Monday, April 23, 2007

Well the weekend has come...and gone. And now it's back to the weekly groove. But Saturday was lovely. I spent the entire day with The Deadly Syndrome, joined them at the super hilarious Shit Show podcast and then followed them over to the Explex for their gig with The Klaxons. The sound check was a bit uncanny seeing how the venue is pretty new and doesn't really have all the kinks worked out yet. And the line around the block extended in every possible direction to the furthest degree by the time they actually got the doors opened. Their little ghosts fell down and the lights flickered but the Deadlies rocked it hard as usual. Amazing boys. Of course, then the Klaxons stepped to the stage and the rumbling crowd got nasty, spilling drinks, throwing fists. I was a bit confused because Klaxons are more electro rock than riot rock. But still, it was a great show. Dim Mak Records is releasing their album in the states so I'm sure they're thrilled! And, the Klaxon fellows are super sweet little whipper snappers.
Then at about midnight I headed to Blow Up LA which I heard was off the charts, however, I never made it inside. Parking was a bald headed brat and my tipsy friend was loitering the sidewalks so, I made it to a 3am snackage with Creeksta and then somehow home to bed before passing out along the way. Yikes!! What a crazy Case of the Deadly Klaxonitis....check out photos on Shadowscene!

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