Monday, February 26, 2007

So this weekend was pretty fantastic...a couple of shoots and a lot of Wiiii. Oh No! Oh My! are in town through the week and they played an amazing show on Saturday with The Deadly Syndrome and Adrian Grenier's band at The Echo. And man, was it awesome...even better was the fact that the shows stared at 7pm which means everyone was pretty blitzed by 10pm. Orlando Bloom was hanging out, supporting Adrian's show, and both were pretty cool about sticking around, schmoozing and watching the second band. Adrian sipped his Pale Ale...and was tipsier than I've ever seen much so, he insisted on me going to his after party at his house. I declined, seeing how it may have been a bit of a surprise if I showed up with 20 dudes...and maybe 2 chicks. We headed out from The Echo and moved on to The Brite Spot for what felt like a 2am late night dinner...but it was barely 11pm. And from to Jesse from The Deadly Syndrome's house for a fireplace afterparty.
Sunday...we all got together again and had a poker tournament during The Oscars, which I pretty much never watch. But this year was an exception seeing how there was a pool involved, which I lost, and lots of drink and snack...and about 6 hours of poker. Plus, endless amounts of Wii bowling and tennis which I've decided is pretty hilarious whether you're playing or just observing. Talk about painful tennis elbow the next day. Gotta love that Wii!! Tonight's the LITTLE WOLVERINES CD Release Party with PIEBALD...super amazing!! Check out the flyer for more info and I better see you there!!

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