Tuesday, December 05, 2006

For about two years now, I have been spending my early mornings, or in some cases the early afternoons, at a little coffee shop outside my apartment. Mary's donuts, as I call it, technically Alex's donut...has been amazing. Apparently, they even have the best donuts in LA according to the LA Times. But the other week, I strolled in for my coffee and snack and Mary wandered over and whispered that she was selling the joint. I was baffled. Why? How? My morning routine was shattered. Where was I to get my coffee fix? What was I to do with those extra ten designated minutes. And wait, no more Mary morning conversations!
However, after getting over the realization that things were about to get a little mixed up, I met the new owners, who are just as adorable as my little Mary, and the good news was they decided to keep the shop open for coffee and donuts. And it gets even better!!! I went in this morning and there was a new sign hanging...Breakfast Sandwiches. First of all, this is amazing, because so many mornings, especially after a rough night, I tend to crave that darn breakfast sandwich, and it's soooo out of my way to get one. But not anymore! And the new shop even has muffins! Holy crap...such a great place, and such a sweet breakfast. Check out the Donut Shop...at Franklin and Dix. I'm not sure what the new name will be, but it's still good ole' Mary's to me. Best Breakfast Sandwich in town.

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