Thursday, April 05, 2007

Wait...whoa. So my friend Adam sent this over to me today and I was blown away. There's been some pretty bad ass, radical haircuts over the years, but this is seriously fantastic. I don't know how one would really sleep well or what not...but look at that doooo!!
On another note, it seems people are having a great time, errr, frustrating time with the URB Scavenger Hunt. Sheesh...gots to work for those VIP goodies! No hints from me...unless someone sends me a deluxe strawberry cheesecake along with a crew of folks to snack on it with me and we drink rum. Then, maybe. Just maybe! Wait, I don't even like rum. Bum bum. Good luck with the hunt...and go check out the Andrew WK photos...holy calamity. I'll keep you posted on the Bohemian Society/Polite in Public pics...they're bound to be absolutely amazing. Sort of like that hairdo.

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