Saturday, August 19, 2006

Rock & Roll BINGO and Sweet SAFARI!!
First of all, let's just say I was completely drenched from the course of the evening, literally from head to toe and reeked of various booze concoctions. (Thanks to lovely Travis...Franki... and Joe, and all the randoms who partook, partaked, in the spilling of the libations.) Yay!! I'm loving it. And talk about an amazing night. Holy BINGO!! Thursday night I was part of a great crew of sponsors who helped put together and host this month's Rock n' Roll Bingo which ended up being completely awesome and ridiculous!! Tons of giveaways from White Trash Charms, Iheartcomix, Wolfmother Concert tickets, Botwear...and tons more and all proceeds went to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and the Big Brother/Big Sister Program. Hooray!!! We raised $800 and all had a rockin' time.
From there I headed to the GRAND OPENING of SAFARI SAM's where there was FREE BOOZE all night long! Along with live band KARAOKE!!! Thanks James for putting on the best Karaoke show and dance ever. And the cover of Kick out the Jams really put a bowtie on my evening. Yes! Fucking yes!! Sorry Joe for knocking the glass of (free) beer out of your hand during the mosh pit ruffian'ness. But it was worth it. You know it.
Make sure to check out all the photos from each event on Shadowscene's Fiesta page!!!

Cheers, to good times....

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