Friday, March 09, 2007

I love feedback...and funnies. And this is both. Thanks to you...(you know who you are) for sending in this lovely photo observation. I love look a likes...they kind of freak me out! And yes, contributions are highly welcome...especially if they make me giggle. Hoo Ha!
On a sidebar note...The Deadly Syndrome play tonight!! Head over to El Cid if you're in LA and catch these guys before they head off to Austin! Maybe you can cuddle with a ghost while you're there. This is my last weekend in Los Angeles before heading off to Austin for shindigs and shenanigans. The list of parties, store events, bbqs, and shows is growing to the point where I think I can just make a quilt out of flyers...or maybe the world's largest slip n' slide. Beware paper cuts. But really, talk about information overload!! For certain, I will be at a couple of showcases, the NY2LON party, PUMA event at Beauty Bar, JANE Magazine party and Playboy C3 event. And that's just the batter of the batch. Plus, we'll be giving out fun stickers and the latest Shadowscene button...Austin edition!! I'm gonna say it again. HOO-HA!

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