Thursday, February 22, 2007

This week is draaagging on by. Although, that doesn't mean it hasn't been full of treats and surprises. Monday was pretty terrific. I spent the afternoon running around and then hanging out at the studio with The Deadly Syndrome while they recorded a new track. An amazing new song!! It was quite the rock n' roll time with hot tea, fluffy pillows and a drum line to boot. Some of the recordings are unbelieveable...'mean as shit' as Jesse likes to say. These guys are nutty good. Then I grabbed some dinner, and some new DVD's and watched 'The Descent' with Anderson and the gang. Movie's awesome...until they decided to tack on a second ending which just blew it as far as I'm concerned. But it was worth it just for the spook of the gooey little Orc creatures. Tuesday I got to see Laz which was pretty great and then there was the best photobooth ever at Check Yo'. A booth with toilets...and graffiti walls...and therefore, gnarly antics ensued. The Bohemian Society adorned us with some killer clothes and Polite in Public snapped away. I've never had so much ridiculous fun in an open photobooth...with a gold toilet. Strangely, it was definitely the highlight of my night.
Last night Uffie was in town...rocking out at Social, but I passed. Instead, I wrapped myself up in a blanket and watched movies with Mancuso and a veggie pizza. yum yum. And now, the real chaos begins, three days of Oh No! Oh My! with a bit of TDS...oooh goodies.

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