Friday, April 20, 2007

HMPHs and UGHs
Yep, one of those days for sure. Full of hmph's and ugh's. I woke up feeling like a bit relapsed into the cold I've been fighting off for a week. So I dawdled around, got myself motivated and working and have had about six cups of hot tea so far today. Jasmine, green, calm, Then, it starts raining. And that's great, super dandy. Love the rain! But not a week after some kid busted my sunroof clamp so there's a gaping hole in the roof of my Jeep. Therefore, there's now a mini lake inside my car, no passengers allowed. Pew. And it's a day of full of clumsy ellei-ness, as I've knocked over and dropped just about everything I've handled, including spilling an entire mug of hot tea on my lap. Ouch. Double Ugh--Ugh. But in an attempt to look at the bright side of all my hmphs and ughs, tomorrow I get to spend the day with The Deadly Syndrome. Yay!! Love those guys...and the best is they'll be doing an ipod cast and then opening up for The Klaxons. Of course from there, it's on to Blow Up LA...until 4am or so. And the sun is coming out so that's sweetness. And I have a honey bear on my desk. And my friend send me a basket of blooms. smells like cinnamon apple. Yes! Tomorrow life will only be dandy...and deadly. No more sick syndromes...for me. Hooray for Gay Robot. I'll Toga with you!!

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Joseph said...

I still have your robot I got you on Valentine's Day!! DAMN IT!!