Saturday, August 26, 2006

Happy Saturday!!! I've spent my afternoon wrapping up some finishing touches on the beta edition of the Drunk Bot Botwear...whee!! And tonight, it's off to hang out in Chinatown to catch The Black Palms first show followed. And if possible, over to Vine Bar for BEER with Har Mar Superstar, The Strokes and more. Wicked.

Friday, August 25, 2006

So today I received a surprise when Shadowscene's Botwear was listed as one of the top features in upcoming fashion!! Botwear was grouped with Morphine Generation, Corpus Denim and Saddlelite Jeans...all amazing designers. I was super thrilled to see my little robot tees aligned up with the others. Hooray!
In case you're not too familiar with the Botwear line, you can check it all out in the Shadowscene store. On average, a few designs are launched each season and there's a TON of new stuff coming soon. Plus, there's a bunch of limited edition hoodies coming out and a couple more giveaways and contest before the years end. Holy smokes!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

So..tonight, it's Motorcycle Boy..vrooom, vrooom, at Safari Sams! Hell yeah! The week has seemed to sort of been slipping away. In a sense that well, damn, it's already pretty much over. Today I spent the afternoon running around the park shooting my friends headshots. It was pretty darn stellar to say the least. And of course it was 40 percent headshots and 60 percent playtime. I hope some of you made it out to the Matt & Kim show last night and if not, well you can still catch them this coming week at Check Yo' Ponytail!! Yay!! These guys are amazing. Other than that, it's crazy over on the Shadowscene front...I may be heading down to San Diego tomorrow and but I'll be back in to LA for Saturdays shindigs. Plus...this Saturday is the Har Mar party with Fabrezio of The Strokes...seriously, what!?
Today's word of the day is stellar. Use it.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wheee. On my fifth glass of iced tea today, I decided, hey, I don't want any more of this. So now it's on to Gatorade and other finer tasty beverages. It's hot, too hot, again here in Hollywood. This whacky heat wave has got to go. I think it's even got my neighbor on edge as she was screaming off the balcony today ridiculing a squirrel, who in turned just chimped back at her, mockingly. Mocking Squirrel. Heat makes you delirious, and sometimes slow. I've come to the realization that on hot days I develop a minor case of A.D.D. Hot Wednesdays with a.d.d are no fun. At least not yet.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I don't know what it is, but the past two weeks I've been dealing with a new grown fondness, slight addiction, to iced tea. I've even gone to the point of exploring different venues for the drink, deciding where the best tea is. And is it wrong to even call in a pick-up order of iced go please? In case your wondering, Cafe 101 has some pretty great tea, but nothing beats the Iced Concoction at Birds. Straight up, Iced black tea...mmmm. Or if you want something a bit "healthier", you can always go to the Solar de Cahuenga for some iced green goodie tea. I'm sure there's a ton more I'm missing out on, but I haven't made it there yet. I have however, began the attempt at making the homemade "sun tea." Interesting at best. I think I'll stick to the local neighborhood, a walk down the block, at any hour, for some good to go tea.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Last night I spent the evening photographing my friend Jessie's birthday bash at Vine bar. However, it ended up becoming the official after party location for The Sounds who are in Los Angeles. Yay! I had the pleasure of running around a swarm of people, observing poor Joe lock himself inside his hoodie after taking one too many shots of Jager, then pouring a bottle of water completely out for photo effect, and eventually crawling up a flight of stairs to nestle into a bean bag. Oh Joe Joe. The funniest part was the birthday present that showed up for Jessie...I'll just leave it at that. And the mad rush of energy that flooded the club 15 minutes before closing. It seems everyone's drinks hit at once. It must have been the excitement of everything bundled in too tight.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Rock & Roll BINGO and Sweet SAFARI!!
First of all, let's just say I was completely drenched from the course of the evening, literally from head to toe and reeked of various booze concoctions. (Thanks to lovely Travis...Franki... and Joe, and all the randoms who partook, partaked, in the spilling of the libations.) Yay!! I'm loving it. And talk about an amazing night. Holy BINGO!! Thursday night I was part of a great crew of sponsors who helped put together and host this month's Rock n' Roll Bingo which ended up being completely awesome and ridiculous!! Tons of giveaways from White Trash Charms, Iheartcomix, Wolfmother Concert tickets, Botwear...and tons more and all proceeds went to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and the Big Brother/Big Sister Program. Hooray!!! We raised $800 and all had a rockin' time.
From there I headed to the GRAND OPENING of SAFARI SAM's where there was FREE BOOZE all night long! Along with live band KARAOKE!!! Thanks James for putting on the best Karaoke show and dance ever. And the cover of Kick out the Jams really put a bowtie on my evening. Yes! Fucking yes!! Sorry Joe for knocking the glass of (free) beer out of your hand during the mosh pit ruffian'ness. But it was worth it. You know it.
Make sure to check out all the photos from each event on Shadowscene's Fiesta page!!!

Cheers, to good times....