Tuesday, December 26, 2006

For lots of movies, nog, giving and goodies...
Finally, the one day of madness, Christmas, has come and gone, and now we all get to look forward to the New Year...or better yet, New Year's Eve!!! I've spent yet another holiday season in sunny LA, although this year I really missed the East Coast mania. I haven't spent much time at home in the SS headquarters this past week; most of it's been spent working and racing around for last minute nifty nifts, and of course, doggy sitting!! I'm getting my yearly dose of canine by pet sitting for two woofs this week and helping with a third. I think my cats are pissed off. But oh well. Christmas was a hodge podge of greatness, with a amazing brunch and falafel dinner. The most interesting Christmas to date, where all traditions are tossed aside for once. And it was pretty awesome. One of my favorites was over doing the gift wrap...which Joe and I decided to do with bow mania this year...an entire package of bows on one gift...a glorious case of Guiness. Don't try it at home, and I wouldn't recommend it if you want to make your gift look fancy. Too many bows kind of looks like an alien growth on top of your gift box. Hmmm, not so yummy.
Of course, now I can't believe it's already Tuesday and back to Check Yo' and Awesometown time!!! This week Myles from Bloodcat Love is DJ'ing at Awesometown and starting now DJ Paparazzi is our new head resident DJ at Check Yo!!! Sooo rad, so if you're in town, or back in town, or lounging around...I better see your sweet faces soon.

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