Thursday, March 08, 2007

Did you know...that beavers were once the size of the average US Black Bear? I mean seriously, have you seen the teeth and claws of a beaver...I think it would be considerably more terrifying to run into a 10 foot beaver than just a regular Black Bear.
And furthermore, I'm just realizing that the beaver is considered a rodent. Great, so once upon a time there were rodents standing on two feet who could pummel me in an instant. I guess you lovely ladies standing on tabletops in your skirts and heels couldn't really get away from that nasty lil' bugger. The good thing is they have horrible vision, so they probably couldn't see you so well, but they'd still sniff you out. And maybe even try to drag you to their self--made landscape and community for decoration. Can you imagine running into that 10 foot tall beavers' dam? Damn.

Oh...and you've got to love those random google finds...

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k said...

was the giant beaver a contemporary of the giant sloth? if so, i'd like to see a sitcom with them in it. preferably, some kind of prehistoric "odd couple." of course, the sloth would play felix.