Friday, February 02, 2007

Last night was absolutely insane...I don't know how this happened considering, well, I figured it would just be a quick shoot and hop, skip and a jump over to another show for a chill evening. There was some shooting, lots of it, a bit of jumping, maybe a skip, and a bunch of hops. Here's the rundown:
Anna Girl came with me to the Key Club to check out The Grand Marquee...Shys and Wildbirds. The bands started earlier than expected so we missed a bit, but still got to catch the whole TGM set and a bit of The Wildbirds which was awesome. We somehow got lost in the stairwell at one point and ended up on stage in the middle of The Wildbirds show, but that was pretty rad as well. We finally found our way back out and to Sunset Blvd., watched a homeless dude play a diddy and then swung over to On the Rox. Peter, Bjorn & John were having their afterparty there so it was a definite required pit stop, especially considering it was pretty much right in front of us. We bounced upstairs, had a few drinks and mulled about. I spent most of the night getting the death glare from some chick who had a bit too many martinis and decided I wasn't her friend. So I took her picture. Twice. I then continued to hang out with Holmes and Adam 12 for a bit, heard some amazing Bostonian stories from Eric, ran into Bradley, possibly had another drink, and played pass the hat with my lil' knit beanie. At this point Anna and I realized our parking meter was pretty much expired. We had a few minutes to dash over and fill it up but we decided to bite the bullet and hoped for some good karma instead. PB&J did some DJ'ing and then we were off! And holy ticket on the car! Of course, the night didn't end there. We then headed over to some lovely crib in the hills to hang out with all the bands and rad folks from the Key Club show. And oh the excitement! Ping pong tables! A Gino dressed all in white looking daper. A dog named Milo. More Coronas. Lovelies dancing to rock n' roll. And then...I got hungry. And Anna Girl got the craving for some burrito as after a few more shenanigans and ping pong balls flying past my head, we scooted over to the taco stand. For a delicious 3am breakfast burrito with all the fix'ns. Sometime after that I clambered into sleepville...exhausted and weak limbed, smokey and foggy ill brained.

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