Friday, April 06, 2007

This pretty much sums up my evening last night:

i wanna order a nutha roun...
(attempt to blow out candle...)
irish jig sitting dance, giggles.

I headed out at 11:30 last night over to Ye Rustic Inn for a snackage and drink with Chad, A Lee and Creeksta. Fantastic four. It was favorite french fries, hot sauce, mustard drippings, zucchini something and ranch, Hefe and vodka slingers. Good times watching six forty year old dudes trying to do jager bombs. I say 'trying' because literally, only 2 out of the 6 actually knew what it was and how to do it up proper. Sheesh guys.
Really loud music..sometimes good, more often bad. But always fun. We almost brawled for a booth but decided to consider it fair game seeing how we still had three stools to sit on for our four persons. But, at some point we moved to the back room, which was a bummer at first because we couldn't watch the fancy bartenders shake their asses. But...we had tv screens. And next we had front row seats to a bar fight. Yes. Finally!!! It's been too long since I've witnessed this. And the best part, was the chicken wings that were flying, some fresh, some chewed gnarled up bones. Garbage everywhere, dishes flying and dudes just kicking the shit out of each other. Next thing I know, they're outta there, carrying on in the parking lot. We're laughing and then there's an imitation fight with just about everyone left in the bar. Such fun times. BBQ Wang fights, Biggie Smalls and jager bomb fouls. Oh the fun to witness any inebriated performance!

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