Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mmm. it's hot here. Palm Springs sweat balls. But, Jarvis Cocker got cocky and Sonic Youth is still ... youthful.
Check out the top 20 photos from my yesterday....on URB's Coachella update.

Friday, April 27, 2007

I'm off to the springs, dusty dust smothered faces and misty drinks. Poolside basking and dipping...frosty frothy fun. If you're heading to Indio...come hang with Shadowscene!!!
We've got Anthem magazine parties, Jane Magazine parties, URB parties and more! Plus, Sunday we'll be running around all afternoon with The Kooks. And in between, house and tent camp hopping. Oooh fun!
Yesterday was amazing...
After finally getting my asthmatic cough under control with some codeine elixer, I was on my way to spend a whole bunch of hours with illinois. We ran around shooting photos, drinking coffee and Coronas, sound checking, stickering and just hanging out before their show at Spaceland. Drew and I scuffed around and came to the realization that there's an entire planet of canine in Silverlake. I've never seen so many dog walkings going on, it was like canine marathon! Har Mar and Fab DJ'd for a bit before the guys hit the stage, and man. I can't say enough nice things about this group, they're all amazing and seriously put on a great show. Later in the night after the show, we bummed around for a bit, played pool and then Kaps and I took Drew over to Awesometown. The rest of the boys were a bit wiped from the previous night at Safari Sams and other random downtown adventures. But Kaps, Drew and I managed to get ourselves over to the Short Stop for some more antics. Oh, Nutty! Silly masks and such. Tons of free drinks which I abundantly refilled for my guests. There was panty flair and 50's jams and a huge influx of people by 1:30am. And then the lights came on, and we were all still sipping drinks and wanting to boogie. But alas, tummy's were growling. I drove across town to the hotels the boys were staying at and had a quick run-in with the rest of the band with their own little late night treats...and ice buckets. The hotel wasn't too thrilled with our noisy early morning/late night shenanigans, so we all split to our respectable pillows. Needless to say, it was quite a fantastic day. Check out all the photos on Shadowscene!!!
Now, it's prep time for Coachella...where I'll be heading in about six hours. Ouch. Oh...and don't forget!! This is HUGE...Tuesday is our 1 year Anniversary of Check Yo' Ponytail! And in case you haven't heard yet, the lineup is ridiculous, and totally FREE!!! We've got Roxy Cottontail, Flosstradamus and Spank Rock! Seriously, some of the raddest of Check Yo' past is now present. Ooh what fun little goodies.
See you in the desert!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Well the weekend has come...and gone. And now it's back to the weekly groove. But Saturday was lovely. I spent the entire day with The Deadly Syndrome, joined them at the super hilarious Shit Show podcast and then followed them over to the Explex for their gig with The Klaxons. The sound check was a bit uncanny seeing how the venue is pretty new and doesn't really have all the kinks worked out yet. And the line around the block extended in every possible direction to the furthest degree by the time they actually got the doors opened. Their little ghosts fell down and the lights flickered but the Deadlies rocked it hard as usual. Amazing boys. Of course, then the Klaxons stepped to the stage and the rumbling crowd got nasty, spilling drinks, throwing fists. I was a bit confused because Klaxons are more electro rock than riot rock. But still, it was a great show. Dim Mak Records is releasing their album in the states so I'm sure they're thrilled! And, the Klaxon fellows are super sweet little whipper snappers.
Then at about midnight I headed to Blow Up LA which I heard was off the charts, however, I never made it inside. Parking was a bald headed brat and my tipsy friend was loitering the sidewalks so, I made it to a 3am snackage with Creeksta and then somehow home to bed before passing out along the way. Yikes!! What a crazy Case of the Deadly Klaxonitis....check out photos on Shadowscene!

Friday, April 20, 2007

HMPHs and UGHs
Yep, one of those days for sure. Full of hmph's and ugh's. I woke up feeling like a bit relapsed into the cold I've been fighting off for a week. So I dawdled around, got myself motivated and working and have had about six cups of hot tea so far today. Jasmine, green, calm, Then, it starts raining. And that's great, super dandy. Love the rain! But not a week after some kid busted my sunroof clamp so there's a gaping hole in the roof of my Jeep. Therefore, there's now a mini lake inside my car, no passengers allowed. Pew. And it's a day of full of clumsy ellei-ness, as I've knocked over and dropped just about everything I've handled, including spilling an entire mug of hot tea on my lap. Ouch. Double Ugh--Ugh. But in an attempt to look at the bright side of all my hmphs and ughs, tomorrow I get to spend the day with The Deadly Syndrome. Yay!! Love those guys...and the best is they'll be doing an ipod cast and then opening up for The Klaxons. Of course from there, it's on to Blow Up LA...until 4am or so. And the sun is coming out so that's sweetness. And I have a honey bear on my desk. And my friend send me a basket of blooms. smells like cinnamon apple. Yes! Tomorrow life will only be dandy...and deadly. No more sick syndromes...for me. Hooray for Gay Robot. I'll Toga with you!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

My absolute favorite thing EVER right now is video boothing. The first Shadowscene party, which you will hear more about in the next month, is coming fully equipped with one of these. So save up some of your silly, wacky drunken antics for the chaos box. Mmmm mmmm fun. Peep this...and the song is pretty damn dope too.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

So last night was yet another amazing Check Yo' at Safari Sams. I got to spend a little time with Tim from OK GO which was awesome considering I hadn't seen him in almost six months! Plus, the lovely CC and Star made an appearance as did Holmes and the Russians. Bloodcat Love had all the lovely ladies dancing, getting frisky on stage and eventually Myles, the man in white, was cooling himself off with an entire water bottle. All of this...followed by Trainwreck! Kyle Glass, from Tenacious D, was hilarious as was frontman Darryl. It's great listening to killer covers like 'Taking Care of Business' with a little rock country attitude. However, the most interesting moment of the night was when Marty came up and told me he didn't realize I ever had to 'choose sides.' I was of course completely baffled until he explained he read an article in the LA Weekly referring to Shadowscene as having taken sides in the big 'Hollywood split', as I like to call it. Ridiculous!
Lina Lecaro writes, "just in case you're wondering, there are enough shagsters to consistently flood both Sam's and Cinespace on Tuesdays. It's been a while now since Check Yo's Franki Chan bid adieu to Steve Aoki and crew, and though some took sides (Cobrasnake shoots Cinespace while Shadowscene snaps at Sam's, for example), most pick and choose according to band offerings."
Wow...interesting. I had no idea there was ever a moment where I cognitively chose a "side" in Hollywood. I mean shit, I live smack in the center of it all. But just because I am a part of an event on a particular night of the week, I'm sided. Where you are and what you chose to do on any given day or night of the week does not determinate who your friends are. And if it does...well damn. You must be one hell of a square.
Regardless, Marty and I had a good laugh about the entire concept...oh the particulars! But on another note...tonight is Whitey at the Viper room...and don't forget, the Klaxons with The Deadly Syndrome this Saturday followed by the BLOW UP LA rager!!! Rest up, because the weekends gonna blow you over.

Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm a sucker for David Blaine. That guy blows my mind...and he's totally insane. But this...this is even better. So good, I've posted the original and the sequel just for you. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Put me in a room with some A-list hot tamale and I'll yak it up for an hour but put me in a room with Robby the Robot and I just clam right up! (this fact was clearly pointed out to me this afternoon by Dave) And holy crap it's true! Today is the science fiction big to-do in Burbank and apparently Robby the Robot is there, hanging out, posing for portraits, without me! That's it, I'm now totally calling up Fred Barton and scheduling a meeting. Could I honestly nerd out any harder right now? But really, Robby is the King of Bots. Sorry R2.
If you've ever seen Forbidden Planet, you know exactly who I'm talking about. He made his big film debut in this movie in 1956 and has been world renowned since. He was also in The Invisible Boy and soon moved right on into a television career with Lost in Space, The Addams Family and The Twilight Zone just to name a few. Seriously, a robot with a career? The original Robby was vandalized by some asswads in the 70's and deteriorated a bit so Mr. Barton created an exact replica which is who's hanging out over in Burbank today. The original Robby has been fully restored and the 7 foot tall bot now lives in the huge house of some fancy big private collector. Lucky guy! So yes, I now must have tea with Mr. Fancy Private collector so I can simply hella nerd out.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I just knew's all floating around and now I've gotten sick. Ugh. About ten of my friends have either strep throat, the flu or some gnarly cold. And damn it, now I'm in the sick bubble too. Regardless, it's been a crazy week and I'm sure the 4 days of nonstop going-ons didn't really boost my immune defense mechanism, or whatever. So now I'm dragging. But earlier this week was nuts!! Monday, Chad and I tore it up on Sunset Blvd...fountain jumping, hotel shenanigans, musical chairs, and 3am breakfasts. And then again on Tuesday it was Check Yo' with Thunderheist and Brother Reade, both so amazing!! The crowd was going insane! No stage diving for me this week, but I did get to run around all silly and get a few jump up hugs. And Peaches showed up in the later half of the evening and man was that interesting, especially when the bar insisted she show an ID for her beer. WTF!? The apologies quickly followed.
Last night was another round of AWESOMEtown...and Bigley's birthday. So, after a 3 hour stint at the Cha Cha Cha, which was absolutely ridiculously funny, we headed over to Short Stop. And, Ho Ho entertained us with another eating anomaly; he ate all, literally all of the fruit from the bottom of our 3 pitchers of Sangria. Orange peels included.
And now, its Thursday and I'm an ill little tamale. A sour sap indeed. Sniffles and sleep deprived. Someone bring me soup. Pleeaase. At this rate, I don't think I'll be making to tattooville and Tiny's.
Image from

Monday, April 09, 2007

In honor of the return of Shadowscene's Comic strip IT'S TURBO!!!, Creeksta put together a bit of silliness. This is awesome:

And if you're not familiar with the Shadowscene comic, you can currently check out the earlier releases in the Shadowscene myspace blogs. We'll be posting them all up on the actual site soon and keep looking out for the mini comic book hopefully releasing just in time for Comicon! Beep, Bop, Boop!

Friday, April 06, 2007


Polite in Public posted their amazing photobooth pics from the other night at Check Yo' Ponytail...go check them out!

Clothing provided by The Bohemian Society
Eyewear by Odyssey 20/20

Headpieces by Chris Mobli
Background Illustration by
Joe Botello

All photos by Polite in

Absolutely amazing work as always!!

Don't forget you can see the rest of the event photos from Check Yo' with Andrew WK on Shadowscene!!

This pretty much sums up my evening last night:

i wanna order a nutha roun...
(attempt to blow out candle...)
irish jig sitting dance, giggles.

I headed out at 11:30 last night over to Ye Rustic Inn for a snackage and drink with Chad, A Lee and Creeksta. Fantastic four. It was favorite french fries, hot sauce, mustard drippings, zucchini something and ranch, Hefe and vodka slingers. Good times watching six forty year old dudes trying to do jager bombs. I say 'trying' because literally, only 2 out of the 6 actually knew what it was and how to do it up proper. Sheesh guys.
Really loud music..sometimes good, more often bad. But always fun. We almost brawled for a booth but decided to consider it fair game seeing how we still had three stools to sit on for our four persons. But, at some point we moved to the back room, which was a bummer at first because we couldn't watch the fancy bartenders shake their asses. But...we had tv screens. And next we had front row seats to a bar fight. Yes. Finally!!! It's been too long since I've witnessed this. And the best part, was the chicken wings that were flying, some fresh, some chewed gnarled up bones. Garbage everywhere, dishes flying and dudes just kicking the shit out of each other. Next thing I know, they're outta there, carrying on in the parking lot. We're laughing and then there's an imitation fight with just about everyone left in the bar. Such fun times. BBQ Wang fights, Biggie Smalls and jager bomb fouls. Oh the fun to witness any inebriated performance!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Wait...whoa. So my friend Adam sent this over to me today and I was blown away. There's been some pretty bad ass, radical haircuts over the years, but this is seriously fantastic. I don't know how one would really sleep well or what not...but look at that doooo!!
On another note, it seems people are having a great time, errr, frustrating time with the URB Scavenger Hunt. Sheesh...gots to work for those VIP goodies! No hints from me...unless someone sends me a deluxe strawberry cheesecake along with a crew of folks to snack on it with me and we drink rum. Then, maybe. Just maybe! Wait, I don't even like rum. Bum bum. Good luck with the hunt...and go check out the Andrew WK photos...holy calamity. I'll keep you posted on the Bohemian Society/Polite in Public pics...they're bound to be absolutely amazing. Sort of like that hairdo.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Completely irrelevant, it is. I honestly can't really remember why this was made, but it was, and it still maintains its hilarity. Here you go...chugga chugga choo choo...And, in regards to last night...let's just say whoa. Andrew WK was wild...and The Lashes were super rad. The Polite in Public photobooth pulled out the stops again...wait 'til you see the photos this time around!! The Mr. Clean sweatshirt was the best. Oh what madness! Hooray to car bombs and handing out 32oz vodka beverages. Hooray to stage diving and landing on your ass. Hooray to wet sloppy floors. Hooray to a hot sweaty bar. Hooray to jalapeno ranch something doritos at 3am. And three cheers to making it home safe and to bed by 6am. Oh...and work by 9. Keep on chugga-chugga-chuggin'.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Sundays are the best BBQ day. Well, any day is really. But there's something great about hanging with some of your closest pals and just drinkin', snackin' and eating all day long. And it seems, this happens more frequently on a Sunday. Of course, this past Sunday I didn't have the joy of that. Instead I was counting...and adding. And filling out lovely sweet tax forms. But done...over...complete!! Aaaahhhh!!! But still, take a look at the first Travel Bits's a lil' Shadowscene hidden treasure. Click the photo for more!

Speaking of hidden treasures, today is the first offical afternoon of the URB Scavenger hunt. You get to win tickets to COACHELLA!!! More details to come...but maybe you should start with a visit to