Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Biscuits and triscuits...have you been craving your bits!!!? Friday's Pre-Grammy party and weekend madness left me in a bit of rough shape...so much so that I think I'm finally standing on my own two feet again. Charley, Tom, John and I got silly at the Pre-Grammy party. We were a bit excited about hanging out at the Chaplin stage with Kermie and friends..and also pretty excited about the abundance of free booze. We didn't know what to do other than stock up...and that pretty much explains why it was a night of boom, boom, fall down. I was also thrilled to run into Robert Randolph whom I haven't seen in years since shooting hoops in NYC...and of course my hula-hoop contest buddy Tila Tequila and the lovely Afrobot! Oh fun... The rest of the weekend was bowling, golf, ginger ale sippin', french fry eatin' recooperation mode.
And tonight..back in action at Safari Sam's with ACID GIRLS and SWITCH!! Holy moly magnific! Wear your sweatbands, cuz it's gonna get dirty.

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