Monday, March 05, 2007

GO NINJA, GO!'s yet again another incredible Monday. And I'm sooooo excited! I just discovered the East Coast dog and deli down the street...and it's amazing. I walked inside and felt like I was in Martha's Vineyard or something. Yum Yum delicious fun. This past week was completely crazy, filled with non stop laughter, comic creations, superhero animations, and weekend movies. Go see ZODIAC if you haven't already. Holy dang, such a great film! This month is crazy good for this stuff...and especially the fact that TMNT comes out in a couple of weeks! Oh man...I can't wait! I'm totally sneaking a full size pizza into the theater somehow just for kicks. And I can only imagine the hundreds of folks in costume for least, there better be! Ah...and here's a novelty tribute for you:

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