Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Wow. wow. Seriously. Last night was the long awaited dual CD release party for Los Angeles' The Little Wolverines and Piebald. PIEBALD! Needless to say, the night was absolutely kick ass. Both bands are amazing...and the crowd was pretty stellar as well. Best of all were all the new fresh merch goodies I was adorned with from those lovely Wolverines for shooting pretty much what I love already. And I got to meet Curtis' dad and talk about ear plugs and a young Curtis. Too cute. For a while. I was running around photographing and next thing I know, hair is whipping around, stickers are being stuck, someone's being 'that guy', there's a photoshoot in a dark bathroom, more Hefe's, lots of Jager shots for Anderson and DSO, more hair whipping and head swirling, a good variety of friendly thumbs ups, screaming Boston antics, bent over laughter, ass slappings and an eventual high-five before heading to the afterparty.
I then got myself over to BOA by 1am for the tail end of what was a crazy night. Champagne was spraying everywhere, blunts in the back, makeouts in the front, the biggest crowd GET FAMOUS has had to boot...plus E from Entourage ended up making an appearance and Kamikaze shots were in abundance. Bigley was excited. By the time I left, I think I looked as if I'd crawled through a whirlwind tunnel laughing the entire way through, oh...and I somehow ended up with a shot glass in my back pocket. Don't...know...where...that...came from... Oops.
The Little Wolverines Photo courtesy of the amazing Day19

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