Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2009 MERF
The word of last year coined by, well, coined by me was 'merf' and I can only imagine what other unruly phrases I'll be conjuring up for the masses to imitate for 2009. We've already got "throwin some Os on it" and a few more I'll wait to drop on you. I ditched LA for New Years Eve and I decided to do something new by kicking off '09 on the opposite coast. Of course all I've heard is a lot of nagging and poke poke since it's 80 in Los Angeles and 23 degrees at best in New York. But it's also been refreshing. And shit, I even got to play in the snow!
I spent a couple days in Philly visiting Jhn Rdn and hanging at The Barbary, ate a fine meal with the Bresnitz family and then really rooted myself into Brooklyn. I spent just enough time here to see some old friends that I usually end up racing past while I'm here with a quick hug. But this time there were enough hours for a few too many tequila bombs. Lots of dancing, Colt 45, too much tv, a newly launched store, a new pair of glasses, a lost sock and empty tube of toothpaste and its time to go home!
2009 promises to be wild. Mad Mondays is now becoming a weekly in LA which means tons of blackout sessions to be documented and way more freestyling bits. I'm still working on that album, slow but steady since I can only paint one project at at time, lots more t-shirts and fun goodies, way more travel and a few other surprises I can't yet mention.
Woot Woot!! Let's all keep trekking along like little overly zealous robots with hearts made out of live wires. No disassemble!

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