided to embrace the weekend with minimal work. Friday I checked out the last Deadly Syndrome show for a while. And it was awesome!! The whole Jackass gang stopped by to support all of the Syndromicus-ness. And stuff. From there, we headed to the BFH for some old school metal rock out before walking to Thomas' where the first house party was already in full gear. I busted out the Shadowscene mix to get the dance floor started and quickly traded my Miller Light for a Sparks with the Bermonster. It was an awesome night, full of broken beer bottles, doggies, rock out sessions and couch sitting. Oh yeah, and stumbling, yes stumbling home.
Saturday was another adventure! Sleeping, sushi, meetings and then a last minute call to rescue Tom and Charley out in Malibu where their radiator exploded. Oh pew. But I did get to sip on a Dew Big Slam which I probably haven't done since high school. Yum. From there it was dropping folks off, quick nap and off to The Echo for Hang the DJ's. I photographed away at all the silly antics and then stole Chan's drink and shared it with Trouble Jr. (shhhh). You know whats nuts is that The Echo has hidden cameras and records everything. It was pretty insane. Mancuso was followed by one of the security dudes just for urinating in a stall. Damn. The night ended quickly and with a quesadilla.
Sunday was definitely a lazy day. Creeksta tempted me into a beachy afternoon and we stopped for a mangorita brunch with Shalanna and Bboy followed by a cruise out to Zuma beach. They swam in the ice water and I wrote a short story. yay! We watched the sunset in fragments and then stopped at Dudes, Dales, Dukes...something like that, for a snack on the way home. Snackaroos are great before an hour long drive...seriously. At that point, I decided maybe a little work should be done. I cracked down on the Shadowscene frontier while the others made their way to Howl at the Moon. Damn. And tonight...oh's The Rapture and The Presets in Hollywood...with an afterparty at Starshoes. Talk about dance mania.
So here's the closure on the missing wallet. This is fantastic. So Wednesday sort of sucked just because I was at a loss of money, ID's and more, but Thursday I moved on, got a new license and closed out any sort of accounts that may have been foiled with. I kissed that moolah goodbye and case closed. But then, Thursday night I get home and check the mail, and alas, a mysterious little plump white envelope is in my mailbox. No return address, skewed writing and two little stamps...postmarked in my own neighborhood. Huh? I open it and surprise!!! My ID, debit card and Arclight member card. What the...? Of course, no money and no Barcelona wallet. But first of all, it really threw me for a loop. Because at this point I'd already moved on and had no need for these materials anymore. Secondly, who bothers to even send these things if you're gonna steal the rest of the stuff? Guilty conscience, anyone? Maybe they just felt like doing the right thing?
Regardless, I now have some lovely duplicates and I do feel better knowing they are not just floating around Hollywood. I was sort of bummed they didn't include a note. Maybe I'll get a holiday card seeing how they know my address...that would be kind of rad. But I guess I'll stamp this one case closed. And now, the ancient question of what to do when you find a wallet with cash on the sidewalk (or parking lot...or taco stand window) has been answered. Simple! You keep the cashola, maybe keep the wallet if you dig it, and then send the cards back in a blank envelope. It's a done deal.

Tidbit: Oh...and don't dress up as a burglar for Halloween...apparently, this plan will somehow backfire.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

So...yay. Good times this morning when I awoke and realized my wallet was gone. Hooray! lost wallet! But the ultimate kicker of this was last night I was carrying a lot of cash, which if you know me, you know I pretty much never carry or have cash. But for random reasons I did, and I even left it in my car for most of the day and night. But, on my way home from Check Yo' I stuffed that wad of cash right into the wallet and made a quick stop at the Cactus. And poof. Vanished!! Aaaargh! And to think, it could have been a lost empty wallet. But rather, it was probably the fullest wallet I've ever had. Gone.
So, needless to say, today is sad. I'm missing my little Barcelona red knitted wallet full of a months hard earned savings! As soon as I realized it was missing I ran out, jumped in my car and drove back to the burrito stand. The little chiquita at the Cactus this morning who was sweeping the parking lot said she hadn't seen it. But maybe someone will...
That poor pouch traveled far, only to end up in a greasy parking lot at 2am in dark alley gutter punk central. I'll give you lots of cookies and goodies if you find it. Even the empty wallet would be sweet, as it's got lots of sentimental value. But even so, it looks as if I'll be spending an afternoon at the DMV to get a new license. I love Los Angeles...the only place I know where I need to make an appointment to visit the licensing clerk. And with my luck lately, I'll be pulled over for not coming to a complete stop on my way to the motor vehicle office.

:( pew.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sooooo Kooool
Tonight it's the long awaited show at Check Yo' of Kool Keith...Dr. freakin' Octagon!!! I have to say, the entire past month has been ridiculous for Check Yo' Ponytail with MSTRKRFT, Justice, The Horrors, Totally Radd and now this. Amazing. Plus, we received a bit more press in SPIN Magazine too...check it out!! And in other news, the Hear Gallery is relocating, which means there's a bit of a hold on the radtastic underground sub-culture dwelling we all loved so much. But...that also means there's some new stuff in store. While the crew was running amuck in New York, we decided to coin our lovely hotel room "Awesometown". And it truly was awesome; the crash pad for many vodka chugging, freshly tattooed, laptop lipstick lovers. Thankfully Thomas declared himself Mayor of Awesometown, although that didn't really keep things any more under wraps or in any sense of order. But maybe that was the point....hmm. Regardless, what I'm saying here, is that "Awesometown" is now in Los Angeles!!! Starting tomorrow night, our crew is throwing a new event at the Short Stop. And who doesn't already love this place? Now you'll be able to get great hook-ups on booze, gloat at photobooth drunken mania, partake in pool sharkage-ness, and rock out with fun resident DJ's. Oh, how we love little off the beaten path bars...and making them even just a bit more fantastic.
The Short Stop
1455 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Every other Wednesday, starting November 15, 2006

Friday, November 10, 2006

Um...yeah. So I've only been back in LA for about two days...and it was back to the madness of free drinks, all night long for Day 3 of PAPER Magazine in LA. Last night was insane! Madness! Awesomeness! DJ Franki Chan tore it up, photographers galore, crazy hairdos and body paint, dance freak fantastic-ness, masked masqueraders, booze-booze-booze, happy, happy joy time. From there it was off to Vine bar to continue the crazed antics. Joe and I pretty much annihilated Rony's Photobooth by somehow managing to appear in almost every photo he took, or distracting a pictorial in progress. Sorry Rony!! We love you! Awesometown NYC was back in action, and has now apparently relocated to Los Angeles...oh boy! This basically means, the chaos will now be full-force...for quite some time. There's no downtime when Awesometown's around.
Keep up the mania, get out and check out the rest of the Paper Mag events if you're in LA; they all promise to be wildly fulfilling. Tonight...The Adored & The Deadly Syndrome at the Storefront Open. And yes...more free drinks and magazines. Yay!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

HOW LAME! HOW FUN! this is my travel bits...and I just spent a week traveling, without updating my bits!! Lame! But regardless, you're still getting the update on the Shadowscene NYC adventure, which pretty much started Halloween night and ended this morning. Aargh. I'll just start by saying that the LA Justice/MSTRKRFT Halloween bash was beyond insane...a night that never ended. We pretty much went nuts until 4am at Safari's with the danceteria madness, headed home, kind of packed and then raced to the airport at 6am. The best part was meeting up with everyone who was still intoxicated from a few hours before. And of course, no sleep leads to a bit of fuzzy brained confusion, trouble in the security check-ins and stumbling to catch your plane. Joe went through a full search and I was robbed by security. Oh the harshness of watching them rummage and thieve. No liquid treats for me!
After the crazed airport we all nestled into our seats on the plane and attempted to sleep, which didn't really happen. Five hours later we landed in NYC and headed straight over to BED for the Zombie Prom party...ah the chaos!! Creeksta and Thomas both broke in their flasks while poor Joe struggled to chit-chat with a lost voice. After an hour we were all back in slightly tip-top shape, being chased by Pac Man and a Ghost, pillow fighting, and beer spraying. Brooklyn's Matt & Kim were amazing...and so was the free Monster and vodka. Talk about a savior after being awake for 42 hours straight. Our night ended at "Awesome-town"...our amazing hotel in Soho, where we found ourselves cuddled up and passed out, eager to awake to more Manhattan madness.

Friday, October 27, 2006

I’m not really sure what I ingested this morning, but I’ve spent the afternoon questioning and pondering some really bizarre shit. Like who decided to lay the damn keys out on a keyboard the way they are and knew it wouldn’t mess things up. And wouldn’t it be cool to sit around and watch the people who came up with language and spoken word actually create that stuff. Whoa nelly…
And how come ants can just walk and climb forever…if I were that small could I move around non stop all day carrying things thirty times my weight? And what about this metamorphosis shit…why can’t we wrap ourselves up in cotton and come out a month later a renewed being. What the heck!? Regardless, it’s probably just the caffeine talking. I’ve drank about three times my usual amount. For no reason at all…other than the fact that it’s here and available. Thankfully, I don’t live my life by that motto or I’d find myself in quite a few predicaments. Ouch. Someone make the brain stop on the tick-tock.'s a gnarly tidbit goodie...ants and robots.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Saturday night was the return of the monthly Blow Up LA at the Hear Gallery...which always promises to knock you on your ass. Which it totally did!! This month was also the celebration of Franki Chan's birthday which came equipped with a huge pinata in the likeness of Franki's head...a ton of bands and ridiculous DJ's. Plus...lots of silly string, paper hats and party favors...and oh the free Tecate!! It was 4am before I knew it and thankfully there's a ton of photos to refresh my faded memory. But Blow Up was just the beginning; this week it's The Kooks at Check Yo', and a lot of silly Shadowscene'n around that I'll have to keep you posted on!!
One thing's certain...the latest in the Shadowscene Botwear is about to break out...and it's in hoodie form. Ah!!! Until then...enjoy some robo sillyness...

Friday, October 20, 2006

I'm tired. Like seriously wiped the heck out. I started on a bunch of production work this week while maintaining the Shadowscene frontier and that pretty much equivalates to 3 hours of sleep per night. Yes!! But I'm still going...trucking along as they say! I now get to play a bunch of video games throughout the day and get a dose of television into my existence so it somehow balances out. Last night I even managed to throw myself from one place to another and catch the tail end of The Deadly Syndrome show. These guys are sooo damn good it eats me up. They have a bunch of upcoming shows so catch one!! Then it was off to some photoboothing and tequila'ness with the gang. Speaking of gang, the Shadowscene crew and friends are embarking on an adventure to NYC and Boston in the next couple of weeks...which is going to be completely retarded if I do say so myself. A minimal agenda and a lot of 'do whatever the heck we please'. favorite way to be. Look out NYC.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

IN 1984
Who ever would have seen this coming? What happened to the tight pants and high jumping splits!? This is amazing...

Monday, October 16, 2006

The dumbest thing I said today...sitting down at lunch, and as James was served his plate of deliciousness...
"Geez man, I can smell that pickle from all the way over here."

Blank stares...

Thankfully, most of my friends are used to the bizarre outbursts of Ellei J.
So I am by far no movie buff, but I know what I like. And ever since I started wearing socks I was a fan of le' horror film. This past Friday was Friday the 13th, (my favorite!), and I got to watch a double feature of the first Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm St. at the awesome Vista theater. But just to make it a little more rad, not only was the screening free, but they served out free drinks and popcorn!! What a treat! That place was chaos after the first film ended and those bottomless drinks I'm sure had something to do with it. Lots of hooting and hollering...ah so sweet. Of course, I then ended my weekend with a film that left a bit more of a bizarre impression; The Cemetery Man. What the hell? If you've seen this movie, you know what I'm talking about. If you have never even heard of it, get yourself over to google now. I laughed, I shrieked, I experienced an abundance of confused expressions and by the end of the movie I was more dumbfounded than I'd like to admit. Of course, this film came with Sprite and Nachos. Hmmm...maybe therein lies the explanation.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hysterical. No seriously. Tuesday night SupaFloss cracked up at Check Yo' Ponytail...I'm talkin' some major hilarity. These guys are awesome. It was major comedy the other night with Trainwreck (Kyle from Tenacious D's new band), SupaFloss and Baby Dayliner. Good fun and laughs. My favorite was the excess on the cowbell and the Chuck Norris impersonator. Oh and of course, watching Kyle tear it up on the dance floor was pretty damn rad as well.

Check out the photos at Shadowscene!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Let's just talk about Joe for a second. I spent most of my weekend with Joe joe and we came to the realization that 90% of our time spent together, we are eating, or planning on eating, or thinking about eating, or watching food network, or get the point. So, once we came to this realization, we couldn't help but notice it even more. And boy oh boy does one discovery lead to another. Joe, it turns out, has a bottomless cast-iron stomach. Here's a brief review of two days spent with Joe joe.
Saturday I awake to a feast of Chinese food which we eat by the pool. Joe intakes chow mein, fried rice, curry noodles, sweet n' sour chicken, pork, peas and carrots, bellpepper stuff, and a ginormous Smart water. I eat bits of this along with my own ginormous Smart water.
From there, we head to the Detour Festival in downtown LA where we stop at McDonalds so Joe can get some fries and two apple pies. I have a sip of his Powerade. When we get to the concert, Joe adds some mushrooms to the mix and about 4 vodka cranberries, 4 vodka monsters, and a few shots of vodka. From there, it's off to pick up some friends and stop, amazingly, yet again, at McDonalds. A round of Happy Meals. This officially breaks my no fast food diet. Damn it. Joe finishes my meal because I can't stomach it.
From there, we do some Cha-Cha'ing which includes 3 PBR's for Joe, one for me. An hour later we head home, and on the way hit up a taco stand where Joe picks up 2 tacos and a burrito.
Finally, the night ends. And everyone passes out with full tummys. Oh, but the weekend doesn't stop there.
Sunday morning we roll up and out and head to Sushi Mac. On the way Joe scores a Vitamin water and shares. Sushi Mac witnesses us eat the most we've ever fathomed in one sitting. Creeksta helps out with this. Heading to Shadowscene headquarters we stop at Ralphs and Joe picks up 3 bags of M&M's and an iced tea. I get my own iced tea but only finish half. Now this is all just the beginning. Because seriously, it never ends from this moment on; we've decided to hang out at a BBQ for the rest of the day, where Joe can eat, and eat, and eat. And this is what Joe manages to eat in a few hours:
3 hotdogs
3 hamburgers (one while no one was looking)
2 more hotdogs
1 Chicken leg
4 Hefeweizens
3 Milwaukees
1 bag of chips with Salsa
1 helping of Potato salad
2 Ice cream cones
Ugh. This is where I leave Joe...and not even with a belly ache. And from there, since the night was still young, he proceeded to Safari Sams for 2 PINTS of Jack & Coke, 4 beers on tap, and 2 Sparks after hours. Gotta love him! And if this doesn't make you want to fast, I don't know what will.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Thanks Common, for proudly supporting the Shadowscene!!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

So today, Common is jamming out at Cal State Northridge and Shadowscene was there earlier today showcasing the It's Turbo!!! comic strip and Botwear...and hooray because Common was pretty stoked on his Classic Botwear! For the month of October, you can check out a selection of the It's Turbo!!! comics at the Hear Gallery so make sure you look for them!! Otherwise, just go check the strips at the Shadowscene myspace page. Rad.
Now of course, it's off to Hollywood Forever for the long awaited screening of Romero's Dawn of the Dead!! Where else could I ever watch a classic zombie film in a cemetery with over 95,000 people, and still be in front row. Zombies attack!!!!!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Thursday rocked me. So hard. So, so hard. I got to shoot and hang out at the STUFF Magazine Style Awards party, rooftop of the Arclight theater. First off, any party that gives you unlimited free beverages and tons of food is a hit. Not to mention Adam 12 DJ'ing with Franki Chan.
But the fun doesn't stop there. The Eagles of Death Metal kicked some serious ass (as usual). Furthermore, some crazy break dancin' act from Vegas hit the floor and then, this is the funny part, we had a guest beat boxer busting out some rhythm when the cops came. What Hollywood function ever gets broken up by the cops? And apparently, one is required to have a Beat Box permit. What the hell?? Do I need a permit to wear pants now too? Amazingly, everyone still bounced around macking on the free booze. Thanks Stuff, for showing us all a great time. Hooray to EODM for rocking and for all the wonderful companies that gave my tummy some free filling. One never can have enough egg rolls, alcohol and rock n' roll.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

So far this week has continued to be full of surprises. First off, our monthly Get Famous at BOA the other night was yet again a success!! Wayne Brady and some of the dudes from Queer Eye stopped by early in the night followed by the freakin' original drummer from the Monkeys. Hey man, that's way cool. Lots of free drinks for the crowd and DJ Paparazzi tore it up as usual!! Plus, last night at Check Yo' we had three absolutely amazing bands. The Fawnhawks ruled!! Followed by Myles' Bloodcat Love and Jason's Dead Ponies. All three bands really played amazing first gigs. Yay!! Rock and roll and dancing madness continues.
Today I spent the afternoon catching up on photos and meetings and preparing for three upcoming art shows. The madness never stops. Now it's off to the Stuff Mag party to scope out the schwag and snap the shots.

Monday, September 25, 2006


I've feel like I've sort of fallen off the face of the earth and yet so much has happened in the past few days it's been nearly impossible to keep up with. Lots of dancing, lots of madness, a little tonic, a little more vodka. Over the course of a few days I've experienced enough to exhaust me for a year. So here's a bit to just give you a glimpse.
From last week until today, more mexican food than one could imagine, Guest DJ turning a party into the best dance party I've seen in months, burning eyes from endless smoke, Boston chats, long car rides, five people in a pick-up truck, lounging on building stoops, missing out on Axl, designing tattoos, DFA rooftop parties, champagne pre-parties, nostalgic music, empty pools, and finally, a massive accumulation of madness in last nights ultimate chaos...consisting of cowboys, more free drinks, dancing, peanuts, more peanuts, stickers covering my friends and I from head to toe, people too big to be jumping on, jumping on me, ass spankings, dribbling drinks on sweaters, getting punched twice in one day, slapped only once, intriguing waiters gyrating on pianos, watching girls vomit next to the bar, doing splits, people singing songs that go something like head, chest, knees and toes, knees and toes. Being told my friend has been cut off, but he's not even my friend. Getting lost in the back room of a bar. Losing Creeksta in Universal Studios. Finding a phone. Losing the car. Losing the phone. Finding Creeksta. Puddle jumping, coyotes chasing, passing out on sidewalks, Thai food. 5am. Endless nights and forgetful mornings. The rest of it's becoming a blur.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Gotta love it. New England is amazing this time of year. And I've come to realize, the only place I've seen any sort of Fall foliage out here in LA is in Beverly Hills. For some reason the leaves on Doheny and Wilshire, Beverly, Rodeo and such all actually change color and fall. I don't know what the deal is, they must pay for some sort of seasonal effect over there and the rest of the city gets deprived. Sidewalks covered in leaves! Yay!! Only in Beverly Hills! But today I had a treat to top it because there's nothing better than getting some real genuine leaves shipped over across the country. Literally, good ole' Mama J mailed an envelope with leaves...pretty rad stuff. My own little New England fall festival in an envelope.
So it's starting to seem as if Anna and I are on a bit of an ask and you shall receive pattern. Although it's a bit more of a mention and it will happen. It began with the cake fight the other night (we spoke of great cake wars, and alas, that's what occurred) and then last night it happened to us again. Anna and I headed down to Safari Sams to see 8-Bit and Leslie and the LY's, and damn, it was awesome! Hilarious! Fun! I'm totally going to score a Bedazzler asap!! At the end of the night, we are walking back to the car, and she starts telling me a story about how one night a friend and her were walking in the same spot and a dozen cars tried to pick them up, as if this were Santa Monica & Highland or some crap. So what do you know...just as she finishes the story a car pulls up to the side of the road and makes an offer, followed by another vehicle that intersects in front of the first and tries to top that offer. Meanwhile, Anna and I are by no means looking like street walkers, so it's all a bit strange and seems we've stumbled upon the hidden hot spot street corner of Hollywood. Naturally, we pass on the offers and get into our car. But naturally, it doesn't stop there. We drive. And then a third car pulls up beside us, and the best part is, they scream at us that they have lubrication. I mean seriously, that's a hard offer to pass on, right? WHAT!? A car full of dudes pulls up next to you and yells that they are lubricated?? What the hell? I mean that's a major selling point, we'd be pretty crazy to turn that offer down. I wonder what movie they scammed that line from? Needless to say, we rolled the windows up and reluctantly passed on the thrilling "we're lubricated" offer then proceeded to embark on a hunt for the 2am quesadilla. Laughing, joking, jumbling around we finally park at the Shadowscene headquarters and nestle ourselves safely inside, spicy quesadilla and tacos in hand.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

This weekend was nuts...first off, thanks to 8-Bit for doing yet again, another amazing show on Friday. Crazy drunk robots!!! And hooray for all the cake...and cake fighting. The best was that just 10 minutes before the cake war broke out, Anna and I were talking about how much we wanted to just get a cake and throw it around, you know, just for fun. Then all of a sudden, we were in the midst of what we had asked for. Cake flying everywhere, smeared in hair, shoved in faces. Good sweet sticky fun! And that cake honestly weighed about 40lbs and we somehow managed to let a bit of it last long enough for eating. Yum.
Then Saturday night was the monthly BLOW UP LA at Hear Gallery, another crazy night of dancing and amazing bands. Kissing Tigers and This Blush were both awesome and the freakin' Gangs of Neon came out and DJ'd and man did it get nuts...those boys can motivate a dance floor. No cake fights but lots of neon style embellishment and sweaty dance action. Gotta love the Hear.

Friday, September 15, 2006

So last night I went out to lovely Alhambra to shoot the Latino speaker Jesus Andres Bueno. Joe came along for comedy considering he doesn't know or understand a lick of Spanish other than "Hola"! So he stood by wondering what the hell was going on and making up dialogue inside his head. Hooray MST3000 with Joe Joe!! Regardless, I got to run around ninja style and photograph this guy for a couple of hours, and oh the hilarity. There was even a song and dance.
Of course, then Joe and I headed out, stole a couple of golf balls from the nearby driving range for our weird collection of nothingness, and then made it back to Hollywood in 9 minutes. And we had plans. We had lots of plans...Vanguard for free copies of BPM, Social for short lived entertainment, little dark bars for a couple of drinks...dancing...but no.
Instead, we spent over an hour in his car, trying to repair the broken sunroof, considering it was starting to drizzle, and the damn thing wouldn't shut. So for an hour or so we took turns pulling, pushing, holding in clicking buttons, kicking rooftops, punching the padded ceiling and nothing. That damn sunroof is still stuck open. Although, we did spend that hour directly across the street from what we discovered to be a hidden drug house. And by hidden I mean literally buried by shrubbery and in pit of darkness. We watched about 7 people and 3 couples lurk around and make hidden exchanges. Of course, we then looked like we were on a stakeout and apparently we're not very good at it because we were caught!!! Some dude managed to see us just sitting in the car poking around and being up to no good I suppose. And boy did we get the evil glare. Total creepazoid eye contact on a dimlit street stranger to stranger. There were about 30 seconds of awkwardness, a new century stare down and considering Joe and I weren't decked out in our Warriors Shadowbot vests, we opted on checking out of that scene. In other words we decided it would be best to leave. So we did.
All in all, the Hollywood stakeout and attempted car repair pretty much took up our entire night, although we managed to sneak in some Crunch Wrap Supreme before calling it an evening. An evening of retardedness with Joe Joe and Ellei.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I went to eat dinner a few nights this cute little italian restaurant place in Larchmont Village. I decided to order the vegetarian lasagna, because well, why not. Yay veggies! But the thing was, when the plate of steamy food finally arrived, it was more or less cheese. And I love cheese. Love it! But when I was excited for veggies, and wanted all those lovely little nutrients, I didn't want all that cheese! No more cheese! Damn it...there were like four little slices of squash and zucchini in there, whatever that green and yellow stuff was. And a wonderful non-abundance of maybe a piece of spinach. And then the rest of that steaming hot plate was compiled of four layers of pasta noodles and ten thousand different cheeses. More like cheese lovers lasagna. Regardless, for dessert I ordered the New York cheesecake...I'm not kidding. And that thing was fantastic!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Valley Day
So today, I ended up heading out to Burbank to pick up Creeksta from the airport. So much better than working or going to LAX for that matter. And oh the awesomeness! We went to Hugo's for lunch and dipped in on some lime oj wine. A pitcher of it to be exact. With some fluffy rolls and funky salad with jicama. The best part was that the waiter simply kept coming back and filling up the glasses. How dare we leave them half empty! Sip. Sip. Sip.
After lunch, and conversing about swimming in fountains and I don't really remember what else, we found ourselves wandering around in an empty house for sale. Lame house, sweet pool. Loads of fun.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Yeah!! So my favorite time of the year is here...finally. I mean, I love the summer, but fall is seriously the most colorful, temperature waving, vital time of the year. And of course, Halloween is the bestest of the best!!! Yes! Yes!
Besides, in a couple weeks I get to partake in the screening of the original Dawn of the Dead at the Hollywood Forver cemetary. Plus...this year is a Zombie Walk in early October!! Oh the crazy clad clan that will be. I can't wait. I simply need some hot apple cider to melt me into the fabulousness of fall.
So I basically shut down for about a week. Let me just say a break and some time off is just what I needed, screw milk, sleep does a body good. Obviously.
So last week the Shadowscene solo art show was confirmed!! Sweet deal!! Yes! So come next month, sometime in October anyway, there will be a crazy art show party over in Beverly Hills with straight up Shadowscene Ellei J art. Nice. But here's the funny story.
So Friday night the gallery had an opening and my lovely friend Anna was working. Needless to say this wonderful woman was quite inquisitive about the gallery and upcoming artist and no matter how many times Anna informed the woman that she just really didn't know much about the art, because she was simply serving the wine, the woman insisted on details and information being revealed. So, when she asked about the next show, Anna naturally let her know about the Ellei J. show. And oh boy did the woman's face light up. Maybe at the final revealing of some gallery tidbits...oh but it didn't stop there. "Oh yes, she says, I've heard of her. Amazing artist yada yada yada". Of course, it'd be amazing if she'd honestly heard of me. But really...that'd be pretty far out and a bit uncanny. Oh Anna...gotta love you for holding back the laughter and playing along with the curious ole' lass. Funny. Nothing better than someone bullshitting with another fellow bullshitter. I kid you not. And stuff.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Can You DIG It?
Tonight was amazing...I finally ventured out minus camera in hand and just embraced the evening. And hooray for cemetary screenings!! Hollywood Forever did me the pleasure of screening two hours of 1979 funky clad males running endlessly in The Warriors. Yes! I haven't seen this movie in it's entirety until tonight. And seriously, any movie with dudes running around in vests, mime costumes, Yankees attire and face paint, leather, random hats and all black is good for me. No complaints here. This movie is awesome!! And plus, where else can you watch a 27 year old film with the starring actress in the audience with you...on her birthday. Sweet Hollywood film screenings!! Lounging around on blankets, huddled with friends for comfort and warmth, wine, crackers and jalapeno cheese...more wine, spinach get the idea.
From there a group of us headed over to Hear Gallery...where Elina was busted with a can-o'sparks in her bag. So of course we all stopped and stood with her while she was forced to pound the Sparks outside the door because we couldn't bring it in with us. What!! Where the hell else do you go and they let you keep it...and make you drink it! We made it in just in time to watch The Afterhours trash their gear and finish their set. Game over...
Creeksta and I drove off in the Club Tattoo truck...and hung out at El Grande Burrito, which to me seemed to be tucked away in a very intricate wire fenced area in some random neighborhood. But damn, did they have some amazing tacos. Tacos!! An hour under the red plastic canteen lights and a few ounces of salsa later, we the land of soft plush pillows and kittens.

Friday, September 01, 2006

It's hazy. It's hot. It's wild. This week has been nuts!!! Last weekend was the Sunset Junction yearly festival. So Sunday, I decided to drop by, or sneak in, and run around with some friends. Yummy food, flashy lights, and random run-ins with strangers and their pets. Good times! We pretty much skipped out on all the bands, but what the heck, it was more about the joy of aimlessly wandering around.
Then, Tuesday night was insane! Matt & Kim played an amazing show at Check Yo' Ponytail with Kill Hannah. Plus, the lovely girls from Rocket are back in town...(yay!!!) and we all celebrated with a homecoming show. Lots of tequila shots chased by Corona. Wheee. Other than that, I've been playing a bit of catch up this week...tee-shirts are flying outta here like a crazy-winged bat. Or something. And I think I'm sinking into a photo collage of life. But now, I'm back and ready for tonights RAPTURE at the Hear Gallery!!! It should be absolutely nuts, especially considering they just renovated the venue and got a new AC and larger bar. Holy crap. I don't know if you know, but that place typically leaves you covered in about a million other people's gallons of sweat. And you're guarenteed to leave with a perm. But no more!! Not tonight! There shall be dancing, and a bit of sweatiness. But no more boiler room action. Sweet...sweaty...disco dancin'. Yes.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Happy Saturday!!! I've spent my afternoon wrapping up some finishing touches on the beta edition of the Drunk Bot Botwear...whee!! And tonight, it's off to hang out in Chinatown to catch The Black Palms first show followed. And if possible, over to Vine Bar for BEER with Har Mar Superstar, The Strokes and more. Wicked.

Friday, August 25, 2006

So today I received a surprise when Shadowscene's Botwear was listed as one of the top features in upcoming fashion!! Botwear was grouped with Morphine Generation, Corpus Denim and Saddlelite Jeans...all amazing designers. I was super thrilled to see my little robot tees aligned up with the others. Hooray!
In case you're not too familiar with the Botwear line, you can check it all out in the Shadowscene store. On average, a few designs are launched each season and there's a TON of new stuff coming soon. Plus, there's a bunch of limited edition hoodies coming out and a couple more giveaways and contest before the years end. Holy smokes!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

So..tonight, it's Motorcycle Boy..vrooom, vrooom, at Safari Sams! Hell yeah! The week has seemed to sort of been slipping away. In a sense that well, damn, it's already pretty much over. Today I spent the afternoon running around the park shooting my friends headshots. It was pretty darn stellar to say the least. And of course it was 40 percent headshots and 60 percent playtime. I hope some of you made it out to the Matt & Kim show last night and if not, well you can still catch them this coming week at Check Yo' Ponytail!! Yay!! These guys are amazing. Other than that, it's crazy over on the Shadowscene front...I may be heading down to San Diego tomorrow and but I'll be back in to LA for Saturdays shindigs. Plus...this Saturday is the Har Mar party with Fabrezio of The Strokes...seriously, what!?
Today's word of the day is stellar. Use it.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wheee. On my fifth glass of iced tea today, I decided, hey, I don't want any more of this. So now it's on to Gatorade and other finer tasty beverages. It's hot, too hot, again here in Hollywood. This whacky heat wave has got to go. I think it's even got my neighbor on edge as she was screaming off the balcony today ridiculing a squirrel, who in turned just chimped back at her, mockingly. Mocking Squirrel. Heat makes you delirious, and sometimes slow. I've come to the realization that on hot days I develop a minor case of A.D.D. Hot Wednesdays with a.d.d are no fun. At least not yet.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I don't know what it is, but the past two weeks I've been dealing with a new grown fondness, slight addiction, to iced tea. I've even gone to the point of exploring different venues for the drink, deciding where the best tea is. And is it wrong to even call in a pick-up order of iced go please? In case your wondering, Cafe 101 has some pretty great tea, but nothing beats the Iced Concoction at Birds. Straight up, Iced black tea...mmmm. Or if you want something a bit "healthier", you can always go to the Solar de Cahuenga for some iced green goodie tea. I'm sure there's a ton more I'm missing out on, but I haven't made it there yet. I have however, began the attempt at making the homemade "sun tea." Interesting at best. I think I'll stick to the local neighborhood, a walk down the block, at any hour, for some good to go tea.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Last night I spent the evening photographing my friend Jessie's birthday bash at Vine bar. However, it ended up becoming the official after party location for The Sounds who are in Los Angeles. Yay! I had the pleasure of running around a swarm of people, observing poor Joe lock himself inside his hoodie after taking one too many shots of Jager, then pouring a bottle of water completely out for photo effect, and eventually crawling up a flight of stairs to nestle into a bean bag. Oh Joe Joe. The funniest part was the birthday present that showed up for Jessie...I'll just leave it at that. And the mad rush of energy that flooded the club 15 minutes before closing. It seems everyone's drinks hit at once. It must have been the excitement of everything bundled in too tight.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Rock & Roll BINGO and Sweet SAFARI!!
First of all, let's just say I was completely drenched from the course of the evening, literally from head to toe and reeked of various booze concoctions. (Thanks to lovely Travis...Franki... and Joe, and all the randoms who partook, partaked, in the spilling of the libations.) Yay!! I'm loving it. And talk about an amazing night. Holy BINGO!! Thursday night I was part of a great crew of sponsors who helped put together and host this month's Rock n' Roll Bingo which ended up being completely awesome and ridiculous!! Tons of giveaways from White Trash Charms, Iheartcomix, Wolfmother Concert tickets, Botwear...and tons more and all proceeds went to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and the Big Brother/Big Sister Program. Hooray!!! We raised $800 and all had a rockin' time.
From there I headed to the GRAND OPENING of SAFARI SAM's where there was FREE BOOZE all night long! Along with live band KARAOKE!!! Thanks James for putting on the best Karaoke show and dance ever. And the cover of Kick out the Jams really put a bowtie on my evening. Yes! Fucking yes!! Sorry Joe for knocking the glass of (free) beer out of your hand during the mosh pit ruffian'ness. But it was worth it. You know it.
Make sure to check out all the photos from each event on Shadowscene's Fiesta page!!!

Cheers, to good times....