Monday, February 19, 2007

Holy camole weekend. There's something sweet about getting out of work early on a Friday that really just enhances the rest of your weekend experience. I had an early dinner with friends on Friday, read some comics and saw Little Ashley's slimey new pets that pretty much scared the crap out of me, especially the way they stared at me through the uncovered glass tank, just waiting to jump out and suction cup their sticky fingers to my face. Ugh! A few hours later I lounged around at Bigley's and then headed to Cha Cha for some Cha-riffic excitement. Ryan Gosling stopped by, so we all sat in the corner wondering if Ms. McAdams would make an appearance as well. She didn't. By the end of the night, I considered taking a lamp home but thought better about it. Then Ally and I bounced down the sidewalk in 1am glee.
Saturday was even better, sushi and fruit berries, LA Girl and Devony, Melrose and lots of coffee. A quick nap, and it was off to shoot in downtown for Blow Up LA! Von Iva, an amazing band from San Francisco, performed and totally killed it! Sooo amazing. At one point we all sat around staring at the now famous photo of Britneys Spears shaved head. Amazing. Simply amazing. From there, the glowsticks and sweatbands took over as well as girls' thongs somehow managing to pop out, or well, their pants seemed to keep falling down and dresses slipped up. A few more photos and I was out the door...and nestled in bed.
Sunday, Sunday Funday! Brunch and driving ranges! I went with Bermonster to hit some balls seeing how it was super warm outside and I needed a hearing break from all the weekend running around and ruckus. The best part was, we ended up with a ton of free balls to hit and then found some tees floating around which we returned and ended up making a few extra bucks. Sweet deal!! I hit golf balls and the course tips me! Later that night, I bumbled around Amoeba with Anderson and found the long awaited "Creepshow 2". I've been dying to add this to my collection!! Oh sooo good. I love that lil' skelly crypt dude.

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