Friday, January 16, 2009

I need a guerilla intern. I said that today. C-star repeated it. "You need a gorilla intern?". "Yes," I said. But I somehow preferred his version. Biscuits indeed and not the gorilla kinda. No kooky animal crackers today. Cookies maybe. I managed to go from 8 degrees to 85 in less than 13 hours this week. That's better than any 0-60 in however many seconds in my book.

Someone cut down the big ass goofy tree that used to shelter me into my apartment. And by shelter I mean turn this place into a damn cave. Cave no more! I am free and full of sunlight. I even had a hummingbird cruising around my balcony this afternoon. Sorry tree.

I have six more days in LA. And then 3 days in Philly. Second home?

I worked on some music today. I think people were working on their tan by the January.
I'm funnier in the mornings; fresh out of tumbled sleep with half a sip of shitty coffee. Or, I'm funnier at 3am after 6 or 7 Hefes. A bundle of laughs at 8am with no sleep.
There's a lot of numbers in this thing. 12345 6789 10. 11. 12.

Okay that's it. I gots 20 minutes to get to the castle. I'll be a much funnier hour.

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