Monday, January 26, 2009

Even chickens are on the dancefloor. Moulinex and Xinobo introduced this video to me when we were all in Philly and I loved this shit so much I made the venue play it over the sound system. Cluck, Cluck!
3 days back in NY and Philly were amazing...sadly a lot of my friends are hit with the flu and cold so spent the weekend tucked under covers hugging buckets and tissues boxes. I'm back to LA for Mad Mondays tonight. And Metronomy will be back in town to play a last minute show put together with IHC...and it's free! Check Shadowscene for details.
Now check out this zesty little chicken. He's ridiculous cute.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wow. It's things like this that make me so happy...even though I'm sitting at home fighting off this balogna sore throat that just won't quit! I mean come on Mr. Cold virus. You can't just set up camp for over a week. If I was teen witch I'd send this damn sniffles and sore throat to the gutter.
What would you do if you were teen witch for today?

Just amazing. Really. Never say you can't dance. Beans!

fuck you and your fancy shoes.
fuck you and your attitude.
fuck you and your so-called-know-how.

i wear the same con"verse" for a reason.
and rock out the "doc" in my marten.
i wear ripped up scraggly tees from 1994
and wear jeans with more holes than fabric
i will probably wear a dark circle in your soul

i'm an english major with an exclamation
no point
i'm an appetite for an apathetic fervor
for punctuation
a film minor with an obsession for ocuality.

fuck you if it's not a word.
it should be.

fuck the dude that broke into my building
fuck the dude the busted my car
fuck same dude that stole my neighbors shit
fuck you if you know who you are.

fuck this.
i'm done. tired of trying.

to make you smile
play away.

and add up the numbers of dismay
from one to zero
subtract another
you've got none.

i guess i was the only one.
i saw things in a straightaway.
when everything was sidelined
and busy

now refined and second chanced
tuck your secrets
in hollow pants of echoes
in dry mouths muttering

fuck you if you think you deny
read the words aloud
and then cry.


(P.S. I love wolves.)

Friday, January 16, 2009

I need a guerilla intern. I said that today. C-star repeated it. "You need a gorilla intern?". "Yes," I said. But I somehow preferred his version. Biscuits indeed and not the gorilla kinda. No kooky animal crackers today. Cookies maybe. I managed to go from 8 degrees to 85 in less than 13 hours this week. That's better than any 0-60 in however many seconds in my book.

Someone cut down the big ass goofy tree that used to shelter me into my apartment. And by shelter I mean turn this place into a damn cave. Cave no more! I am free and full of sunlight. I even had a hummingbird cruising around my balcony this afternoon. Sorry tree.

I have six more days in LA. And then 3 days in Philly. Second home?

I worked on some music today. I think people were working on their tan by the January.
I'm funnier in the mornings; fresh out of tumbled sleep with half a sip of shitty coffee. Or, I'm funnier at 3am after 6 or 7 Hefes. A bundle of laughs at 8am with no sleep.
There's a lot of numbers in this thing. 12345 6789 10. 11. 12.

Okay that's it. I gots 20 minutes to get to the castle. I'll be a much funnier hour.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2009 MERF
The word of last year coined by, well, coined by me was 'merf' and I can only imagine what other unruly phrases I'll be conjuring up for the masses to imitate for 2009. We've already got "throwin some Os on it" and a few more I'll wait to drop on you. I ditched LA for New Years Eve and I decided to do something new by kicking off '09 on the opposite coast. Of course all I've heard is a lot of nagging and poke poke since it's 80 in Los Angeles and 23 degrees at best in New York. But it's also been refreshing. And shit, I even got to play in the snow!
I spent a couple days in Philly visiting Jhn Rdn and hanging at The Barbary, ate a fine meal with the Bresnitz family and then really rooted myself into Brooklyn. I spent just enough time here to see some old friends that I usually end up racing past while I'm here with a quick hug. But this time there were enough hours for a few too many tequila bombs. Lots of dancing, Colt 45, too much tv, a newly launched store, a new pair of glasses, a lost sock and empty tube of toothpaste and its time to go home!
2009 promises to be wild. Mad Mondays is now becoming a weekly in LA which means tons of blackout sessions to be documented and way more freestyling bits. I'm still working on that album, slow but steady since I can only paint one project at at time, lots more t-shirts and fun goodies, way more travel and a few other surprises I can't yet mention.
Woot Woot!! Let's all keep trekking along like little overly zealous robots with hearts made out of live wires. No disassemble!