Thursday, March 22, 2007

So on my way back from Austin, I was a couple cocktails deep and a bit chatty...and came to realize the gentlemen sitting in front of me was reading an article entitled, "20 Things You Didn't Know About Robots". can only guess how excited I was. And the best part was everyone on the plane was looking at me like the biggest nutbag. Regardless, I immediately went to the airport magazine stand and paid triple the price for this magazine called DISCOVER. I honestly think I sunk to a new level of nerd brain at this point. Because now, a couple of days later I'm flipping through this magazine and realizing just how interesting, in a scientific sort of way, it is. The entire thing is about autism, brains, dog language, mathematics in other dimensions, Earths twin planet and growing new limbs. Wow. The good thing is, it's sort of nice to see something like this considering I live and work in such a heavily artistic and entertainment focused environment, the realm of science only rarely pops in. Except of course...when it somes to my absurd fascination with bots!!! So...last page and there you have it, '2o Things You Didn't Know...' And here are my top three favorites:
1) Apparently, in 5th century B.C., a pal of Plato's created a mechanical bird driven by a jet of steam which is arguably the world's very first robot. Hi, that's B.C.
2) Futuristic love strings attached. The robotic expert Henrik Christensen predicts humans will be having sex with robots within four years. Wow, talk about scheduled maintenance.
3) And finally, everyone needs a winebot. Imagine him on picnics!! This little guy, built in Japan, can ID any type of cheese and hundreds of different wines. But keep your fingers away; he once mistook a reporter's hand for a piece of pepper jack.
Three Cheers!

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