Wednesday, April 18, 2007

So last night was yet another amazing Check Yo' at Safari Sams. I got to spend a little time with Tim from OK GO which was awesome considering I hadn't seen him in almost six months! Plus, the lovely CC and Star made an appearance as did Holmes and the Russians. Bloodcat Love had all the lovely ladies dancing, getting frisky on stage and eventually Myles, the man in white, was cooling himself off with an entire water bottle. All of this...followed by Trainwreck! Kyle Glass, from Tenacious D, was hilarious as was frontman Darryl. It's great listening to killer covers like 'Taking Care of Business' with a little rock country attitude. However, the most interesting moment of the night was when Marty came up and told me he didn't realize I ever had to 'choose sides.' I was of course completely baffled until he explained he read an article in the LA Weekly referring to Shadowscene as having taken sides in the big 'Hollywood split', as I like to call it. Ridiculous!
Lina Lecaro writes, "just in case you're wondering, there are enough shagsters to consistently flood both Sam's and Cinespace on Tuesdays. It's been a while now since Check Yo's Franki Chan bid adieu to Steve Aoki and crew, and though some took sides (Cobrasnake shoots Cinespace while Shadowscene snaps at Sam's, for example), most pick and choose according to band offerings."
Wow...interesting. I had no idea there was ever a moment where I cognitively chose a "side" in Hollywood. I mean shit, I live smack in the center of it all. But just because I am a part of an event on a particular night of the week, I'm sided. Where you are and what you chose to do on any given day or night of the week does not determinate who your friends are. And if it does...well damn. You must be one hell of a square.
Regardless, Marty and I had a good laugh about the entire concept...oh the particulars! But on another note...tonight is Whitey at the Viper room...and don't forget, the Klaxons with The Deadly Syndrome this Saturday followed by the BLOW UP LA rager!!! Rest up, because the weekends gonna blow you over.

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