Thursday, August 28, 2008

So I'm in NYC again...just shot the final BBQ party for Finger on the Pulse and Dinner with the Band. Sam is a sweet chef. My tummy was well pampered. It's amazing out here in New York right now. I forgot how perfect end of summer weather is on the east coast...well it's basically like year round Los Angeles weather. But somehow different and refreshing. Two more days here in the city before I go to Philly. I think a crew of us are going to head to Coney Island...maybe tomorrow since my jet lagged self woke up way later than planned.
But if you're in Philly...head to The Barbary Saturday night for the return of Live Forever with JHN RDN and Designer Drugs. The Finger on the Pulse boys will be heading there with me and a few of the NY crew will be tagging along for the adventure as well.
I just finished a huge batch of the designer tote bags I secretly spent working on all summer long. The release date keeps getting pushed back but it looks like the first couple weeks of September will be the official launch. More info on that to come.

That's it for now...just a tiny update. Now go outside and play.