Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Wow. wow. Seriously. Last night was the long awaited dual CD release party for Los Angeles' The Little Wolverines and Piebald. PIEBALD! Needless to say, the night was absolutely kick ass. Both bands are amazing...and the crowd was pretty stellar as well. Best of all were all the new fresh merch goodies I was adorned with from those lovely Wolverines for shooting pretty much what I love already. And I got to meet Curtis' dad and talk about ear plugs and a young Curtis. Too cute. For a while. I was running around photographing and next thing I know, hair is whipping around, stickers are being stuck, someone's being 'that guy', there's a photoshoot in a dark bathroom, more Hefe's, lots of Jager shots for Anderson and DSO, more hair whipping and head swirling, a good variety of friendly thumbs ups, screaming Boston antics, bent over laughter, ass slappings and an eventual high-five before heading to the afterparty.
I then got myself over to BOA by 1am for the tail end of what was a crazy night. Champagne was spraying everywhere, blunts in the back, makeouts in the front, the biggest crowd GET FAMOUS has had to boot...plus E from Entourage ended up making an appearance and Kamikaze shots were in abundance. Bigley was excited. By the time I left, I think I looked as if I'd crawled through a whirlwind tunnel laughing the entire way through, oh...and I somehow ended up with a shot glass in my back pocket. Don't...know...where...that...came from... Oops.
The Little Wolverines Photo courtesy of the amazing Day19

Monday, February 26, 2007

So this weekend was pretty fantastic...a couple of shoots and a lot of Wiiii. Oh No! Oh My! are in town through the week and they played an amazing show on Saturday with The Deadly Syndrome and Adrian Grenier's band at The Echo. And man, was it awesome...even better was the fact that the shows stared at 7pm which means everyone was pretty blitzed by 10pm. Orlando Bloom was hanging out, supporting Adrian's show, and both were pretty cool about sticking around, schmoozing and watching the second band. Adrian sipped his Pale Ale...and was tipsier than I've ever seen him...so much so, he insisted on me going to his after party at his house. I declined, seeing how it may have been a bit of a surprise if I showed up with 20 dudes...and maybe 2 chicks. We headed out from The Echo and moved on to The Brite Spot for what felt like a 2am late night dinner...but it was barely 11pm. And from there...off to Jesse from The Deadly Syndrome's house for a fireplace afterparty.
Sunday...we all got together again and had a poker tournament during The Oscars, which I pretty much never watch. But this year was an exception seeing how there was a pool involved, which I lost, and lots of drink and snack...and about 6 hours of poker. Plus, endless amounts of Wii bowling and tennis which I've decided is pretty hilarious whether you're playing or just observing. Talk about painful tennis elbow the next day. Gotta love that Wii!! Tonight's the LITTLE WOLVERINES CD Release Party with PIEBALD...super amazing!! Check out the flyer for more info and I better see you there!!

Friday, February 23, 2007

And everyone wants to know...where the heck are those gold toilet booth pictures from Check Yo' Tuesday? Well...here you go. Check out the amazing work by Polite In Public & The Bohemian Society. They cease to amaze me:
Polite In Public - Check Yo' Photos

So last night it was pouring...and I was aching to go out somewhere seeing how the day was full of computer explosions and sour endings. So I hobbled down to Cahuenga with Dirty Dave, Anna and Mancuso. It was sort of refreshing to hang out in a not so crowded venue for once and listen to rock. Mmm. Rock! But the best part was the random one liners that kept keeping me giggly.
First of was the "Smile...it gets better" that was tossed out to Anna as she was walking down the street. I said, maybe he knows you're gonna have a gin and tonic, so therefore, he's right?
Next was Anna after she had her gin and tonic: "One drink and it's the Anna show!" And boy was she right...Anna kept us super entertained for the next couple of hours. And the bestest was the intern, celebrating his birthday. "Tonight's my birthday, I turn 19...well, according to my ID, I turn 23." I cheers'd to that for sure. Sillyness ensued but I bolted out a bit early...headed home to get some more work done.
And then, this mornings' surprise was brilliant...I was sent a you tube video...basically some EXTRA coverage of the whole Spears' shaving her head thing, but with an interview by the lovely Emily of Safari Sam's. Hahaha. Amazing. And the greatest part is that she's in a ton of them...lucky you Emily...getting to commentate on the tattoo and buzz buzz of Britney Spears! Yeah...have at it!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

This week is draaagging on by. Although, that doesn't mean it hasn't been full of treats and surprises. Monday was pretty terrific. I spent the afternoon running around and then hanging out at the studio with The Deadly Syndrome while they recorded a new track. An amazing new song!! It was quite the rock n' roll time with hot tea, fluffy pillows and a drum line to boot. Some of the recordings are unbelieveable...'mean as shit' as Jesse likes to say. These guys are nutty good. Then I grabbed some dinner, and some new DVD's and watched 'The Descent' with Anderson and the gang. Movie's awesome...until they decided to tack on a second ending which just blew it as far as I'm concerned. But it was worth it just for the spook of the gooey little Orc creatures. Tuesday I got to see Laz which was pretty great and then there was the best photobooth ever at Check Yo'. A booth with toilets...and graffiti walls...and therefore, gnarly antics ensued. The Bohemian Society adorned us with some killer clothes and Polite in Public snapped away. I've never had so much ridiculous fun in an open photobooth...with a gold toilet. Strangely, it was definitely the highlight of my night.
Last night Uffie was in town...rocking out at Social, but I passed. Instead, I wrapped myself up in a blanket and watched movies with Mancuso and a veggie pizza. yum yum. And now, the real chaos begins, three days of Oh No! Oh My! with a bit of TDS...oooh goodies.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Holy camole weekend. There's something sweet about getting out of work early on a Friday that really just enhances the rest of your weekend experience. I had an early dinner with friends on Friday, read some comics and saw Little Ashley's slimey new pets that pretty much scared the crap out of me, especially the way they stared at me through the uncovered glass tank, just waiting to jump out and suction cup their sticky fingers to my face. Ugh! A few hours later I lounged around at Bigley's and then headed to Cha Cha for some Cha-riffic excitement. Ryan Gosling stopped by, so we all sat in the corner wondering if Ms. McAdams would make an appearance as well. She didn't. By the end of the night, I considered taking a lamp home but thought better about it. Then Ally and I bounced down the sidewalk in 1am glee.
Saturday was even better, sushi and fruit berries, LA Girl and Devony, Melrose and lots of coffee. A quick nap, and it was off to shoot in downtown for Blow Up LA! Von Iva, an amazing band from San Francisco, performed and totally killed it! Sooo amazing. At one point we all sat around staring at the now famous photo of Britneys Spears shaved head. Amazing. Simply amazing. From there, the glowsticks and sweatbands took over as well as girls' thongs somehow managing to pop out, or well, their pants seemed to keep falling down and dresses slipped up. A few more photos and I was out the door...and nestled in bed.
Sunday, Sunday Funday! Brunch and driving ranges! I went with Bermonster to hit some balls seeing how it was super warm outside and I needed a hearing break from all the weekend running around and ruckus. The best part was, we ended up with a ton of free balls to hit and then found some tees floating around which we returned and ended up making a few extra bucks. Sweet deal!! I hit golf balls and the course tips me! Later that night, I bumbled around Amoeba with Anderson and found the long awaited "Creepshow 2". I've been dying to add this to my collection!! Oh sooo good. I love that lil' skelly crypt dude.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Is pretty amazing...how cute is he! Plen...please come hang out with Shadowscene. We need you.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Biscuits and triscuits...have you been craving your bits!!!? Friday's Pre-Grammy party and weekend madness left me in a bit of rough shape...so much so that I think I'm finally standing on my own two feet again. Charley, Tom, John and I got silly at the Pre-Grammy party. We were a bit excited about hanging out at the Chaplin stage with Kermie and friends..and also pretty excited about the abundance of free booze. We didn't know what to do other than stock up...and that pretty much explains why it was a night of boom, boom, fall down. I was also thrilled to run into Robert Randolph whom I haven't seen in years since shooting hoops in NYC...and of course my hula-hoop contest buddy Tila Tequila and the lovely Afrobot! Oh fun... The rest of the weekend was bowling, golf, ginger ale sippin', french fry eatin' recooperation mode.
And tonight..back in action at Safari Sam's with ACID GIRLS and SWITCH!! Holy moly magnific! Wear your sweatbands, cuz it's gonna get dirty.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Damn today has been hectic...only a few more hours, wait, minutes, until it's time to Check Yo' Ponytail!! It seems this month may be a head spinning time, which is cool with me. But tonight, it's going to be 'riffic. Stellastarr and Monsters are Waiting are performing at Check Yo'...but, there's also some interesting dance mania I'm excited to see. And it's been a few days since I've been super piped up for a good time. So bring the good times on!
Oh...and speaking of interesting...why the hell is this so popular? It completely freaks me out...

Monday, February 05, 2007

It's Monday. Blah. Lots o' work. Lots. O'. Work.
There's so much going on in the next two months it's a bit of catch up prep time...or something. I woke up this morning to Bobby Brown's 'My Perogative' which is sort of a great wake up tune. I was kind of hoping that MC Hammer would come up on rotation next...but it didn't. But it was still exciting! Plus, the fact that it was about 85 degrees out when I woke up kind of tricked me into a super happy wake up mood. I was ready to pack up and go play outside. Of course, then I realized it was get busy time. Get busy! So, I've been gettin' busy all day long, sort of. I dawdled out, got my coffee...and then realized the shoppe was out of bagels. Pew. So I ended up with a 'nana muffin. Love those breakfast treats! One time when I was younger, my friend told me I was going to turn into a blueberry muffin. He even wrote this long story about how I did turn in a blueberry muffin. All of course, because I ate two a day. One in the morning and one on the way home in the afternoon. Sometimes if I had enough change scrounged up I'd even be prone to stopping by Blockbuster for a bag of cotton candy (I don't really know what was wrong with me) that would be divided up and finished within thirty paces down the sidewalk. But damn boo-berry muffins were so damn good. If he were hanging out with me now, he'd end up writing a story about how I turn into a goldfish cracker, seeing how that's now the snackage of choice. I guess that's better? Crunchy...or soft and spongey. Eww. I'll go for the crunchy. Happy Crunchy Monday!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Last night was absolutely insane...I don't know how this happened considering, well, I figured it would just be a quick shoot and hop, skip and a jump over to another show for a chill evening. There was some shooting, lots of it, a bit of jumping, maybe a skip, and a bunch of hops. Here's the rundown:
Anna Girl came with me to the Key Club to check out The Grand Marquee...Shys and Wildbirds. The bands started earlier than expected so we missed a bit, but still got to catch the whole TGM set and a bit of The Wildbirds which was awesome. We somehow got lost in the stairwell at one point and ended up on stage in the middle of The Wildbirds show, but that was pretty rad as well. We finally found our way back out and to Sunset Blvd., watched a homeless dude play a diddy and then swung over to On the Rox. Peter, Bjorn & John were having their afterparty there so it was a definite required pit stop, especially considering it was pretty much right in front of us. We bounced upstairs, had a few drinks and mulled about. I spent most of the night getting the death glare from some chick who had a bit too many martinis and decided I wasn't her friend. So I took her picture. Twice. I then continued to hang out with Holmes and Adam 12 for a bit, heard some amazing Bostonian stories from Eric, ran into Bradley, possibly had another drink, and played pass the hat with my lil' knit beanie. At this point Anna and I realized our parking meter was pretty much expired. We had a few minutes to dash over and fill it up but we decided to bite the bullet and hoped for some good karma instead. PB&J did some DJ'ing and then we were off! And holy crap...no ticket on the car! Of course, the night didn't end there. We then headed over to some lovely crib in the hills to hang out with all the bands and rad folks from the Key Club show. And oh the excitement! Ping pong tables! A Gino dressed all in white looking daper. A dog named Milo. More Coronas. Lovelies dancing to rock n' roll. And then...I got hungry. And Anna Girl got the craving for some burrito as well...so after a few more shenanigans and ping pong balls flying past my head, we scooted over to the taco stand. For a delicious 3am breakfast burrito with all the fix'ns. Sometime after that I clambered into sleepville...exhausted and weak limbed, smokey and foggy ill brained.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

So I've actually been following the news a bit more lately, something I rarely do since I don't have television and rely on conversations to fill me in, which isn't really the best idea I suppose. And it's amazing some of the things you hear or read on the news, like last week when they took all the guns away from the Tijuana police. Eek...talk about potential for some serious uprising and chaos. The best part is, they ended up arming themselves with slingshots and a bag of ballbearings. Slingshots!! You've got to be kidding me! That's amazing...but this is even crazier. I just wrapped on a "Prison Break" special for FOX and this morning heard on the radio how Lane Garrison, who plays 'Tweener' on the show, was arrested and is being charged with vehicular manslaughter, driving under the influence and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Yikes! The 26 year old crashed his Rover into a tree killing the 17 year old he was with and injuring the two 15 year old girls also along for the ride. That's pretty shoddy. Crappy. No fun. There's a million things I could poke about on here, but I'll just say I hope he took some good notes while sitting on set...or else the next 10 years aren't about to be so pretty.

On a non-media news note, Mokey is getting better, now that he's all poppin' pills and such. Fatty is a happily balanced diabetic. Although, now the car has broken down. And is sitting on the street waiting for a tow and repair. Man oh man, quite the week. Thankfully, tomorrow is Groundhog Day. Thus, tomorrow I'll be funnier. Promise. Go see The Grand Marquee tonight at The Key Club. It's free and all ages!!