Wednesday, March 07, 2007

So...last night was yet another Check Yo'...and even though one of the bands got somehow caught up on the border and had some kind of issues with their Visas...well, Lo-Fi FNK still made it over and put on a great show. An interesting performance as well, with just a single strobe light. Just one. No house lights. Utter darkness with a single 1987 strobe light, non colored, allowing for a systematic sheer periodic light blast. Ouch.
I couldn't really tell if I was moving, the floor was moving, the kid standing next to me was pushing me, or maybe I just fell down? *Note: Don't stare directly into a strobe light. Other than that, I was thoroughly entertained by someone who shall remain anonymous for sharing with me the story of:
- having a full cranberry vodka cocktail spilled on his "nice white fluffy shirt"
- not knowing immediately what to do other than run to the bathroom
- encountering a full bathroom so hurrying into a stall
- removing shirt
- dipping shirt...into toilet
- cleaning the cranberry juice off the "nice fluffy white shirt"
- wringing out the shirt
- putting the shirt back on, followed by a jacket to top it off
- zipping jacket all the way up over his crisp white, now nappy, wet shirt.

The rest of the evening continued and by the end of the night, I kid you not, this guys shirt was dry, clean...and fluffy. Three cheers for innovation!!!

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